The kiln dried slabs are typically air dried for around two years, then put in the kiln. We are not responsible for any damage or warping after the item is picked up. If you don't find what you need, simply check back every few weeks. We often offer cherry, ash, walnut, white oak, red oak, sycamore, poplar, beech, and more. by clicking HERE, or on the link at the left.Note that you can see the dimensions of each slab, along with enlarged pictures, by clicking on the thumbnail image, or its title. All slabs are kiln dried and ready for truly unique projects. our guide about transporting and storing your slabs, 5 Things To Ask When Buying Live Edge Slabs. Our inventory is constantly changing as we build custom dining room tables and sell our slabs to customers making their own. LARGE FIGURED BUBINGA SLABS UP TO 22 FEET LONG! DIY DRY Wood Slab slabs: Incense Cedar Blue Pine Live Edge Slab slabs (hayward / castro valley) $7. We recommend only using kiln dried slabs because this will keep the slabs from warping as they naturally dry if you build something out of them when they're green. We do have green live edge slabs as well, but we don't typically recommend using green wood for making tables or other furniture. We measured the left, right, and center of each slab. We also carry extra large slabs ready for live edge tables. ... Live Edge Curly Walnut – Sku# K11177 $ 375.00. Live Edge Wood Slabs For Sale. If you see a cheap live edge slab, keep this in mind. To properly dry a live edge slab, you will need to let it air dry for about 2 years, then kiln dry for about a month. Not all of our slabs are listed on the website. That's why you'll notice that every slab we offer has both a log ID and slab ID noted on the product variant image after you choose the slab you'd like. This is typically preferred over the rough milled slab if the buyer only owns a hand sander. If you require shipping, please reach … Live edge slabs leave the thick, rough texture of the tree’s surface visible and that makes the wood’s natural origins readily apparent. Slabs with the same log ID come from the same log. With a revolving inventory of 250 dry slabs available and over 500 in the lineup for our kiln, we’re certain we can find the perfect slab for your project. For any slab under 2" thick, we subtract $1 per board foot. 12" on middle. We also make tables. Don’t overpay in Toronto, come see us instead! Using live edge slabs that aren't properly dried will result in poor results, especially for tables and other large furniture. If you're interested in seeing the slabs we have available, contact us online to schedule an appointment to visit our shop. We recommend using a trailer, not a pickup truck for slabs over 8' so they can lay flat. The ability to see the tree’s rings is remarkable. I have several black walnut live edge slabs for sale. At Woodslabs we specialize in providing our clients with unique live edge wood slabs and lumber in a large variety of species, shapes and sizes. All our varieties of timber come in varying dimensions. Live Edge Walnut – Sku# 11174 $ 430.00. We use ash for grade lumber at our sawmill, but the largest logs get turned into live edge slabs. Our live edge slab inventory can be used in a variety of rustic projects, both large & small. Some examples of things you can make with live edge slabs include: We often get questions regarding why our slabs are more expensive than others. Large River Recovered Old Growth Sinker Cypress Available Now! We're proud to be a supplier of live edge slabs to our woodworking customers in the Lancaster Area. Kiln dried live edge slabs are typically used for making furniture such as dining room tables, desks, shelves, bar tops, coffee tables, countertops, and more. Located in New Palestine, IN, Hood Farms and Sawmill offers a variety of locally-harvested products including live edge wood slabs for sale, grass fed beef, kiln-dried lumber, and seasoned firewood. Also called natural edge slabs, these can be used as kitchen countertops, shelving, bars, tabletops, and more. Pictured is a beautiful sycamore table made from a live edge slab. The width is based on an average of 3 measurements. Excellent quality.Large-format mill specializing in extra large sizes - custom sizes also available. We offer a complete inventory that features hundreds of slabs from 10+ wood species. We have a huge inventory of kiln dried live edge slabs ready to ship for your next project. Learn the difference between our Dry/Surfaced and Rough Sawn Slabs; Contact: 503-785-3935. Call or text 613 581 3587 We are happy to coordinate a pickup date with you during our normal business hours. We have live edge slabs available in many types of hardwoods including cherry, white oak, red oak, walnut, poplar, ash, and sycamore. Please read our guide about transporting and storing your slabs prior to picking them up. The width used for each slab is an average of 3 measurements taken at random locations on the slab. We have a large inventory of items we procure (Lumber boards - live edge slabs). The table has cracks that were filled with epoxy, then it was planed, sanded, and finished with a hardwax oil. HUGE FALL Sale! We have thousands of green live edge slabs if you plan on drying them yourself. We also build one of a kind live edge … If you have a specific size you need or a specific wood species, we may have it. Live Edge Walnut – Sku# K11172 $ 300.00. All Live Edge Slabs - Black Walnut. The final cost will depend ultimately on the wood type, finish, and shipping. They are over 9 ft long, between 2 and 3 inches thick and up to 30 inches wide. Large Live Edge Slabs and Book-Matched Slabs Lengths 7' to 21' - Widths 40" and wider We supply slabs and make custom tables and tops. It is 3,5 " thick. Please note that the prices above are used for rough cut live edge slabs. Our live edge slabs are sawn as flitches. For any live edge slab over 3" thick, $1 is added per board foot. At KC Live Edge Slab Company we don't believe in harvesting trees strictly for their lumber value. Countertops, bar tops, shelving, tables etc. All of the wood slabs we sell are both air and kiln dried. 921 Lancaster Pike, Quarryville, PA 17566, Get A Quote on Live Edge Slabs For Sale In Lancaster. Want to have truly exclusive furniture in your home or commercial establishment? All of our live edge slabs are kiln dried and ready to use. Slabs that aren't properly dried will warp with time as the wood dries naturally, and it may crack or twist a few years after the piece is built. All Live Edge Slabs Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off; Buying Slabs? ... walnut 721-1&2 simulation, approx. live edge wood slabs for sale in Abbotsford, BC reclaimed wood, custom cut wide single table slabs, custom woodwork, high quality slabs, walnut, maple, and more There are 8257 live edge slabs for sale on Etsy, and they cost $106.06 on average. Depending on these factors, your slab could be a few dollars more or less per board foot than the $10 estimate. We also have hundreds of slabs currently drying. Our live-edge slabs are sawn as flitches – Meaning slabs ( boards) from a single log are cut and stored together. Live Edge Wood Slabs. We have thousands of slabs cut and hundreds dried and ready to ship from a variety of domestic hardwoods. If you don't choose this service, the slab will be rough cut as pictured. Live Edge Hard Maple Slab #MM1. We’re located at: 17621 S Palmer Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045. That's why we salvage all of our own wood sustainably and responsibly from local trees. If you have your own kiln, please let us know. The majority of our ash slabs are harvesting from Pennsylvania forests. Please inspect your slabs at pickup for any defects. Selling a large variety of live edge wood slabs here, 100's to choose from. It's true! Live edge slabs are typically used for woodworking projects that require a flat surface, such as furniture. The width will also shrink by around half an inch (possibly more) if you choose to have us plane and sand your slab. Our unique live edge wood slabs are priced individually based upon … Did you know Lancaster Live Edge is a leading supplier of wood slabs? The cost will go up for a slab if you get it wide belt sanded, as more labor is required. Click to get started! We are one of the largest producers of live-edge slabs. If you need just one slab for a project, you can order it online. Live Edge Walnut – Sku# 11169 $ 420.00. Typically anything listed that doesn't follow this pricing is either on sale or a premium slab. Our live edge slabs are perfect for making one-of-a-kind tables, bar tops, desks, benches, shelving, mantles, headboards, wall art and m The answer is because ours are kiln dried, and most others (at least locally) are not. They are rough sawn and green. Pecan Slabs in stock, view our live inventory of kiln dried live edge Pecan Slabs. 2,116.00. Call Pat or Tom to discuss your natural edge pecan needs at 877-320-9663. We've invested heavily in milling equipment and space to accommodate this market and offer high-end slabs that produce beautiful furniture. We cut over 100 species of hardwoods including Indian Rosewood, Walnut, Camphor, Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, Persimmon, and many other hard-to-find lumber types. Slabs are in Carleton Place though I'm willing to deliver for an extra cost. Photos, dimensions and prices of all slabs listed. Live edge slabs are growing in popularity for many woodworking projects such as custom furniture.. At Beiler's Sawmill, we offer large live edge slabs that are great for tables, desks, and other woodworking projects. The dowels have already been chamfered and fluted for their ultimate use. We mill and kiln dry our live edge at our shop in Kirkfield, Ontario. OAK, WALNUT, MULBERRY, EUCALYPTUS, REDWOOD, CYPRUS, CEDAR, PINE, PISTACIO MORE..Feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment to stop by. Create unique tables, bar tops, benches, countertops, wall art etc. Come check us out. We don't currently offer shipping on our slabs outside local delivery, which is subject to employee availability and will cost an additional fee of $100/hr + $.55 a mile. Live Edge Walnut – Sku# 11175 $ 330.00. We calculate the prices based on width, thickness, and total board feet. Usually this involves cutting the log from side to side, producing the live edges. $150 and up. All of our slabs are sustainably harvested and reclaimed from unwanted urban trees. Our kiln dried wood is a premium product for an affordable price. -and 17,5 Bd/Ft Sell for $220 Larger one 56" long = 4.7 ' , 29" wide on left and 31" on right side . Live edge slabs have been growing in popularity among Americans for the past several years, and we expect that to continue which is why we've dedicated part of our sawmill to manufacturing these. Live edge wood slabs for tables, bars, mantels, and DIY projects. We have a huge inventory of kiln dried live edge slabs ready to ship for your next project. Live edge or natural edge slabs refer to lumber that the original lines of the tree trunk are preserved. The most popular color? Need specific sizes? Come by our Kennesaw, GA warehouse to pick your live edge slab and talk to our team about designing a custom project for you. Contact Us, we have hundreds of options that are displayed online. The most common live edge slabs material is walnut. Live Edge SLAB SALE! We have an extensive inventory of Michigan live edge slabs. Many Slabs Available - Call Now (850) 266-7616 Live Edge Walnut – Sku# 11168 They are waiting to be crafted into a beautiful table or other piece of furniture! 20%-25% OFF Selected Items or Selected Stock. We have slabs large enough for tables, conference tables, custom bar tops, and more. Live Edge Wood Slabs For Sale Interesting and unique shaped wood slabs all from local Ontario trees that get damaged in storms, or that need to be cut for safety reasons. If no answer, leave a message with contact info!Thanks for your interest,Ernie - Out Back Creations Wood … FOR SALE - Albany, NY - We have incredible slab wood for sale! Kiln dried live edge slabs are typically used for making furniture such as dining room tables, desks, shelves, bar tops, coffee tables, countertops, and more. Cli… If you need to stock your inventory for upcoming projects, please contact us online. A board foot is an area that's one inch thick and 12"x12" in area. Live Edge Slabs for Sale in Seattle. We have used our ash slabs to make coffee tables, dining room tables, and even standing desks.
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