There are five woods from African considered as ‘Redwoods’ (Mahoganies or Mahogany looking and substitutes). We’ve used Sapele for our custom doors since we can’t get the quality of mahogany from the good old days. The piece was then sculpted. I took Eric’s advice and applied grain filler before polyurethane, 3 coats each side so far and probably a few more to finish the table. The wood displays a beautiful chatoyance. Maple vs. Alder Kitchen Doors. Is there a better finish that would still be food safe, and do I need to sand it again? There are exceptions but these tend to be specialised users. The name sapele comes from that of the city of Sapele in Nigeria, where there is a preponderance of the tree.African Timber and Plywood (AT&P), a division of the United Africa Company, had a factory at this location where the wood, along with Triplochiton scleroxylon, Obeche, mahogany, and Khaya was processed into timber which was then exported from the Port of Sapele worldwide. P.S. Working with black walnut: Typically, easy to work, unless grain is very curled or patterned. We went with Tiger Wood. The trouble with this number is that the specific gravity of a wood changes with its moisture content. As a result, this Cadillac of cabinet woods has become extremely difficult to find and prohibitively expensive. Didn’t expect it to require so much maintenance. I’m making one with Sapele. From my experience, both methods can finish Sapele with super smooth surface and stood up so far for the heavy use in the kitchen, but oil+polyurethane is easier to apply. I will… Read more », Dear, Is there any one who can send me photos of Pomelle Sapele/Quilted sapele logs …how its look like …only quilted sapeli logs photos…….I am awaiting for may be some ones kind can reply soon …thanks.thanks. So the Sapele was not ordered - the client would not accept the bleached appearance. Woodworkers Source started in 1978 to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals. Lumber Sales: (877) 589-6637 Decking Sales: (800) 589-6637. I’m just adding a couple of coats this winter and look to use if in the far future. The hardness of wood varies with the direction of the wood grain, and varies from piece to piece. Obviously tougher than Balsa but as a "hardwood" I was left unimpressed. What’s the best wasy to stain or dye sapele to a dark mahogany color. I was told Sapele is very photo sensitive. The Diospyros tree is the origin of ebony wood, which is sufficiently … It was a 14-¼” x 109″ 4/4 S3S at $5.10 bf. The timber is supplied in nominal thicknesses of 25, 32, 38, 50, 64, 76 and 100mm ready for you to machine for use. It’s as hard as epoxy once cured but unlike epoxy or polyurethane finishes is incredibly easy to repair as surface do not require stripping back but just a light, localised surface sanding before reapplication. It drills, routers, carves, nails, screws, stains, varnishes and paints well. We've seen this kind of blistering on some sapele storm doors we've made, but I blamed it on the dark green paint that never seems to cure hard. It sounds like the finish is the problem, and not necessarily the wood? Same hardness as Ipe, but more character and 3 times cheaper. As mentioned on this site, Sapele stains when in contact with iron. This is no surprise given that it’s quite a hard wood but is still easy to carve. But since sapele doors typically outlast all others, their life-cycle cost is less than those that need frequent replacing. Sikkens Cetol 1,23 system or Cetol Door & Window is what I’d recommend for finishing Sapele. Wondering if sapelle is compatible with radiant heat flooring? The natural color of Sapele wood is a dark brownish-red with some occasional purple hues. The wood is sometimes used as a substitute for Genuine Mahogany and is at times referred to as “Sapele … Is the Sapele cracked or otherwise deformed? It grows significantly in flooded woodlands and muddy places. Most joinery in Britain will be done around 14%. I’m trying to get into more exotic type woods, like this African Sapele, over my standard maples and oaks. But as anyone who’s purchased Teak knows, that quality comes at a cost. The Sapele seemed like Balsa wood - porous, soft, and light weight. I have patio doors and others doors made of sapele and they have gone horrible and whatever was put on them to treat them has gone all blistery. Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Sapele has been reported as a skin and respiratory irritant. Ebony has a high specific gravity of 1.12. So a Janka rating is an average of numerous tests performed on all directions and numerous pieces. It works well with both hand and machine tools, with a tolerable blunting effect on cutting edges. I work at a lumberyard in NJ and I sell a lot of sapele. There is a difference between hardness and being difficult to work with. Theses woods are in order of cost from least to most: Okoume, Tiama (also known as … Premier Cru 7-ft wood wine rack available in Beech, Sapele (African Mahogany), and Toasted Maple. Mine is in it’s finishing stages. Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by CITES? Add to wishlist. With that in mind, one of the major features that will influence the price range and quality of your instrument is what type of wood (or other material) it is made out of, and how that will influence the way it sounds. Sapele is characterised by its heavy strength and durability, interlocked grain and natural lustre. This member of the fine wood family is known for the warm, rich and inviting interiors it creates. It shattered the lower point of my RG shaped body. We're here 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Also like Mahogany, Sapele is a popular wood for guitar necks. Specific gravity, the most important predictor of wood strength, measures the ratio of wood density to that of water. I finished 4 kitchen chairs with boiled linseed oil + oil-based polyurethane (3 coats), which made the chairs slightly darker/richer than the table (grain filler + Polyurethane). ), but theres also the matter of habitat destruction (i.e., even if a tree species can be sustainably harvested from the wil… Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST. Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a golden to dark reddish brown. Copyright © 2020 Woodworkers Source | Home | Site Map, -2.23% lighter than red oak (3.58 /bd. Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. Sapele … With Sapele wood becoming more … It doesn't matter what your skills are, we aim to provide friendly service and advice. Even though there is a still a decent supply of genuine mahogany (Sweitenia macrophylla) in the United States, it is expensive and many buyers have switched to the cheaper African mahogany … Ipe Wood Decking, also known as Ironwood, is yet another type of Mahogany Decking. He carefully cut and banded his sheets to acheive a sequence pattern for his kitchen cabinet doors. Wouldn’t come out. The test measures the pressure required to embed an 11.28mm (.444 in) diameter steel ball into wood to half the ball's diameter. Description Size Guide Reviews (1) The Braai Block is our flagship board. I had to repair with epoxy and Sapele shavings. Both edges remain rough and will need to be straightened by the customer or woodworker. A better option is wood die rather than stain – it produces a more even color. The word “Teak” is synonymous with quality outdoor furniture, decking, and prestigious yachts. Marine shops always have it for finishing fiberglass and wood. Native to Africa, Sapele is a reddish-brown wood of closely interlocking grain. Utile is used in Europe primarily for windows and doors. Large door panel 40″ X 87″ X 5/4. Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. But since sapele doors typically outlast all others, their life-cycle cost is less than those that need frequent replacing., (This is a monthly update, and your email will be kept private.). It is the hardest (so hard, in fact, that deck contractors must pre-drill before fastening it), most expensive, and most stable decking material. Juts did 8 coats on a plank of Sapele. Sapele is grown in Africa. Google+ Linkedin Twitter Facebook. It is similar to freijó, a medium density wood, whose resistance is exceptional, in addition to its beauty. Windows can be made in Oak, Idigbo, Iroko, Sapele, Accoya and European Redwood. However, that's not the full story. If I remember correctly, danish oil is linseed-based, so I think it may serve to accelerate the patina of the wood a bit if that’s something you would want. Sapele is a hardwood tree native to central Africa and is obtained from sustainably managed forests. I am having a guitar made with Waterfall Sapele So use this number just as a ballpark guide to estimate how dense a wood is. The range of wood we have found best for making Hardwood vs Softwood Windows. Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of wood to the density of water. Overall a very uniformly colored wood. This combination resulted in a final finish remarkably beautiful and… Read more ». Can I use this in the vegetable garden to make trellises and tuteurs without worry of toxins? Can send photograph. For people comparing the different options. Like all our other wooden boards, the Braai Block does not have any glue or joints! Sapele nails, screws and glues well. Ebony – $ 10,000 Per Kilogram. When planing and molding, tear-out can be a slight problem because of the interlocked grain. Windows can be made in Oak, Idigbo, Iroko, Sapele, Accoya and European Redwood. The Sapele wood is, of course, a large wooden tree that has a wide range in Africa. Vertically it is not too problematic to keep a finish on. Pricing/Availability: Should be moderately priced for regular plainsawn or quartersawn lumber, though figured lumber and veneer can be extremely expensive, particularly pommele or quilted Sapele. I am just about to make a kitchen dinning table with Sapele. Cost: $.35 per BF… Obviously tougher than Balsa but as a "hardwood" I was left unimpressed. I knew it was going to be absolutely beautiful. We display the specific gravity for each of our woods using it's kiln-dried measurement (instead of the non-dried measurement). This wood species is not included in the Cites supplement, but rather in the IUCN Red List. Fluorescence: A Secret Weapon in Wood Identification, Bow Woods (from a mathematical perspective), Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian, and Other Rosewoods, Genuine Lignum Vitae and Argentine Lignum Vitae, BOOK: WOOD! My friend used a Sapele log to make a table with a piece of toughened glass on it. Awlgrip 545 is the boat industry standard for epoxy primers. I'll break down the pros and cons, based on our experience, so you have a better idea of why these have become our favoured choices. Use the Janka hardness rating as guide, not a definitive answer. Choosing the best wood for your ukulele Many factors should go into your ukulele purchase, including your skill level, price range, and how the instrument looks and feels. Medium woods, cedar, not oily, always stick very well. A question: Before applying grain filler + top coat, is there still any merit to rub in a few coats of danish oil? To his horror he discovered a shadowed outline of the shape of each panel that covered the next. There is a lot of info on Odies oil and the owners are the nicest people. In response, lumber dealers have relabeled several sustainable substitute species as “mahogany.” Of the bunch, sapele—pronounced sah-PELL-ay—(Entandrophragma cylindricium) stands out from the rest. Not only are there questions of sustainability (i.e., given the current rate of harvesting, can a particular species continue to reproduce at a sustainable rate so that demand will not outstrip supply? Identifying and Using Hundreds of Woods Worldwide, POSTER: Worldwide Woods: Ranked by Hardness. I am think of a few coats of danish oil, then finishing off with solvent-based polyurethane. An expensive wood. The next step was to rub in an 8-1 mix of amber lac shells and alcohol. Get some real epoxy primer. I work with Sapele almost daily in a custom door manufacturing plant. Bit harder than European Oak and stable wood-type, has a specific substance in it that makes it harder to finish with oil or lacquer - drying time is much longer than normal Sapele is reddish (also from Tropical Africa) resembling Mahogany. Harder woods create good, solid long-lasting joinery in furniture. X 87? Is this normal for sapele? No staining, but I’m sure you could use a mahogany wipe on type finish, or a mahogany stain followed by several coatings of Tung oil, or Danish oil, or whatever you prefer. Comments: Sapele is a commonly exported and economically important African wood species. Solid wood construction tends to express a wood’s tonal personality in the fullest, most complex way, resulting in a superior musical sound. Sapele glues fairly well. It is mostly light in color, but it also features dramatic color variation. Thompson Mahogany . Like | 8; PRO. I’m interested how yours turned out? FYI: I receive a commission on sales generated through links to Amazon, eBay, etc. Teak is … American balsa, among the softest and lightest of woods, has a low specific gravity of 0.17. Or are they considered the "same grade" guitar, just different wood causing the price differences? Sapele nails, screws and glues well. Sapele is probably the most expensive of the African species that impersonate Mahogany. Moderate insect/borer resistance. Would appreciate any advice on the suitable finish. As usual, the value of the wood of the flat area or of Quarterson should be moderate, although sleeping wood and linen can be very expensive, especially palm or quail Sapele. This seems like it would be a perfect wood for a baseball bat. Just use this as a guide to help you make an informed choice. Oh by the way tried to post an image if you upload too many images the max is one it won’t let you remove the extra image to allow for one. That would depend on what you’re planning on using to topcoat/finish the wood with. I have been making coat racks/hooks from some sapele shelves that were being thrown out. It is listed as vulnerable due to a population reduction of over 20% in the past three generations, caused by a decline in its natural range, and exploitation. The wood is sometimes used as a substitute for Genuine Mahogany and is at times referred to as “Sapele Mahogany.” Technically, the two genera that are usually associated with mahogany are Swietenia and Khaya. Add to cart. darkens with age if nottreated with finishing oils that will prevent oxidation Conversely, woods with low specific gravity don't make good choices for furniture and are more difficult to create nice, strong joints with. His rationale is that Accoya is more resistant to rot but as its a soft wood it … Pricing hasn’t increased much during the last two years, lumber dealers say. Wholesale Mahogany and Hardwoods Since 1843. As soon as the timber leaves the kiln it would be exposed to an average air moisture content of above 18% so short of shrink wrapping it is going to absorb between the kiln and retailer/ wholesaler. I love Sapele but it’s a typical mahogany and I don’t think it’ll hold up like Ash or hard Maple that bats are traditionally used and now currently used. Has anyone had experience with such? Add another coat of oil and rub with wool again. He says though Accoya does have all the attributes mentioned its a treated soft wood and so is far more likely to pick up dings and dents in a high traffic area. Natural coloring is a medium reddish-brown, and because it is quarter sawn, Sapele is characterized by well-defined ribbon stripe figuring. Copyright © 2008-2020 Eric Meier | All Rights Reserved. Do not waste your time with Smith's epoxy then primer. It is not the beauty nor the sound that these tonewoods deliver the reasons why some are more expensive than others. This strips the tannins from the wood, opening up the surface to fully accept a stain. My entrance door is shielded from the worst of the weather by a porch and the original 100 year old door hasn't rotted. Sapele is a widely used and popular redwood, similar to mahogany, with a deep, rich finish suited to furniture projects, conservatories and much more. I would appreciate your advise, I’ve installed bunks on a 135 foot schooner made of sapele and have used Daly’s FloorFin and it has held up very well. Chris you cal lay out the cabinet doors in brigght light (not direct sunlight though) and they probbley will even out. Search for your next Martin Guitar by starting with your favorite choice of wood. How did it come out? Usually pronounced (sah-PELL-ey) or (sah-PEEL-ey). Pretty much any finish is going to be food-safe. Ipe is the most expensive one too. Are the 400 series guitar a "higher grade" guitar than the 300 series? Very similar in appearance and workability to mahogany. Based on this, albeit limited, experience I would not consider Sapele for windows. He is happy to make it out of Accoya but has suggested Sapele. No; they’re just racking up the bill on you. This exciting exotic wood is a great option for many products and buyers. (I have five 1’x6″x24″ blanks of the stuff) However, I use all natural beeswax to seal my completed products by heating it (and the wood to reduce warping or splitting) and boiling the instrument in the wax. At this one store, the 400 series is a little more expensive than the 300 series. The wood can exhibit an attractive range of figure, with ribbon and regular stripe on quarter sawn boards. It’s   sold both in lumber and veneer form. Gives a great finish and mellow tone, but I’ve found some of the harder woods like to try and crack anyway if I don’t do a multi dip process.… Read more », Can we use this SAPELLI WOOD [Entandrophragma cylindricum] for Doors and Window Frames ? last year. We recently built a large wood sculpture using 4″ thick by 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ wide Sapele timbers. But its expensive … Sapele doors are exceptionally reliable, beautiful, and functional. 225 Lincoln Highway Fairless Hills, PA 19030. We'll even re-share with our community! (Mahogany?) Grain/Texture: Grain is interlocked, and sometimes wavy. Whatt type of neck and so forth. Any advice is helpful. I just feel like it’s too soft. Mahogany Lumber. It comes in two different woods, Sapele and Afromesia. By a very competent luthier. ), resulting in tearout due to its interlocked grain. The next and final coats were rubbed in using rotten stone powder and olive oil. From my experience, both methods can finish Sapele with super smooth surface and stood up so far for the heavy use in the kitchen, but oil+polyurethane is easier to apply. Ripping Ash, H Maple and Sapele on the table saw are very much different. Durability. I absolutely love it to sawdust and use it for all my decorative pieces. First wood I had problem gluing. Choices include a number of rosewoods, FSC certified, sustainable woods, and more. Has been used for quite some time in this regard in Europe but is only just starting to catch on here in Australia.… Read more ». ft.), Sapele Ribbon Stripe (Quarter Sawn) 4/4 Lumber, Sapele Ribbon Stripe (Quarter Sawn) 6/4 Lumber, Sapele Ribbon Stripe (Quarter Sawn) 8/4 Lumber, Sapele Ribbon Stripe (Quarter Sawn) 12/4 Lumber, Sapele Ribbon Stripe (Quarter Sawn) 4/4 Craft Pack: 10 Board Feet, Sapele Ribbon Stripe (Quarter Sawn) 4/4 Project Pack: 20 Board Feet, Sapele Ribbon Stripe Dimensioned Hobby Boards 3/4" x 5.5" (Choose Your Length), Sapele Qtr Ribbon Paper Back Veneer Sheet - 2' x 8' Roll, Sapele Qtr w/ Ribbon Stripe Paper Back Veneer Sheet - 4' x 8' Roll, Sapele Turning Squares: 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 18", Sapele Furniture Squares: 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 30", Sapele Turning Squares: 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 12". Applying darker stained finishes or painted finishes to the wood will help minimize these color shifts. There is an option of All-Heart Redwood or Premium … The oil-stained table looks blotchy and cheap, different dark spots move depending on a viewing angle. The reason why some are more expensive than others is in relation with the rarity of the wood and the resistance that the wood offers when it is worked by the luthier. They charged the same as the QS because they had no other category. Plus fiddleback, mottle or roe on other cuts. A wood doesn't float, for example, if it's specific gravity is 1.00 or greater. Although a member of a different species, sapele (a.k.a. I had sapele countertops installed a few months ago. The timber is in the same strength category as Oak, and is considerably stronger than African Mahogany. Besides the common ribbon pattern seen on quartersawn boards, Sapele is also known for a wide variety of  other figured grain patterns, such as: pommele, quilted, mottled, wavy, beeswing, and fiddleback. Typically though, Sapele is fairly consistent in colour and grain but boards can differ from one to another. S2S (Surfaced Two Sides) – The Sapele Wood board(s) will be surfaced on both sides/faces to a smooth finish. It was a waste of beautiful lumber, but I was making tambour door breadboxes for Christmas gifts and used most of this just to make… Read more ». Rot Resistance: Heartwood ranges from moderately durable to very durable in regard to decay resistance. dreamdoctor. but not sure how it may turn out for Sapele.
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