A much misused term, but one that, when accurately employed, means the number of copies printed during any given press run. An adjective indicating that the pages have been cut down to a size smaller than when originally issued. host = "www.abebooks.com"; › Watch Plates in Illustrated Books Video. This term refers to a book or pamphlet, once bound, from which the binding has been removed. Using a pencil or pen to underline passages in a book to draw attention to the underlined text. A copy for reviewers and/or booksellers, usually bound in paperwraps and usually with either the finished cover art or possibly trial cover art. The inner margin of the leaves of a bound book. When a dust jacket from one copy of a book is used with another copy of a book. The piece of paper on which the printer prints. However knowing what these terms mean is critical to understanding the performance of your business. The collected works of William Shakespeare, for example, were first published in a folio edition in 1623. Glossary of Medical Terms. Would you like to see a glossary term added? French for "a printing." The space surrounding the text on a page. Test Your Knowledge with This A to Z Guide of Cooking Terms and Definitions Get through new recipes like a professional chef without questioning what those culinary words mean. State generally refers to a change other than a correction of a misprint. Also the emblem at the bottom of the spine on both the book and dust wrapper as well as a logo on the title or copyright page. It is not complete, but is a work in progress, and a labor of love for those who collect books, published here as a service to those who've requested it. A small press, often operated by one person, usually devoted to the production of small quantities of finely printed books. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book that are either newly introduced, uncommon, or specialized. var formInputs = document.getElementsByTagName("INPUT"); A process where shapes are cut out of paper allowing publishers to put "windows" or change the shape of a page/book. 3. The condition generally results from a rapid change in the level of moisture in the air and is caused by different rates of expansion or contraction of the paste-down and the outer material covering the board. A type of special edition typically printed in smaller quantities and sold at a higher price than the standard print run. The price has been cut off from the corner of the dust jacket. } width:750px; This is sometimes referred to as Tape Shadow or Sticker Shadow. Some readers do this to mark their place in a book. Basic Glossary of Book Design and Layout Terms Whether you are designing your own book in Adobe InDesign or hiring someone else to do so, understanding book design and layout terms can be important. When book covers are exposed to light, the color darkens or becomes more intense. Stain on a book cover or leaves from water or other liquids. The printed or unprinted cover, usually paper, placed around the bound book. BINDING Material used as a protective cover for a book … After completion the book is closed and the painting cannot be seen. › Guide to Book Sizes page. There are many different kinds of paper of various qualities. A ... granuloma - a term applied to any small nodular aggregation of mononuclear inflammatory cells or such a collection of modified macrophages resembling epithelial cells, giant cells and other macrophages (usually surrounded by a rim of lymphocytes). Most were published so recently that there is no track record for the author or book. Seen most often as mystery, science fiction and romance. The page opposite the page being referred to. There are photo examples of the terms but please keep in mind that book characteristics and conditions vary. Not a first edition. A heavy linen cloth used in bookbinding. Computer terms, dictionary, and glossary. A discoloration of a leaf or cover caused by the use of stickers, tape, etc. Referring to polychrome illustrations. Two separate books bound together so that each cover represents the cover for a different title. See Edition. Also called the Reverse. › Guide to Book Bindings page. What does 8vo stand for? The glossary is found in the back matter of the book. By Leah Dobrinska. Glossary This abbreviated glossary covers only the most commonly encountered terms. Additions, changes and revisions are made with each new edition. Illustrations printed in the text pages are called cuts. › Book Conditions. Distinguishing characteristics, usually errors, that occur within a first edition and indicate the priority of copies. float:left; A cloth binding decorated with embossed patterns. From the Greek; signifying or pertaining to books. Search medical terms and abbreviations with the most up-to-date and comprehensive medical dictionary from the reference experts at Merriam-Webster. Medical Dictionary is intended for use by healthcare consumers, students, and professionals as well as anyone who wants to keep up with the burgeoning array of terminology found in today’s medical news. A copy of a book whose parts have been assembled from one or more defective copies. This however differs from a forgery in that the signature was made with the author's knowledge and usually by a secretary or some other agent. › Watch First Editon Video. Usually indicates a book signed by the author with a personalized message, either with an inscription to a specific person or bearing some brief notation along with his signature. Golden Age. A narrow strip of paper usually remaining where a leaf has been cut away. When these jackets have been resurrected, they will contain a crease. To make octavo books, each sheet of paper is folded to make eight leaves (16 pages). .imgnail{ float:left; if(Element.getAttribute('type') == "submit" || Element.getAttribute('type') == "image") { Node May 15, 2018. See Loss. Glossary definition, a list of terms in a special subject, field, or area of usage, with accompanying definitions. This guide contains resources and terms frequently used in the library. A glossary of computer and Internet terms with definitions that are easy to understand. English language jargon. › Guide to Paper. A glossary, also known as a vocabulary or clavis, is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. Also an insignia that is the publisher's identifying mark. Creative Roles Within a Comic Book Creation. A person who gathers material for a book, oversees text written by others, and/or makes the text more readable. The band of printed paper the length of the dust wrapper of a book. Some publishers in the 19th century added a notice on the title page stating, for instance "Eighth Thousand" to indicate a later printing. Wear caused to the edges of the book or dust jacket as a result of shelf friction. } Denotation. A publisher's announcement of a forthcoming book, set, or periodical, with information about the price, contributors or authors, date of publication, and binding. • Mass Market : A smaller paperback, the size you often find at a supermarket. Faded from exposure to light or direct sunlight. Cool Beans: A slang term used to refer to something favorable that has happened in business. A contemporary inscription would have been signed and dated in the year of publication. See Highlighting. Browse through our list of over 15,000 computer terms and definitions using the above search, browsing by letter, or by clicking one of the links below. A plate or illustration that is too big to fit into the book and therefore has been folded neatly into the book. A condition resulting from storing a book on a shelf so that it leans and rests against its neighbor or the side of a bookcase. Bowed covers may turn inward toward the leaves or outward away from the leaves. In a copy like this the leaves are intact and the book block itself is still square but the binding may be in tatters. * Example of use: onClick="setTimeout('disableSubmit()', 1);" in the input tag Obviously fragile, they are of interest to collectors. D . A leaf or page is said to be integral when it is one that was sewn and bound into a book during its manufacture. A type of leather made from goatskin, especially suitable for book bindings because of its durability and beauty. Used in describing periodicals to indicate that the title page and index are present; without a title page and index, the volume is incomplete. All the copies of a book printed from the same plates or typesetting. An easy-to-understand guide to the language of law from the dictionary experts at Merriam-Webster. The leaves of the book are still joined at the folds, not slit apart. .entries{ function openNewWindow( link_URL, width, height, scrollbars ) { The right-hand page of a book, more commonly called the Recto. See Underlining. A term used to indicate a book was once in a public library. Another term for uncut or untrimmed edges. Whole-page illustrations printed separately from the text. function disableSubmit() { A design, picture, plate, plan, diagram, chart, or map printed within the text. The Glossary of Research Terms chapter contains definitions and descriptions of over 1500 research terms. The front edge of the text block, which opposes the spine or bound edge. padding:10px; The illustrations of the terms are what make this book so useful. The plastic piece, if laid flat, would resemble a comb. › Guide to Book Formats. glossary definition: 1. an alphabetical list, with meanings, of the words or phrases in a text that are difficult to…. Direct translation from Latin is "a gathering of flowers". Ace paperbacks and many science fiction books were issued this way. A book which has kept its original shape and shows no rounding of the spine. A copy of a book with additional illustrations. Genre. The front page edges of the book are bent back to expose a greater area and a watercolor painting is applied to this surface. I will use it today at work for keying plants and looking up terms I … 9:00 AM. For a more extensive list the following books are very useful: Not sure what some of these terms mean? › Fore-Edge Paintings. A bibliophile in whom the love of books has become an obsession; includes many bookdealers and certain collectors. But though the sizes of sheets vary substantially, thus producing subdivisions in the size of books, a terminology based on the method of folding has been found satisfactory for all but eccentrically shaped volumes. If you would like clarification on any term in a particular seller's description, please contact the bookseller directly for further information. The title page, near the beginning of the book, lists the title and subtitle of the book, the authors, editors, and/or contributors, the publisher or printer, and sometimes the place and date of publication. The exterior flexible portion where the book cover meets the spine. It usually had a title page, 10 or 20 pages of text, and then blank pages to fill out the rest of the binding. This glossary is already long enough without them. One way that the Book Clubs have marked their editions when they are otherwise identical to trade editions is to use a small square, round or sometimes leaf-shaped blind stamp in the bottom right corner of the rear board. The page edges are glued together, then placed in the covers. This is a less expensive process than traditional bookbinding and stapling. › Guide to Bindings page. Occasionally, if the book club does not wish to do a separate edition they will have a publisher blind stamp on the rear board and print a supply of dust wrappers without a price on the front flap and now without the bar code on the rear panel. Master … (If an English book were bound with American pages, it would read "From American Sheets", etc). Many modern books are smooth-trimmed after binding so that all edges are even, or flush. Here you can edit your name or email, change your notification preferences, turn on extra security features, and more.2. the system of terms belonging or peculiar to a science, art, or specialized subject; nomenclature: the terminology of botany. The normal course of events would be galley proof, uncorrected bound proof and advance reading copy bound in paperwraps. See Mint. Cocked also refers to a book where the spine no longer remains at right angles to the covers. Sometimes called Dust Jacket (dj), Dust Wrapper (dw), dust cover or book jacket. The pages of the completed book have not been shaved down to a uniform surface. • Library Bound : A sturdy hardcover binding produced to withstand long-term use. A case-bound book is a hardcover book where the boards have been covered before being adjoined with the text block as opposed to afterwards; which is defined as bound. width:350px; See Inscribed. The page carrying nothing but the title of the book, usually preceding the title page. Booksellers use these terms, as well as unique terms not included in this list, based on their own criteria. An identifying inscription or emblem from the printer or publisher appearing at the end of a book. A signature that was made by someone other than the author. 1. This is the French term for a water bath. A book that differs in one or more features from others of the same impression, but a positive sequence has not been established. a list of terms in a special subject, field, or area of usage, with accompanying definitions. Glossary of grammatical terms. When the boards of a book have been replaced. Quarto (Qto, 4to, 4º). A book approximately seven to eight inches tall. window.open( linkURL, 'plain', windowAttributes); Label. Closely allied to the definition of Issue. To make a quarto, a sheet of paper is folded twice, forming four leaves (eight pages). Now interchangeable with colophon. Advertisements placed in the binding of the book. An impressed mark, decoration, or lettering, not colored or gilded, usually appearing on the binding. Mistakes or errors. A letter or other sheet(s) inserted but not glued into a book. Online shopping for Dictionaries & Terminology from a great selection at Books Store. A book that has been printed, folded, gathered and sewn, but not yet bound; not to be confused with "Block Books". The opposite is also true. • Pamphlet Means the book has been repaired preserving the original covers, including the spine. display:none; } It can all get a bit confusing for someone new to comic books. A large book about 23 inches tall. Octavo is the most common size for current hardcover books. To whip, sift or beat air between particles, as with flour, confectioners sugar, or sugar and butter. A permanent bend to a page or dust jacket. See Darkening. width:350px; It is worth noting that an OOP book can be brought back into print at any time. The glossary is found in the back matter of the book. } Dictionary of Legal Terms: Definitions and Explanations for Non-Lawyers Nov 1 2015. by Steven H. Gifis. CDN$ 11.99 CDN$ 15.50. Writer – The writer writes the story and has the overall vision of how the story will go. See Trade Edition. InDesign, for example, will ask you what you want to set your trim or margin size when you start a … A term indicating a given book is in the same condition as when originally published. Collected first editions published within last 10 years or so. Alphabetical Glossary of Baking Terms Aerate, Aeration. A term used by the hobby for a book graded as Mint 10.0. In antiquarian book collecting, bindings often have a wide range in margin sizes due to variant bindings, often copies with wider margins are deemed more desirable. z-index:1; The book is in the exact condition as when it left the print shop. Generally encountered in the term "errata slip," a small sheet of paper laid into a book by a publisher who discovered errors prior to publication. Wear along the edges of hardback book covers. The title page information should be used for cataloging (not the half-title page or covers). A glossary is also known as a "clavis," which is from the Latin word for "key." Condition Guide. The cover of the book surrounding the book block. Our glossary was designed to help visitors to our website understand unfamiliar book-related terms. The edition of a book intended for the public, as opposed to a limited edition. The original form of a work as it was created by the author. A copy of a book actually given by the author to someone of his acquaintance, usually with an inscription of some sort testifying to this. color:#000; A book with a cover of any type, or a periodical that has a cover other than its published wraps. Some bookplates from the 19th century were quite elaborate with engravings. Floppy: A floppy is a generalized term for a short “floppy” comic.It can refer to an issue, but it usually refers to a standalone story comic.. Run: The term run can refer to multiple things in Big 2 comics: the work a particular creative team did on a particular character (the Fraction/Aja Hawkeye run) or a numbering scheme (the Wilson/Alphona 2014–2015 Ms Marvel run). The oil and gas industry's reference work. A thin sheet of specially prepared skin of calf, lamb, or kid used for writing or printing, or for the cover. its literal meaning.. Denouement. The transfer of ink from one page to another, either as a printed page or an engraving. This could be typed, handwritten, or computer generated. A book that has been restored or worked on in order to increase its apparent value, this is often seen as a undesirable quality among collectors. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z. } › Dos-a-dos Books. See End Papers. May cause discoloration and perhaps actual shrinking, has also been known to be referred to as Tidemark. Also called Japon or Japanese Vellum. A label or memo slip projecting from a book's pages. Paper-covered boards with the spine bound in cloth. Eighteen of Shakespeare’s plays were printed in quartos (books about half the size of a modern magazine) before that publication. A pasted-in sign of ownership. Page/Paging: "To summon or call by name" (Definition from The Free Dictionary). A glossary is an alphabetized list of specialized terms with their definitions. The date 1501 holds not distinct significance other than being a convenient round figure directly after Johannes Gutenberg's development of the printing press in mid 15th century, as such works printed shortly after the 1501 cut-off are often described as "post- incunable". See Headpiece, and then place it at the end. The upper margin of a leaf, cover or endpaper. See Rubbing. Bain-marie. Normally they are mounted as pages at the end of the book. A group of sheets folded together for sewing or gluing into the binding. for(var i = 0; i < formInputs.length; i++) { The copy of the book inscribed by the author to the person to whom the book is dedicated. Generally smaller than a bookplate. A deprecated term, synonymous with Project. App: Facebook Apps are created by third parties and add more features and functionality to your Facebook experience.3. For example linux for Linux-based agents or docker for Docker-capable agents. A cloth-bound book. border: 1px solid #C9D4D6; 2. } /** William Burrough's Junkie was a paperback original. Wrappers that have vestigial flaps that imitate a dust jacket. The right angles on the unbound edges of the front and back covers of a hardcover book. var isResponsive, isStaticPage, host, url; A letter grade system is sometimes used for describing the condition of a paperback: A paperback that is a real genuine first edition of a particular title. Also shelf-cocked. All books published since 1901 but this date is not fixed in stone - a rule of thumb. Accounting terminology can be quite a mouthful and hard to remember, especially if you don’t have much prior experience with financial or management accounting. See Yapped. They draw the comic in pencil which then gets inked and coloured later on. }()); The back matter (which comes after the story; the front matter comes before) also includes such sections as the epilogue , afterword , and appendix. A term you heard but don't know what it means? Short for Electronic Book, this is a computer file that contains the entire text of a book. See Text-block. Paper or bindings decorated with an imitation marble pattern. Glossary of Book Terms: Condition, Anatomy, Sizes & Abbreviations. This abbreviated glossary covers only the most commonly encountered terms. › Guide to Bindings page. Used to describe a dust wrapper or paper cover that is only lettered. The most complete list is contained in John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors. But if you or your admins are new to Facebook, it’s good to get acquainted with these terms as soon as possible.1. The publisher will mark the bottom edges of books sold as remainders with a stamp, a black marker, or spray paint, which speckles the bottom. If a book is so described, it can mean trouble as far as condition is concerned. If you would like clarification on any term in a particular seller's description, please contact the bookseller directly for further information. Many anime are based on manga and vice versa. A book in three volumes, almost exclusively used to describe Victorian novels of the late 19th century. Comic books grouped together into categories according to subject matter. Recommendations can also act as a way to determine the edition or printing. The binding of the book, particularly the front and back panels. Glossary of Rare Book Terms. A complete and readable copy of a book that is worn or used to such a degree that it is not considered to be collectible.
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