perfoliatus en rivière:Potamogeton perfoliatus, ici dans la rivière Dordogne en France, se développe considérablement, jusqu'à 6 mètre de long.Autrement dit, le potamot perfolié préfère les eaux basiques riches en calcaire et en éléments nutritifs avec de la boue (humique) ou du sol sablonneux et il colonise des profondeurs de 0,5 à 7 mètres, souvent en colonie monospécifique, mais aussi avec d'autres plantes reproductrices et flottantes. Le potamogéton perfolié se développe, en fonction de la profondeur de l'eau, jusqu'à six mètres de long, avec des tiges droites et ramifiées. Flora of China, 23, 108-114. It is common in lakes, ditches and slow rivers … & Grab. perfoliatus s'hybride avec les taxons européens suivants: P. alpinus (P. x prussicus), P. crispus (P. x cooperi), P. gramineus (P. x nitens), P. lucens (P. x salicifolius), P. praelongus (P. x cognatus), P. pusillus (P. x mysticus) et P. schweinfurthii (P. x vaginans). It is widespread in lakes and rivers in the British Isles and Ireland,[13] and is common in much of Eurasia and North America, but has a more scattered distribution towards the southern edge of its range. Application - has vernacular Full Name Clasped pondweed Name Id 1954c418-1e33-4a75-9201-73f4358c37ea … Authority. Printable Version: Print out a copy for the field. Synonyms. Species recognized by Barcode of Life Data Systems, wikipedia VI, Angola Species List, Australia Species List, Botswana Species List, Burkina Faso Species … Pl. Reference Sources. Potamogeton iriomotensis Masam. Order Potamogetonales. However, perfoliate pondweed regularly hybridises with other Potamogeton species including P. crispus (P. × cooperi (Fryer) Fryer), P. gramineus (P. × nitens Weber), P.lucens (P. × salicifolius Wolfg. Preferred Names. bupleuroides (Fernald) Farw. Threat status Europe: Least Concern ... Common Name Language Reference Durchwachsenes Laichkraut German Korneck, D., M. Schnittler & … These are a characteristic floristic component of the protected Habitats Directive habitat Type 'Natural eutrophic lakes with Magnopotamion'. Comme c'est le cas avec d'autres potamots, il se multiplie mal par boutures de la tige et se propage mieux par division des rhizomes.P. Lista Roja 2008 de la flora vascular española. The website also provides access to a database and images of plants photos and herbarium specimens found at … G. E. Crow inflorescence, fruit. Clasped pondweed. POPEB2. perfoliatus L. Potamogeton perfoliatus ssp. Potentially Misidentified Species- Potamogeton richardsoni (Richardson's Pondweed) is rare in the upper Chesapeake Bay; P. perfoliatus (Redhead Pondweed; Clasping-Leaf Pondweed) is widespread (Brown and Brown 1984). Where found. DNA analysis[10] indicates that P. perfoliatus is one of the broad-leaved pondweed clade (section Potamogeton) and is probably most closely related to P. richardsonii. Ces épis atteignent de un à trois cm de long, hors de l'eau dans le but de la pollinisation anémophile (par le vent). Flora of North America: Potamogetonaceae. Haynes R.R., Hellquist C.B. Scientific Name Authority L. Rank species Published in Linnaeus. L'aquariophilie pour des aquariums modernes. Missouri Botanical Garden. The Atlas of Florida Plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information. Family: Potamogetonaceae. Ranges west and north of Sydney. ** Potamogeton perfoliatus var. lanceolatus Blytt Potamogeton perfoliatus var. In : Van Landuyt W. et al. The genus name means "river neighbor", originating from the Greek potamos (river) and geiton (neighbor). richardsonii (Benn.) Preferred name. The insignificant flowers are produced between June and September. Leaves are flat, oval-shaped, 2-6cm long, narrow (due to lack of light and calcium) … Evidently very local, in lakes, streams, and rivers. It is known as clasped pondweed as the leaf bases perfoliate (are wrapped around the stem). Elles sont des plantes feuillues à fleurs monocotylédones, auquel appartiennent de nombreuses espèces aquatiques. Potamogeton perfoliatus is one of the common pondweeds,with the leaf bases wrapped around the stem. Plantae – Plants. [15] It may also grow in brackish or estuarine habitats, notably in Chesapeake Bay. It ± resembles Potamogeton alpinus , but the submersed blades have prominent lacunar bands, and the narrow-lanceolate blades sometimes have … [8], Like most other broadleaved pondweeds, perfoliate pondweed is tetraploid, with 2n=52. Other names for this basionym: Peltopsis perfoliata (L.) Raf. The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the University of South Florida and other herbaria. Taxonomy. Potamogeton perfoliatus var. Potamogeton perfoliatus COMMON NAME Clasped pondweed FAMILY Potamogetonaceae AUTHORITY Potamogeton perfoliatus L. FLORA CATEGORY Vascular – Exotic STRUCTURAL CLASS Monocotyledonous Herbs CONSERVATION STATUS Not assessed BRIEF DESCRIPTION Submerged aquatic plant that has green to red/brown leaves arranged alternately on stems, with the base of the … Entry From. Potamogeton is a genus of aquatic plants.They live in freshwater such as ponds and lakes.They part of the family Potamogentonaceae.Their common name is pondweed.The genus name means "river neighbor". Cite this page: Le potamot à feuilles perfoliées Potamogeton perfoliatus, ou potamot perfolié, est une espèce vivace strictement aquatique à feuilles permanentes amplexicaules. Common names-clasping leaf pondweed, perfoliate pondweed, redhead grass. They are also a food source for many fish and algae eaters. Perfoliate pondweed grows from a robust creeping perennial rhizome, intermittently producing round stems up to 3 m long. Family. The related P. richardsonii was formerly considered a subspecies of P. perfoliatus, but is now classed as a separate species. Rydb. overview; data; articles; names; Scientific Names. Guo Y., Haynes R.R., Hellquist C.B., Kaplan Z. In permanent water bodies and in fast-flowing shallow water. Oxford University Press, Oxford. In common with other pondweeds of this group it roots poorly from stem cuttings and is best propagated by division of the rhizomes. [16] Plants being established should be weighted down initially to allow them to root, and benefit from being planted among other aquatic plants that can act as a 'nursery'. Checklists containing Potamogeton crispus x perfoliatus (Fryer) Fryer. Preferred Names. Family. BSBI Handbook No. [27], Perfoliate pondweed is not widely cultivated, which is perhaps surprising as it is not ecologically demanding and is an attractive plant. Algal growth and effects on production of plants and associated communities", USDA Plant Factsheet: Claspingleaf pondweed. densifolius G.Mey., 1836 Potamogeton perfoliatus var. [6] Fruits are 4 mm across, olive green in colour. [5] There are no floating leaves. bitter cress Cardamine sp. Genus Potamogeton. Les stipules sont plutôt délicates et tombent généralement peu de temps après le déploiement de la nouvelle feuille. It has been recorded from Asia (Afghanistan, India, Indonesia (Sumatra), Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), Australia,[11] North America (Eastern and SE USA),[12] Europe south to Spain, Central Italy and the Balkans and including Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and Iceland,[7] North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt),[7] the Near and Middle East. Overview; Gallery; Names; Classification; Records ; Literature; Sequences; Data Partners + Online Resources. Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: not accepted - synonym : Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met References Expert(s): Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s): Source: Potamogetonaceae of North America Update, database (version 2010) Acquired: 2010 : Notes: … bupleuroides (Fernald) Farw., 1923 (Espèce CD_NOM = 772927) Potamogeton perfoliatus var. Reasonator; PetScan; Scholia; Statistics; Search depicted; Subcategories. Sta. Leaves are flat, oval-shaped, 2-6cm long, narrow (due to lack of light and calcium) but margins are slightly crisped (Farmer, 2003; MDNR, 2005). For brief control information, see Efficacy of Herbicide Active Ingredients Against Aquatic Weeds (EDIS Pub #SS-AGR-44) Video Transcript. Common Name Scientific Name Illinois pondweed Potamogeton illinoensis knotweed Polygonum sp. Les fruits (noix) sont assez épais avec deux à trois millimètres de longueur. Reasonably salt-tolerant. Spirillus perfoliatus (L.) Nieuwl. 1949. Species recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1 and EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1. Paul Champion, April … bupleuroides (Fernald) R. T. Clausen, Cornell Univ. Overall Geographic Range Africa, Central America, Eurasia, eastern USA. Ils ont caractéristiquement des tiges cordiformes, en forme de coeur complets, et se recouvrent presque comme une tuile.L'espèce fleurit de juin à août, avec des inflorescences denses avec des fleurs hermaphrodites verdâtres discrètes, voir insignifiantes. Habitat-Biology ), P. nodosus (P. × assidens Z. Kaplan, Zalewska-Gałosz et M. Ronikier), P. richardsonii (P. × absconditus Z. Kaplan, Fehrer & Hellq. Le potamot perfolié amplexicaule Potamogeton perfoliatus pousse à partir de rhizomes très ramifiés, portant des feuilles immergées engainantes plutôt linéaires et des feuilles flottantes plutôt elliptiques.
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