With the PNY recovery tool - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you will be able to recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from a PNY SD card, PNY USB flash drive, and other storage devices. In the process of me trying to fix the problem, when I put the usb stick in, it recognizes it as the "E: drive" but when I click on it, it says to "insert a disk into drive E" and when I try to reformat it, it says "there is no disk in drive E. Insert a disk and try again". Nous utilisons des cookies Thanks for your help! I have the same PNY 32GB usb stick and I took out my stick at not the best time as guy Pierre did. You may could ;), OK cool i managed to take/break away the casing and access the chip, on the circuit board it says its. Besides the excellent SSD repair function, this powerful partition management software also enables you to Then click Recover to save found SD card files to a secure location on your PC or external storage. I have pretty much tried all sorts of stuff to fix my corrupted drive, it can't be seen in windows or opened in DOS. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your PC and select your SD card. However, when I did the ChipGenius it came up for chip part number as "Unknown(??) To ensure data recovery performance, it's worth mentioning that you should save the recovered files to somewhere else instead of the original device.  Wait for the process to complete. Step 2. Wait until finish upgrading your PNY flash drive firmware. So i guess my last hope is to contact you directly and see if u can help me on it, my drive info from chipgenius is: The casing of the drive is black and is branded PNY.It is not a fake/flash drive as i have used the full amount of memory in it, 32gb and it worked fine, but one day i pulled the drive out whilst it was active and now i cannot access to use it again. Free download the PNY 64GB format tool -AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and connect the PNY USB flash drive to your computer. The Software is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Fix Photos/Videos on SD card Not Showing Up in Gallery, PNY Recovery Tool: Recover Data from PNY SD Card/USB Flash Drive. Step 1. Hi! I can access properties and info says there is nothing on it. Privacy Policy | License Agreement | Terms & Conditions | Uninstall | File Recovery | Disk Recovery, Accidental deletion while viewing files on a mobile phone, camera, Windows computer or Mac, PNY cards are infected by a virus/malware and the files are lost, PNY card error:  file system corrupted (becoming RAW), SD card data inaccessible. I did go to your links at the bottom and downloaded the pny reformat and recovery software, but the software wouldn't initiate when I clicked on them - they only flashed for a second, and thats it. Jean updated on PNY Ufix-I software is also called CMP Tool and allows to repair PNY 8GB/16 GB flash drives and HP 8GB/16GB USB drives. "EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best we've seen. The DieSort tool recognize it and after the analysis this is the reportDevice Index: 1ECC_00 [ 16] ECC_01 [ 0] ECC_02 [ 0] ECC_03 [ 0] ECC_04 [ 0] ECC_05 [ 0] ECC_06 [ 0] ECC_07 [ 0] ECC_08 [ 0] ECC_09 [ 0] ECC_10 [ 0] ECC_11 [ 0] ECC_12 [ 0] ECC_13 [ 0] ECC_14 [ 0] ECC_15 [ 0] ECC_16 [ 0] ECC_17 [ 0] ECC_18 [ 0] ECC_19 [ 0] ECC_20 [ 0] ECC_21 [ 0] ECC>21 [ 0] Bad Block 0/16Finally, the last tool recognize it but but the sort stage of the alalysis come to 61.1% the application crashes and windows closes it.Is my pend drive busted or am i doing something wrong? It's super easy to recover 250+ types of files after deletion, disk formatting and virus infection. wow amazing, i can't believe it! It's far from perfect, partly because today's advanced disk technology makes data-recovery more difficult than it was with the simpler technology of the past, but it's fast and efficient..." —PCMag, "The first thing you'll notice about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is that its interface is very clear and uncluttered, with only a small collection of self-explanatory controls. Many thanks for your very informative arcticles! Removing the Cover of PNY 32GB flash drive, Message 2 : After Removing The cover of the PNY 32 GB flash disk, Message 3 : After Successful PNY 32 GB format Process. USB Flash Drives STORE AND SHARE ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS Refine Your Results Brand HP (2) PNY (7) Capacity 128GB (8) 16GB (3) 16GB - 10PK (1) 16GB - 50PK (1) 16GB - … Summary: Using the four options of EaseUS Partition Master, you can repair corrupted SSD on Windows 10/8/7. Run USB data recovery software. My pny 16gb pend drive stopped working and windows would not recognize it.This is the info displayed in chip geniusProtocal Version: USB 2.00Current Speed: High SpeedMax Current: 100mAUSB Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 1234Device Vendor: Alcor MicroDevice Name: Mass Storage DeviceDevice Revision: 0001Manufacturer: GenericProduct Model: USB Flash DiskProduct Revision: 7.76Chip Vendor: Alcor MicroChip Part-Number: Unknown(??) Software … OK, i tried the all of the downloads and then the last one, it seemed to have recognized the usb drive, then i started the format, after 1hr.47 it finished, i unplugged and replugged it in, then clicked into the drive, i didn't get any 'please insert disk in drive etc' and i renamed it fine, and copied stuff into it, its worked! Recover data from an internal/external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive,  memory stick, digital cameras, or any other Windows-compatible storage device, Recover data lost due to deletion, format,  partition loss, virus attacks, OS crash, and other reasons. The Software is owned by PNY Technologies or its Licensors. after the mp tool was used it showed the results, there is a big letter of C in the right side of the box, what does that mean? Trial has data preview function but cannot save any files, while the Free version enables to recover 2 GB files. In case you need it, the PNY repair tool is also provided. USB Disk Storage Format Tool has had 0 updates within the past 6 months Therefore, stop using the storage media on which you need to recover lost files and find a PNY recovery tool to retrieve data as soon as possible. PNY is a proud partner of HP. Select your USB drive which marks as a removable disk, and click "Scan" to start finding your lost files. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and launch EaseUS USB data recovery software on your PC. Some repair software will erase all the existing files on the target device, like JetFlash Online Recovery. Although data recovery software helps to recover lost data successfully in most of the cases, it's more important to back up precious files to prevent the loss of data. Learn more about Product Support at pny.com PNY Global Login Register Consumer View All Products GeForce Graphics Solid State Drives Memory Flash Memory Cards USB … Then click "Scan" to start finding lost data on your SD card. While if your device gets corrupted, you will need a PNY SD card/USB repair tool. After the scanning process, you can click "Filter" to quickly find wanted files. Could his chip number work for mine even though mine came up as unknown? From Start Menu (i use Windows 10) search for Windows System then right click on Command Prompt then click on Run As Administrator. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Open PNY SK6226BA formatter tool and if your flash disk is supported by the software, you will see flash disk information appear on the software interface. If your For software or driver issues, you can scan and repair your flash drive using your computer's built-in repair utility. Install and run the PNY USB drive format tool, pitch on the PNY 64GB USB flash drive and select Format Partition at the drop down menu. How to Repair a USB Flash Drive. - 0xE50B - F/W 9505". CMD Windows will open. Based on the widespread popularity of PNY SD cards, USB flash drives, solid hard drives, and other storage devices, data loss on PNY storage devices occurs a lot.  As you may know, PNY memory cards are frequently used in cameras (Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Kodak, Fuji...)and other digital devices, you may format the camera, which is actually formatting the memory card,  accidentally and lead to the loss of photos on the device. Download USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows to format any USB flash drive with FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS partition types. It is recommended to check the version installed is Free or Trial because they are different versions. PNY Technologies Inc. est un des principaux fabricants de modules mémoires, cartes mémoires flash, clés USB, disques SSD, cartes graphiques et accessoires mobiles. Then follow the steps below to get back the lost files. MalvaStyle USB Repair is a user friendly application that can fix and repair Removable Devices such as Pen Drives, Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Memory Cards, USB Disk Drives etc.This FREE Application includes a test functionality, that will enable the user to test weather or not the device is physically damaged. Thanks. and even after the format it gives more space back, it showed 31.2gbs from a 32gb drive, i fink when i got the drive it showed usually 29gbs, so using mass production tool give more space back, great! PNY is a proud partner of HP. USB Flash Drives MicroSD Cards Cables & Adapters Mobile Accessories Apple Accessories Photo/Video Solutions Flash Memory Readers Photo Accessories Power … The first step is to insert your USB thumb drive into the computer's USB Press OK to continue. Follow the steps to repair PNY flash drive back to normal: 1. With it, you can: With this program, you can not only recover deleted or lost data from a PNY memory card or USB drive but also retrieve files from storage media of other brands. Copyright © EaseUS. Afterward, you can copy the recovered files back to the PNY SD card, USB, or disk. Ufix-I recovery software support Windows XP,Windows 7 , Windows 8 and doesn’t support Windows 10 .This format tool only designed to repair corrupted PNY and HP USB 2.0 flash disks so please don’t try it with other USB Flash Drive Repair: PNY 32GB USB recovery software Download PNY 32GB USB Drive recovery Software .If you have corrupted PNY Flash drive 32GB ,Fix it now with PNY Format tool .Download PNY 32 GB recovery tool . EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is not exclusively designed for PNY recovery, but is perfectly supports data retrieval from PNY devices. PNY Ufix-I USB repair Tool is a free recovery tool designed by PNY Flash drive Company to reformat corrupted PNY USB pen drives. As reference,most drive recoveries can be completed in around 10 to 12 hours for a 1-TB healthy hard drive in general conditions. This program comes especially in handy after a virus attack or after you've accidentally deleted any important Download the PNY recovery software to recover data within minutes. Repair Corrupted USB Drive/Pen drive or SD Card In Simple Steps Easily Repair Corrupted Pen drive Transcend 16 GB USB 2.0 Download Following Tools: 1. Whether you want to perform PNY SD card recovery or PNY flash drive recovery, you can apply the free data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to save the lost files from the storage device. When you lose files from a PNY storage device, you need data recovery software. Choose FAT32 as the File System for PNY 64GB flash drive. For more details, go to download the free USB repair tool and recover data. You can check and preview found files by double-clicking each one of them. Cool, very nice article, am glad that it worked and once again can use the drive again, never say never to a dead corrupted drive! Do you know what the problem might be? PNY Drive Utility comes with a simplistic, sleek user interface that integrates a handful of intuitive functions, making it possible for a wide variety of users to benefit from its capabilities. Also, you can get powerful software to restore your data back. So you should prepare another disk to save the files. I have tried so many different things but they haven't worked, just like Pierre tried to do. That's why data recovery on PNY devices is necessary and the PNY recovery tool is in a need. Insert your PNY USB flash drive to your computer. The storage structure of the lost files would be altered or damaged by any changes on the drive. Step 2 Find the USB drive in File Explorer, right click on it and select Properties . Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and launch EaseUS USB data recovery software on your PC. - 0xE602 - F/W 8509Flash ID Code: 8988244B - Intel - 2CE/Single Channel [MLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 16GBI´ve tried the tools on the dowload pack, the first one recognized it once but now it seems invisible to it. Download and install the software on your computer (don't choose the drive where data is lost), and insert the SD card to the computer via a card reader or connect the USB drive to the computer directly. This wikiHow teaches you how to fix a malfunctioning flash drive. *EDIT spelling mistakesFinally, the last tool recognizes it but when the sort stage of the analysis comes to 61.1% the application crashes and windows closes it. —Macworld. Tip : if there is any important file on PNY flash drive, it is suggested to backup write-protected USB drive with USB backup software in … If you save the recovered files back to the same drive, the original data structures and data content would be corrupted or overwritten, which causes permanent data loss. Thus, it's advisable for you to recover data from the corrupted device first if possible.Â, The PNY recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides reliable solutions to data loss in different kinds of situations.  As long as the lost files are not overwritten by new content and your device is not physically damaged, it will recover all the data for you.Â. Hope you can help me as i actually threw the drive in the bin then i came across your article, hope i won't need to throw it in the bin again forever! Connect your PNY 128GB flash drive with your computer via USB port. Click the links and compare the difference of each version. Customer Repairs Service Centre United States: 1-800-234-4597 (Mon-Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm EST Technical Support Asia: twcsr@pny.com China:cncsr@pny.com The most major of which are capacity and speed. There is still a chance to recover the data content with the RAW Recovery method in our software. Run SD card recovery software and scan the card. Click Auto LLf to make Low level format for your PNY stick. Ce site Web utilise des cookies. Step 2. A file is saved as 2 parts on the storage device: directory info (which is comprised by file name, time stamp and size info, etc.) To prevent it from happening, it's time to back up your precious files, either via copy and paste, free backup software, or cloud storage services. EaseUS Partition Master Free can check the file system easily in a click away to help you repair and fix dead or not working SSD on your PC. If the files with original file names and folder structures cannot be opened, one possible reason is the corrupted directory info.
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