Gearboxes typically provide three benefits, they reduce speed, amplify torque and help match inertias of the motor and the load, but there are often other performance considerations when selecting a gearbox, such as noise level, life expectancy, back drivability, load types and physical size and shape. Heavy-duty types have a lubrication groove and oil hole in the outer ring OD. He was formerly Chief Engineer, Applications and Product Design, for Torrington’s U.K. operations. Two and three wheelers. Ordinarily, axial location features are not required. Needle bearings … Any departure from the ideal can increase noise level and reduce bearing life. If it is lower, the capacity of the bearing-raceway combination is reduced. In general, these are unitized bearings consisting of the thrust needle roller and cage assembly and two special thrust washers used as raceways. Essentially, needle roller bearings have: • Higher load capacity than single-row ball or roller bearings of comparable OD. Shorter bearings can better tolerate slope. J”1c֗ÎqèJå‡vˆÐ_†—l^²#«@|‡°0¾0pž‡èÂ*¦Pñ ÒLY×¹h‡ýµÊòï•BhK6ãJ¦l6œäVǗ®¢]°Õ^w„µ) wÓT¨vãÒA´ðëˆ1óDð3 Because of the large contact area between the rollers and washers (not included), these bearings are great for medium to heavy duty, low-friction jobs. These assemblies are well-suited to applications with high speed and low to moderate applied load, such as many highspeed planetary pinions. Finish. Although these bearings often serve elsewhere, they are designed to meet the specific needs of the aircraft industry in airframe applications. Applications: Industrial applications. George Rusiecki is Section Leader, Industry Applications, Needle Bearing Engineering Dept., The Torrington Company, Torrington, Conn. Mr. Rusiecki has been involved in needle bearing engineering for 35 years. They work with so little fanfare it would be easy to forget them. If possible, provide relubrication by means of a fitting in the shaft or housing, ideally through the stationary component. They may incorporate other features to enhance or contain lubricant flow. The roller bearing family consists basically of cylindrical, tapered, spherical, and needle bearings. Controlled contour refinement brings more uniform stress distribution and optimum bearing performance. Common applications: planetary gears, constant-mesh gears, idler gears, connecting rods. Both of these can be tailored to suit the application with either a full complement of … Selfaligning types are for use where alignment is difficult during assembly or where there is deflection. Hardness. Drawn-cup caged needle bearings are mounted in chaindrive sprockets. A few of the top applications of needle bearing rollers include portable tools, automobiles, two-wheeler, drills, construction machinery, motors and plenty of other things. They can be combined with drawn cup needle roller bearings with open ends, drawn cup needle roller bearings with closed ends and needle roller bearings. Mostly used in aircraft construction equipment, gear pumps, gasoline engines, and other … The yoke type is for straddle or clevis mounting; the integral stud type, cantilever mounting. Needle roller bearings are the smallest and lightest of the roller bearing family. Case hardening, induction hardening, and through hardening are all acceptable treatments. It is the lowest-cost rolling bearing per pound of capacity, and is of particular advantage where production rates justify automated assembly equipment. Full-complement drawn-cup needle bearing load ratings equal or exceed those of ball and roller bearings of comparable OD. No subsequent machining is needed, making this bearing economical.
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