The American Academy of Pediatrics (APA) recommended that nursing moms avoid drinking alcohol because it can lead to your baby drinking … After all, babies handle alcohol consumption very differently than adults do. However, things are a lot different once they have their babies. This could not be further from the truth, since babies who consume breast milk that has been affected by alcohol are usually light sleepers in comparison to those who do not. As long as your baby is not connected to you, either by being inside you or by breast feeding, you should be able to drink alcohol in moderation. If a woman chooses not to breastfeed her baby, then there is nothing wrong with her having a drink after giving birth in celebration of the life she has just created, According to Alcohol consumption during the early stages of pregnancy, such as before a woman knows that she is pregnant, can harm the mother and her child in a number of ways. In reality, alcohol does the exact opposite of that. Source The Independent. Furthermore, there is also a myth that claims that babies who consume breast milk that has been tainted by alcohol will sleep well because of it. If you’re planning on drinking heavily, like for a wedding or event, Atkins suggests pumping and discarding any milk from when you were tipsy so you can keep up your supply. “The only way to remove that alcohol is with time,” explains Natero, “as alcohol will leave the milk like it leaves mom’s blood.” But in the first few days, you should take into consideration that your baby may want to nurse all day to build up your supply, so you may not have too much time between feeding sessions. Breastfeeding moms likely won't have any time to drink during that period since that is the case, which is something they should know if they plan on having alcohol after their babies arrive. Drinking moderate amounts can also lead to miscarriage. IBCLC and registered nurse, Angie Natero tells Romper that when you drink alcohol, it does transfer to your milk, so you need to wait for it to leave your system. If you take them in the morning, you may oversleep your designated time. Can You Drink Alcohol At All While Pregnant? Giving birth and boozing? International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Kristin Gourley tells Romper that the APA's section on breastfeeding recommends that moms limit their alcohol intake while breastfeeding and ingest no more than 2 ounces of liquor, 8 ounces of wine, or two beers. Alcohol isn't good for pregnant women, since it can affect the brain of the unborn baby. As long as your not breastfeeding there's no reason why you can't enjoy a drink. So you’d like to have a drink and would like to continue to breastfeed, but how do you know when if it is safe to feed your baby? If you have decided to nurse your baby right after delivery, Natero says that breastfeeding doesn't mean you can never drink, but you should do a little research and plan ahead. When Can You Drink Alcohol Again After Delivering? After the birth of the baby, I drank my first glass of wine two hours after giving birth, it calmed me down and gave me more strength to cope with it, but it was an addiction that I needed to give up and get rid of. Keep in mind that you now have a … The statistics on FASDs show that many children are affected by drinking. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can affect birth weight and cognitive function, study finds. One important thing to know is that this can be different for moms who plan to breastfeed than it is for those who don't. It can affect the development of the baby’s brain, spinal cord and other organs. You’ve powered through nine plus months of pregnancy, sacrificing your body, your sleep, and your guilty pleasures like soft cheeses, deli meats, and that occasional, relaxing glass of wine. Don't really miss drinking though! So while you might feel relaxed after a drink, in the long run alcohol can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. For both women and men, it is safest to stop drinking alcohol before you conceive. There is a need to wait for 48 hours. After what you and your body have been through, you deserve to treat yourself. Waiting approximately three to four hours before doing that is a good idea. share. However, things are a lot different once they have their babies. RELATED: Can You Drink Alcohol At All While Pregnant? There are a lot of myths about breastfeeding, and there are also a lot of myths about having alcoholic beverages while breastfeeding. Due Feb 25th with a girl! Alcohol isn't good for pregnant women, since it can affect the brain of the unborn baby. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. I was exhausted and the though of drinking didn't even really cross my mind. Furthermore, it never hurts to wait even longer than that. Is it okay to drink alcohol after giving birth? READ NEXT: How Alcohol Can Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant. 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And I used to LOVE my wine! Alcohol won't change how your birth control method works. Even with a few drinks, however, you should bear in mind that they could affect your milk supply. Stopping drinking could make feelings of stress easier to deal with. In theory, you can begin drinking again immediately after giving labor and delivery. These disabilities are known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). A pair of new federal studies indicate that while women commonly abstain from smoking, drinking and using other drugs during pregnancy, many quickly resume substance use postpartum. Here are some other things ladies need to know. That is because alcohol can affect an unborn little boy or girl in a number of ways that are not good. That also might be how they want to celebrate the birth of their child. Alcohol after giving birth?
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