USE CODE: NASTY for free s&h CRASH IS BACK! went viral with over 40 million views; is a popular topic in modern business meetings; For monthly Social Media tips: Email My Social Media keynote demo video: Sign up with: Facebook; Or sign up: Login. Origin of the meme January 18th, 2011, YouTube user czg123 uploaded the video “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)”. [19][20][21] In 2012, Randall stated that he was developing a television show with Six Eleven Media entitled Honey Badger U. [4] Randall has also stated he first gained an interest in animals by way of his father, a cameraman for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Badger Definition. SlangLang – Online dictionary for slang words. Meet the Honey Badger Don't Care! Since its release, the video has gained almost 100 million views. — Al Kennedy (@housetoastonish) September 9, 2019. Sep 26, 2019 - Explore FnafTimeline's board "Honey badger meme" on Pinterest. Other mentions includes Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Funny or Die. Randall stated he chose to redub the National Geographic footage because "this animal eats King Cobras, demolishes animals, and this narrator that is so boring, so I said, 'we need to spice this thing up.'" Meet the Man Behind the Honey Badger Phenomenon (Video), Red Mango to Offer New Froyo Flavor and Honey Badger Don't Care, 'Honey Badger' Creator Randall Responds To 'Amazing' Praise From Taylor Swift, Randall the Honey Badger guy made an 'anti-old-school animal book', "Review: Randall, of Honey Badger Video Fame, Pens Book About More Crazy Animals", Randall's 'Honey Badger Don't Care' spinoffs, Honey Badger Goes Dancing With The Stars: A Brief Meme History, "Honey Badger Says, "Read This Book, Stupid, "The Man Behind the Honey Badger Is a Creature of the Internet",, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 17:59. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger is a YouTube viral video and Internet meme that first appeared on the Internet in January 2011. Accompanying the … Nov 18, 2020 - Explore Terri Severson's board "Honey Badger humor" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Honey badger, Badger, Honey badger meme. Source(s): The honey badger (Mellivora capensis), also known as the ratel (/ ˈ r eɪ t əl / or / ˈ r ɑː t əl /), is a mammal widely distributed in Africa , Southwest Asia , and the Indian subcontinent . 4 years ago. The video features commentary by a squeamish, homosexually-accented narrator, identified only as "Randall", dubbed over pre-existing Nat Geo Wild footage of honey badgers. It was the perfect moniker for the player whose streak of blonde hair and persistent playing style resembled the look — and attitude — of the carnivorous mammal. In college he developed a reputation for … [17] The app was made available on both the Google Play store as well as the Apple iTunes Store. [15] Willamette Week called the book "amusing, but much of the humor of the video is lost without Randall's narration".[16]. Honey badger Temporal range: … Honey Badger by ... Save and share your meme collection! Even if I am fond of the mystics, numerology, and enigmatic visions, this doesn’t mean that I am a living antiquity.I might be a recluse, but I am well updated with memes and other stuff. The honey badger, also known as the ratel, is a mammal widely distributed in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. June 13, 2012, Urban Dictionary user aquilla_sky wrote that “When the Tasmanian devil goes to sleep, he check under his bed for the honey badger”. The voiceover narrated video received close to 30 million views within one year, and the funny commentary inspired memes and gifs of various kinds. 2 0 comments… HONEY BADGER. * HBDC SHIRTS R BACK: Randall narrates the typical afternoon lunch of Mole Snake for Honey Badger… A honey badger eats a mouse at Prague’s Zoo. Honey Badger . Enter your email or username: Login. She’s technically a clone “sister” of Wolverine’s clone X-23. Badger Badger Badger is a viral flash video featuring a group of badgers dancing to an electronic song with the voice repeating "badger," breaking off on occasions to say "mushroom." Even if I am fond of the mystics, numerology, and enigmatic visions, this doesn’t mean that I am a living antiquity.I might be a recluse, but I am well updated with memes and other stuff. [23] However, no further developments ensued. The honey badger can survive a bite from a King cobra, and then eat the snake. See more ideas about humor, bones funny, funny pictures. Collaborating with MEDL Mobile, Randall launched "The Honey Badger Don't Care" app in 2011 with an updated version relaunched in 2013. Get the latest stock price for Honey Badger Silver Inc. (TUF), plus the latest news, recent trades, charting, insider activity, and analyst ratings. The ad is a parody of the 'Honey Badger Don't Care' video, spotlighting members of the Trump campaign who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the campaign. The “honey badger’s” badass nature was shown to the world when a sassy voiceover narration of a honey badger documentary was released to the internet in 2011. GET HBDC MERCH: CODE: DIGGING for 30% off everything!!! The video pairs nature documentary footage from National Geographic with a humorous narration. In October 2020, The Lincoln Project released an online advertisement 'Covey Spreader'[18] featuring a voiceover by Randall. That is how vicious the “honey badger” is. Honey Badger Don't Care…About New TV Show, Does Randall Exist? [13] In addition to the honey badger, the book also includes chapters on the aye-aye, the Tasmanian devil, the emperor tamarin, the pink fairy armadillo, the tarsier, the opossum, the solenodon, the wombat, the American bullfrog, and the sloth. 6 in D major, BWV 1012. Forgot Password. Randall has voiced several commercials for products such as pistachios and virtual phone systems. A Brief History of The Honey Badger Meme In light of the PBS Nature documentary on the honey badger airing tonight, some background on 2011's favorite viral video By Olivia B. Waxman Feb. 19, 2014 Matt Furie / Via Speaking of honey badger… [10][11] In 2012, Randall appeared on an episode of America's Got Talent, where he narrated over footage from the show. His name is Randall. 0 0. “Honey Badger” and his badassness was even mentioned in the TV series Glee in April the same year. All while the honey badger in the video is hunting, is stung, is bitten and then proceeds to eat a cobra, narrator only known as “Randall” only states that the honey badger “just don’t care”.
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