It is commonly found as a wood of choice for flooring, cabinetry, boatbuilding and small decorative wooden items. Ipe is 2 or 3 times as hard as iroko. A very versatile wood as it works with many different brick and render colours, Iroko deepens once exposed to light into a deep golden brown. Colour varies from light yellow to golden brown and texture is coarse, often with an interlocked grain. Iroko timber can initially be a fairly light yellow colour but it darkens by a few shades to a deeper brown / golden colour over the space of a few weeks. The tree can grow quite large, I have seen logs forty feet long Janka Hardness: 1260. Iroko AKA Teak, African Teak. Iroko is also used as domestic and parquet flooring. Iroko wood originates in Africa. Iroko is a large hardwood tree from the west coast of tropical Africa. I’m looking for advise that can i use Iroko for my doors in indoor and outdoor. Iroko wood is tan to golden brown, very durable in the outdoors, used in the boating industry, and … Also to the walls which will be Iroka veneer what coating should be used ? Often referred to as Nigerian Teak, Iroko wood is the ideal substitute for teak in many DIY projects. With its distinctive golden brown colour, Iroko floors can provide your home with a look of class and distinction. Comments: Given the high prices of genuine Teak, Iroko could be considered a low-cost alternative. Take a look and find out more. Collection: Orgins. The standard size is 225mm x 175mm, and the cost for this size is £65.30. Iroko is a large hardwood tree from the west coast of tropical Africa that can live up to 500 years. Does anybody know whether Iroko works for xylophones or Marimbas? The colours displayed on screen have been produced electronically. Iroko Cladding is yellow to golden brown in colour and its texture is coarse, often with an interlocked grain. No amount of oil or coating prevents this from happening. There is severe checking in the rubrail, and some in the coamings too (which were better maintained). centre of the tree trunk or outer area), the age of the tree and the specific area that the tree was gown. LIGHT OAK. Standard Colors . The color of the wood from the tree varies from golden orange to light brown, to a rich golden brown. It is light yellow in colour when freshly cut, turning to golden brown when exposed to light. These tress are not sustained. Iroko is a very tough, durable wood that has been traditionally used in a multitude of applications in its native Africa. Iroko Facts: Iroko is typically used for furniture, boat and ship building, laboratory benches, ply wood, wall paneling, decorative veneer, mouldings, carving, piles and other marine work. Murrumbateman. Perfect for use with driveways and pathways, this bollard can be purposely positioned in a uniformed capacity to highlight a space or integrated into a landscape feature. NSW. MAPLE. Free postage. Iroko wood is variegated and, depending on its maturity, ranges in color from yellow to dark brown. MERBAU WEATHERED. IROKO TIMBER BOAT DECK SLATS WOOD 10mm - MULTIPLE … The lettering can be as small as 10mm, but bigger would be more readable. Iroko timber is commonly used as an inexpensive alternative to Teak - they are very similar in density, grain structure and colour after ageing. The tree can grow quite large, I have seen logs forty feet long internal stresses can cause difficulties.mild steam bending possible. Iroko from Sydenhams. DRIFTWOOD. Forgot to mention: my boat has been in Seattle, USA, and British Columbia, Canada, so 9-10 months cool and drizzly each year, with 2-3 months of arid but not hot summer. Description Additional information Description. West African Iroko Timber is imported at FAS PHND (Pin hole no defect) grade, mainly kiln dried. While iroko is less flexible than teak, for most outdoor applications this quality can be overlooked. Possible presence of very hard white calcium carbonate deposits, sometimes surrounded by a darker colour. These are Iroko Worktops made from planks which run for the full length of the worktop unlike the finger jointed panels. so… Read more ». Iroko wood fine medium color texture seamless 04408 04408 Iroko fine wood medium color-PBR texture seamless DEMO Note: All the textures previews were loaded in low resolution. FAS SE Kiln Dried & Air Dried. It grows in equatorial forests and is inherently highly resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and weather conditions, thus making it perfect for use in outdoor settings. It is yielded mostly (probably) by Milicia excelsa. Iroko is more than appropriate for this application. Drying - The timber dries well and fairly rapidly, with only a slight tendency to distortion and splitting. Its golden to medium brown color, course texture and interlocked grains give it an appearance very similar to that of Teak; although it is significantly less dense, it has been utilized in Africa in many of the same functions / duties that Teak has in other parts of the world. Our Planed All Round Iroko Timber originates from Tropical Africa and is light yellow in colour when freshly cut, turning to beautiful golden brown when exposed to light. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Investigate a floor finish called Bona-really tough. Hello. Resists: Iroko wood has a very high density, and does not decay or rot easily. Iroko wood originates in Africa. Description: Iroko Wood Countertops are often used for a substitute for teak. We sell it to various destinations duly authorised by the Govt. theyre about 2 inch think and are 6 3/4 inch to 7 3/4 wide and will be painted black to put match how it was built in the twentys. Woodgrain Colors Life like wood grain colors that are also textured to feel like real wood. Iroko The wood itself is a golden/orange brown colour, the sapwood is a yellowish whitey colour. It can be finished to a high shine that emphasizes its warm golden brown hue. Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is on the IUCN Red List. Ribbon Colour Red Nose (+30p) Add Tree Hanging (+30p) Clear: Lovely Little Iroko Wood Reindeer quantity. It has similar properties, including strength, hardness, and resistance. Its weight is 660kg per cubic metre. I’d certainly use it again. We will take care of the rest! Is this wood suitable for chopping boards/butchers blocks…? SPOTTED GUM. Oiled with Danish oil, it looked fantastic and survived anything we could throw at it. It is yellow when freshly machined which quickly changes to medium, then darker brown). Name: Milicia excelsa. Also, deposits of calcium carbonate are sometimes present, which can have a significant dulling effect on cutters. Ipe: where did you see it is endangered? Thanks. Looking for your advise.. Always choose the final colour using standard colour cards available from your retailer. Reclaimed Iroko School Science Lab Worktop/Table - Kitchen Counter Bar 034. concept 5 - white - wood top iroko. In answer to your question I would say no. Iroko wood is variegated and, depending on its maturity, ranges in color from yellow to dark brown. Ribbon like aspect on quartersawn, darker veins on slab. It has started to fade and lose some of its golden colour. I find the wood color very nice looking. Grain: The grain is moderately interlocked. Iroko can  also cause other health effects in sensitive individuals, such as asthma-like symptoms, boils, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. It has not been maintained well the last 30 years. Iroko Wood Flooring. All materials are durable for any outside weather but its always better to have it under a shelter. We glued iroko with Tightbond III, which is water proof after curing. I got a Kylix 27, built in England in 79, now situated in Copenhagen. FYI: I receive a commission on sales generated through links to Amazon, eBay, etc. Grain/Texture: Iroko has a medium to coarse texture, with open pores and an interlocked grain. Workability: Generally easy to work, with the exception of its interlocked grain, which may cause some tearout during surfacing operations. Does anyone know if this wood would be suitable as kitchen bench tops, if adequately varnished? Solid Iroko Wood/Upstand Planned All Sides DIY 5 x 995mm x 78mm x 16mm ONLY £39. Iroko is also known as ‘African Teak’ because of its similar appearance and durability. The governments allowing the cutting down of Iroko in west Africa are corrupt. Works moderately easily with some dulling effect on tools and so a cutting angle of 150 is recommended. £100.00 . Species: Iroko. The wood is stable, durable, and has an overall look that somewhat resembles Teak. Iroko wood is widely used for its durability and is highly resistant to decay making it a popular choice for all sorts of internal and external uses. Colors with a gray box around the woodgrain name are Knotwood Standard Woodgrain colors. Dining table - lava - CQ 340. Colour notes: Resene Iroko is a dry nostalgic greyed brown. My boat has an iroko rub rail and cockpit coamings, which I think originally had Decks Olje applied but after 30 years without refinishing much of that has worn away. This high-quality bollard is made from a tough and durable Iroko wood and features a triple LED for a wide beam angle. Someone recommend me Iroko for doors. Timber Manufacturing & Distributor Sydney - CALL NOW (02) 9829 5000. The wooden hearts are cut in our workshops, usually from oak or iroko wood but can be from opepe which is an oily yellow wood. Iroko glues and finishes well. The content of this website is owned by Knotwood. All Rights Reserved. They are not a substitute for real colour samples, because our perception of colour is affected by the finish of the material, gloss, lighting conditions, and other factors. Iroko. I finished the cut with a Japanese saw by hand, and planed the thing down, a much easier option…, when it close up its because it is not dried properly, called case hardening, if you suspect wood like that keep a wooden wedge handy and right after you start the cut add the wood wedge so it will not close up, about iroko odor, yes it has a good smell the same as i found it in teak while working with, any advice about gluing iroko i intent to make some glulam with polyurethane adhesive. Stability: Properly seasoned iroko wood furniture does not shrink or warp too much. Iroko. Iroko is a very tough, durable wood that has been traditionally used in a multitude of applications in its native Africa. I need to send a specification to an architect of how one would coat Iroka on a staircase to keep it from getting damaged. The finish can't be matched exactly to other woods like vintage teak but the even grain and density mean that it is possible to approximate the colour of aged teak, mahogany or danish rosewood to coordinate with existing vintage mid century furniture. To maintain the natural colour of the Iroko we recommend applying a quality oil finish which is very easy to do. Strength - Iroko has excellent strength properties, comparing well with teak, though weaker in bending and in compression along the grain. BLACK ASH. Iroko is not a tone wood. Scientific Name: Milicia excelsa, M. regia (syn.
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