All businesses with an efficient supply chain follow a four step process, including demand management, inventory management and distribution, secondary production planning and scheduling, and primary manufacturing, according to a report from researchers at Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Health plans with high deductibles or coinsurance have grown more popular, which means more patients have higher out-of-pocket costs and may not be able to benefit from negotiations since their co-payment is based on the list price rather than the negotiated cost, researchers stated. In the following article, PharmaNewsIntelligence breaks down the fundamentals of the pharmaceutical supply chain to uncover strategies for overcoming the most common challenges and ways to get patients consistent access to their medications. When it was clear that the virus progressed to a pandemic, our team already had a good understanding of the potential effects to our business and had already begun preparations to ensure continuous operations. As countries and companies alike continue to grapple with the unprecedented challenges thrown up by the Pandemic situation, a specific area of concern has been the uncertainty surrounding the impact on the global as well as Indian pharma industry supply chains. Physicians are also finding the need to prescribe alternative drug therapies, and sometimes, consumers are declining their medications due to increased prices. Patients taking celiprolol will need to talk to their health care professional about switching to alternative treatments. Even though the patient received a 20 percent rebate, her coinsurance is $612 because it is based on the list price. Quick Links. Advance Your Pharma Supply Chain Planning during a Pandemic. Recalls of medical devices can occur and in these cases, PHARMAC works closely with Medsafe and the suppliers to ensure users, prescribers, orderers and the rest of the supply chain are well-informed. The research article published in Complexity stated that one common solution was to keep more inventory to ensure that more products are available to treat patients in the event that products are recalled. We strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our website. N°25 - SUPPLY CHAIN MAGAZINE - JUIN 2008 Enquête L’INDUSTRIE PHARMA à l’heure du Lean Longtemps riche et florissante grâce aux blockbusters qui assuraient ses revenus, l’industrie pharmaceutique voit progressivement ses profits se réduire. For example, the “Forrester effect” is a business technique to analyze any supply chain disruptions and is a vital business step. But the supply chain network is actually very complex, requiring a number of steps that must be taken to ensure medications are available and accessible to patients. Getz Pharma started its operations in 1995. Pharmacies are the final step before drugs reach the patient, and arguably the most vital step because they serve as the information link between PBMs, drug manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. How Do Allocations Work for the Pharma Supply Chain? READ MORE: Role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. © 2017 - 2020 PwC. An ineffective supply chain could also disrupt the healing processes of patients and produce negative effects on public health, a Kaiser Family Foundation report found. To compound matters further, the same supply chain is responsible for the distribution of prescription d… However, government initiatives have helped to minimize disruptions to pharmaceutical manufacturing and the supply chain. The amount an individual pays for a brand-name drug will depend on their insurance plan, the list of drugs it covers, the size of their deductible, and the deal an individual's insurance company has negotiated with the drug’s manufacturer, according to a Time article. About Pharma Supply Chain, Serialization & Anti-Counterfeiting Event . Quality regulations, the rise of counterfeited drugs and the serialisation mandate are forcing pharma companies to make their supply chains more robust to ensure full traceability. Stocked at retail, mail-order, and other types of pharmacies, 4. Modern supply chain solutions allow us to monitor our inventory and current deliveries, as well as to predict expected demand for medicines, partly in real time. After purchasing products, pharmacies must maintain an ample stock of drug products and provide information to consumers about the safe and effective use of prescription drugs. Supply-chain leaders should analyze the root causes of suppliers’ nonessential purchases, mitigating them through adherence to consumption-based stock and manufacturing models and through negotiations of supplier contracts to seek more favorable terms. This website uses a variety of cookies, which you consent to if you continue to use this site. The Indian pharmaceutical market size is expected to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025, driven by increasing consumer spending, rapid urbanization, and raising healthcare insurance among others. Pharmaceutical Supply Chains - Medicines Shortages. Dispensed by pharmacies; and ultimately delivered to and taken by patients. The authors noted that rebates have increased over the past few years, but out-of-pocket costs for patients are soaring. Some wholesalers sell to a broad range of potential clients while others specialize in sales of particular products, such as biologic products, or sales to particular types of customers. Pharma Supply Chain Excellence assists clients to deliver sustained business value through their excellence in supply chain operation Our expertise is in pharmaceutical supply chain management with specialisms in people and process capability and in third party/contract manufacturer management.
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