From shop PacificMason. R6bNyBCvv8PhiryDzBoOiTXp03U7fzdqc1myxvdwz6uYZOPN1+OGGOGTj65HICu1K06qpfqF75W0 Use pipe cleaners or metal inserts to create a wire at the nose bridge in this tutorial. 14. Around-the-Head Pleated Mask. JPEG As a result, the mask sometimes slips (even with nose wire!) To summarise, the best face mask pattern for kids is: A mask with a gap in front of the mouth. BjDFDDNZuCKMD6kYHIN8VKYqzXQtatNZ0yHULWgjmUEx+pDMUJAPFnt5JoiaEH4XIxV1lDdTWcEr Using patterned fabric for the front and solid fabric for the liner makes the orientation more clear. Myriad Pro I’ve been making these mask to donate to frontline Healthcare providers and First Responder. Free Pattern - DIY Dust Mask with Nose Wire. NP8Anx+VEE8UE2vIksxAjHozsKsaLyZYyqV6/ERQEFqVGKo+0/NryDda9aaBFqLrq98Fa1tJbW6i aVoj27KshuLONiy8hwkokgpVdyjEA9jvv0xVh/n3/nHzyV53nsZ9YutQD6baCytEgmijUIpkPI1h q+q8CuxV2KqN7BJcWksEczQSSKVWZOqk9+x+4g+BB3xViN95S/MCRIotP87yWcMcRjYPp1vcOWCM 100.000000 Surgical-Style Face Masks While there are a lot new patterns being published daily for the pleated face masks, I will only list a few. 212 Cyan Face mask pattern Cut four , two in mirror image [chin] [nose] This face mask features adjustable ear loops and pleated sides to fit a range of face sizes and shapes. Optional Nose Wire Pocket Leave Open Bottom Edge Optional Filter Sheet 3/8” - 1/2” (10-13mm) 7 Add Straps: Add bias tape or body fabric straps as shown. sVLGg4oX777bqp55RuWvJtcvvq1zaw3WoK8CXcElvIyJZW0Rb05QrU5xsK07YqyHFXyPp/lDzv8A SPOT 31 FMxHpuCZY3anEcN64VeY3+ma9/hDypNaX1xH9Yk0aISxJGY4eQHotMgT94kMgBUOwq7jrRQFWZv+ ofs8P2KfZ5e3emKqDf4f4R8v8Ucq9v01Xlv9rjt9mv8Ak/7OmKo7Sf0B+kV+rfp/1fUHD63+mfQr Iml9WR4xJAjhCSGDoaUNcKsIvfIX5etY6bYxefLi6uNLnjMFrELp5HezAWRIYXulWN0BqfToyDpi qbnJ2en5KjpKWmp6ipqqusra6voRAAICAQIDBQUEBQYECAMDbQEAAhEDBCESMUEFURNhIgZxgZEy Open Type nVtUuEB4so5Q3NzIlKOaqy0r2qBRVOY/+OlP/wAYYf8AiUuKoXWreW5SW2iAMs1ldRxg7Dk/pgb/ Bend the wire to fit over your nose. Please check the Central Oregon Mask Makers Facebook page for collection & drop-o˜ updates and details.! 56.250000 I like to do 2 rows of stitching (one at 1/8 inch, the second at 3/8 inch) to secure the pleats a little more, 18. 10. You will have a total of 6 lines. 0xViwsfOcvn8643lbXIbMaR9R+K1hZ2kSb1gOKngFbjQb15dTSpwqyX8s9N81XXnbzTKy3nlm61C The reverse nose fold improves fit over the bridge of the nose. With the outside facing part of the mask facing up, Bring the 1st line down to meet the 2nd line, Bring the 3rd line down to meet the 4th line, Bring the 5th line down to meet the 6th line, 17. 13.0d1e4 Optional: For this mask method, there will be exposed raw edges inside the mask if you are making it with a filter slot. XCkI/L4nkdlqwpHVRVVObHzV+br3ulxXvkvVZdPtAlzqMunyeZg8tuswVkEdxe25MwjVmVZfU5mn LlEpi+DkqryANNq0rWqqN/x7p/8A1a9Z/wC4Xe/9UsVd/j3T/wDq1az/ANwu9/6p4qleofmLq6ST application/pdf : Awesome! "r��7�`Y� }s\Q�(�Y���q�0N�S~,r����߅�5�Z6�/���;Q� I��W�(ѽy6o����g �6*��q�����,6Slo� V�x5�Z�Dp�q� ��‡�g�qˎ��By��or^� ���c|6jЏW W�{{�䑢MƳwϭ�Z�0��0E �N &0����-�_0?⋳5re����R� ��TP݈1g��^��1Yr\�B>ݑ�YP���I�p��;k �����4k��A\���; �-�1�t�O��H�i���DvFg�*�;��]��ۋ�0m�P��o���S%���C��Q\� ��|�ϰ\���u���i}dv�|3ۆ��V�⁰3d�z� ��� ϼ���B������91B�V��x��(n�������N] ���]S[ `~�g�}�D�'Y��P�q�P'�[
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