Stumbled upon B&H having a sale on the Panasonic DP-UB820-K, DP-UB420, and DP-UB9000. It makes a nice difference. Its brushed effect top cover and front flap hide away the tray. It will be interesting to see what else emerges in the next year or two in terms of disc players to fill the Oppo gap. Missed the last Best Buy sale on the 420 and 450 but glad I waited and grabbed a 820. The tone mapping yields impressive results, majorly outperforming the OPPO 203 in shadow detail and brightness. Best answer: Yes, the UB820 will play 4K HDR MKVs from an external hard drive (It has to be plugged into the rear USB input) but it will not play any of the lossless audio tracks. The DP-UB820 also covers all the necessary bases where HDR (high dynamic range) formats are concerned. Is it worth the extra $500? The Panasonic UB820 and UB420 support HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology which will offer considerable benefits to viewers through optimizing the viewing experience on a scene-by-scene basis. Since the metadata specifying peak luminance on a disc can sometimes be inadequate or wrong, the Panasonic ignores it and generates its own metadata. The colors are deeper and brighter, definition is very refined, and the darks are truly black with no crush or grey to black blending issues. As far as regular disc playing, the Panasonic DP-UB820 is a perfectly competent player. Recommended HDMI Cable > Ensure your TV HDMI ARC port supports HDCP 2.2 standard to allow 4K HDR display. I find the UB820 SDR/BT2020 HDR tone mapping with its Optimizer produces the best picture I have seen on my three year old JVC RS500. Playing discs with the Panasonic DP-UB820. We say: Highlights here are broad HDR support and an excellent image performance with user tweaks. Performance: 4/5 Design: 4/5 Features: 4.5/5 Overall: 4/5 Specification. Comparing this to my Panasonic dmp-ub900 player (which is a great player) the newer model provides a better, clearer, smoother picture when watching 4k movies and even has more clarity when streaming Amazon and Netflix. Panasonic announced a new reference grade Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the DP-UB9000 which has a substantial chassis and a range of other technologies to ensure The Reference quality of the DP-UB820 brings out the best in my JVC LX-UH1! It loads quickly, has plenty of fast forwards and rewind speeds. Panasonic’s mid-range 4K player shipped at the beginning of August 2018. Panasonic DP-UB820 £300 Panasonic have just produced a couple of newer model players at 2019 CES . I have an LG C7 OLED and once I calibrated everything, watching HDR and DV is a real treat. Operating Instructions Blu-ray DiscTM Player Model No. A new level of premium home entertainment is yours with the DP-UB820 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player. Setup The DP-UB9000 offers a range of six peak white settings (two more than the DP-UB820 provides) that correspond to the light output capabilities of your display. The UB820 will also not recognize chapter marks in any MKV files. Connect Panasonic DP-UB820 Blu-ray Player (VIDEO OUT (VIDEO/ AUDIO)) to soundbar HDMI input with a HDMI-certified High-Speed 2.0 cable (18Gbps) for high quality video and audio. Today I unbox the Panasonic UB9000 4K Blu Ray player and compare it to the Panasonic UB820. New update gives this dp-ub820 Dolby Vision and Hdr+ and Hdr optimizer and a new hcx processor. The best deals still available at Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and more. hello guys Could some kind soul help me out with my new panasonic setup Just bought myself the panasonic gz950 along with the htb900 soundbar and an ub820 4k player Connection wise i have the sound bar arc connection going into the 950's arc connection. Video: JVC RS620/X9500 projector, 120" Stewart StudioTek 130 G4 screen, Panasonic ub820 UHD player, Roku Ultra, DirecTV, PS4 Pro, Darbee Darblet Audio : Anthem AVM60 preamp/processor, Anthem MCA525 amplifier, B&K Reference 125.7 ampifier, Panamax 5100
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