Bathrooms - Spanish Style Bathroom - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. A pair of square wall alcoves that are decorated with framed photos and potted plants bring warmness to the bathroom. The marble countertop of the sinks is partnered to a huge square wall-mounted mirror with glass shelves and two lamps mounted on their side. The colorful patterned tiles adorning the walls of the shower area contradicts the marble of the Spanish bathroom and this patterned tile is peppered across the marble floor. The frames of the wall-mounted mirrors also share this same wooden detail that seems to stand out against the white walls. This is then balanced out by the warm light coming from the semi-flush mount ceiling lights and wall-mounted lights. It's time to say 'oui' to anything antique and … The white upper walls serve as the sky background that extends to the cove ceiling where a lantern-type semi-flush mount lighting hangs. A gorgeous free-standing bathtub is placed below the white French windows. The potted plant beside it caps off the aesthetic. The tiled floor has a patterned design that complements the walls. This white Spanish bathroom has two vanity areas with its own wall-mounted mirror, faucet, and a black countertop sink. The semi-flush mount lighting in the middle of the tray ceiling matches with the wall-mounted lamps flanking the mirror. The modern chandelier hanging over the white bathtub provides a lovely contradiction to the whiteness of the walls. A cozy Spanish bedroom that features patterns over print design. Colors may saturate the space as a primary color scheme, or they can be seen as bright pops of color via accents like accessories and linens. Elegance and luxury are the two themes of this traditional Spanish bathroom. The bold use of color is probably the signature trait of Spanish-style bathroom design. Black Is the New Grey. Start with a whole new design … A modern brass lamp is mounted above the circular mirror with simple lines. Let’s take a closer look, Masquespacio Design Breathe’s New Shop in Bogotá, Apartment 65m2 in Dublin 2019 by Tim Gabriel, Chaga (The Superfood of Medicinal Mushrooms), Cortijo Juan Salvador by Marion Regitko Architects. Join the DecorPad community and share photos, create a virtual library of inspiration photos, bounce off design ideas … 12×12 Sealed Super Saltillo Tile. Traditionally only available in burnt orange and rusty red hues, terracotta tile is now available in a wide selection of colors, so it can be featured in just about any color scheme. This commingling of cultures and influences resulted in a style that's eclectic yet elegant, soothing yet lively, and a popular choice for homeowners the world over. Accents of … This bathtub stands beside a floor-to-ceiling glass window that opens to the garden outside. The rustic brass faucets harmonize with the frames of the mirrors and lights. Modern people’s fast life rhythm left its mark on bathroom … The marble sink blends into the white tiles of the walls that are peppered with simple black line details like the showerhead, drain, and details of the glass door. The magnificent arched mirror is built into the wall with an elaborate border that pairs perfectly with the wall-mounted lamps on either side. The terracotta floor of this Spanish bathroom represents the earth to the forest colors of the teal walls. The warm yellow light from the wall-mounted lams on either side of the mirror illuminates this Spanish bathroom. Little Spanish style kitchen areas … Sporadic additions of colorful patterns are scattered across this Spanish bathroom, giving it a touch of southwestern vibe. The white fireplace is the perfect partner to the free-standing bathtub in the middle of the white-tiled floor. The glass door and white tiles of the bathtub and shower area separate it from the rest of the bathroom. The rustic dark faucet pairs well with the detail of the wall-mounted lamp and the bathroom tiles… The romantic-style Copper tub from Mexico is the focal point here, emphasizing the vibe of Spanish bathroom design. The lamps pair well with the unique pendant lighting hanging from the white ceiling. Browse Mediterranean bathroom designs and decorating ideas. But while you may only consider incorporating art into your bedroom, living room, or entryway, there's one space that's often overlooked—the bathroom. New technology is transforming basic necessities in the bath. The white cabinet of the sink has built-in drawers that blend into the whitewalls that have an elegant finish. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. Answer these 32 questions to figure out how to better design your bedroom and bathroom. The wooden floors and shed ceiling with exposed beams give a cottage feel to this luxurious Spanish bathroom. An intimate and comfortable tub is given a corner by the white shuttered windows. The marble countertop of the sink follows the irregular shape of this Spanish bathroom leading to a sophisticated vanity area with its own ample lighting. Trend #1. Gather ideas and info for Mediterranean-style bathroom design, and get ready to install a refreshing, bright and lively bathroom style in your home. Related: Spanish-Style Bedroom Ideas | Frances Bean Cobain’s Hollywood Home. See more ideas about spanish bathroom, spanish style bathrooms, spanish style. A massive wall-mounted mirror dominates this room. This gives bathrooms an intimate and timeless air that does … gorgeous shuttered windows and a door leading to the pool outside gives this simple white Spanish bathroom a sense of warmth and comfort. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. A simple framed artwork is mounted above the toilet and matches the frame of the wall-mounted mirror. 6×12 Sealed Super Saltillo Tile. 4×8 Sealed Regular Manganese Saltillo. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. The grayish hues of the countertop are mirrored on the tiles of the shower room that extends from the walls to the floor. 50 Spanish-Style Primary Bathroom Ideas (Photos), 60 Spanish-Style Dining Room Ideas (Photos), AIBD – American Institute of Building Design, JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction. Furniture in Spanish-style bathrooms is often somewhat rustic, constructed from quality hardwoods that may be hand-distressed or painted in bold, bright colors. All rights reserved. Worth It? The white toilet is a stark contrast to the walls and floor but is paired well with the white-shuttered window beside the wall-mounted mirror. The accent of the beige countertop of the sink is duplicated on the beautiful bathtub making it appear like a larger version of the sink. Simple yet elegant lamps are mounted above the mirror flanked with silver accents. These prevent a Spanish bathroom … Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Spanish Style Bathroom in bathrooms by elite interior designers. An immense wall-mounted mirror dominates the wall above the grayish countertop of the sink and the pair of lamps are mounted on it. The natural beauty of the Mediterranean region and the bright, vibrant colors of the sea, sky, sun and earth in this part of the world all inform the color palette for Spanish-style design. The unique patterned tiles of the floor and walls are carried over to the frame of the vanity mirror. Square Mexican tiles offer versatile design with 4×4 accent copper tiles. The brick-style finish of the white wall tiles caps off the aesthetic. The mirrors are alcoved into the beige walls and flanked by a pair of wall-mounted iron lamps that provide warm light to this Spanish style bathroom. The floor tiles reflect this color combination with a pattern while the tiles of the countertop sink is a variation of different bluish hues. The aesthetic is capped off with a dramatic animal-print rug on the dark-tiled floor. These are the best-of-the-best and I believe you’ll agree with me that some of them are truly fabulous. The pebble floor and column in this walk-in shower definitely has … This is also inlaid into the walls of the bathtub alcove by a pair of French windows. Lastly, bold patterns and textures are also key elements of Spanish-style bathroom design. Black Accents. This is supplemented by the majestic gold and crystal chandelier hanging from the white ceiling. The beige marble of the floor blends into the bathtub and provides a good contrast to the white walls and matching rustic dark faucets. The dark brown of the cabinet sink and borders of the wall-mounted mirror gives the room depth. Those brilliant golden faucets and shower set are paired perfectly with the bathroom fixtures and the two wall-mounted lamps. The framed artwork and the mirror mounted across it serve to amplify the homey feel to this Spanish bathroom. Design a Stunning Spanish Bathroom Create a Dome.. Arches are a common element found in Spanish décor and they can make a bathroom gain some traditional... Terra Cotta Tiles.. Gather info and ideas for Spanish-style bathrooms, and get ready to add a sunny and lively design to your bathroom. A shower area with a bathtub is separated from the rest from the Spanish bathroom with a glass sliding door that is illuminated by a square window. The metallic wall-mounted brass lamps and mirrors give this Spanish bathroom a touch of modernism. A Spanish-style bathroom dominated by the earthy colorful hues of terracotta and blue. Floor and wall tile is almost always a key component of Spanish-style bathrooms. The unique back and gold faucet is a beautiful contrast against the white marble countertop of the sink and matches well with the dark brown of the cabinet. Bathroom equipment. The terracotta floor matches amazingly with the door, wooden cabinet of the sink, and the frame of the wall-mounted mirror. The theme of simplicity and modernism permeates in this Spanish bathroom. Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Make You Never Want to Leave the Tub ... Commune Design enhanced the Spanish style of this Los Angeles home by focusing attention on the archways … Related: All Spanish-style homes | Spanish-Style Kitchen Ideas | Spanish-Style Foyer Ideas | Spanish-Style Dining Room Ideas. This is a spacious bathroom with an elegantly tiled floor and a white tray ceiling. This airy Spanish bathroom’s beauty is amplified by the arched window with stained glass patterns by the white bathtub. ), What is an Under Mount Sink? We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. … Discover inspiration for your Mediterranean bathroom remodel, including colors, storage, layouts and organization. The long marble countertop accommodates two sink areas each with its own wall-mounted lights above the mirror. Explore your options for Tuscan-style bathrooms, and prepare to create a bath space that's a spa-worthy, rustic retreat. Warm yellow lights bring an intimate comfort to this Spanish bathroom. The rustic dark faucet pairs well with the detail of the wall-mounted lamp and the bathroom tiles. Spanish style white cabinet kitchen with brick back sprinkle over variety Bright tiles in the bathroom are a must-have! Discover today's decorating trends and design ideas for the Spanish Hacienda style home. Get all the info you'll need on master bathrooms, and create an elegant and efficient bathing space in your home. The grayish silver shower curtain matches the faucets and shower and serves as a contrast to the white tub and toilet with a white French window above it. Both routes can work, but keep in mind that everything in your bathroom will have a big impact on the overall look. Get all the info you need on Spanish-style bathrooms, and prepare to create a stylish and relaxing bath space in your home. The small chandelier hanging from the ceiling matches with the wall-mounted lamps while the cabinet of the sink matches with the artwork mounted by the white door. Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas. The wall-mounted mirror above the toilet has the same silver hue of the lighting and is complemented by the colorful tiled patterns above the sink that serves as a centerpiece art. Natural wood is generally preferred in order to bring a bit of the outdoors inside and emphasize a connection to the Mediterranean region's natural beauty. The symphony of colorful patterned tiles contrasts the whiteness of the bathtub, sink, and cabinet that matches the upper half of the walls. Curving or arched doorways and shower stall entrances are another trademark of Spanish-style bathrooms, hinting at the Moorish history of Spain and the entire Mediterranean region. It also mid-lines the marble of the shower area walls. Its frame also matches the dark wooden stool and the terracotta floor that contrasts the white walls and high ceiling. In anticipation of future trends, each of Noken's bathroom collections is defined by its clean, subtle, and timeless design. A beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass wall forms a boundary between the shower area and the rest of the Spanish-style bathroom. An ornate mirror flanked by simple sconces underscores this bathroom… Use a rectangular tile to create transition. This eclectic Spanish bathroom is a symphony of details and patterns that starts with the white walls, sink, and toilet as its background. Decorating a small space can be tricky — you might be torn between going bold with colors and patterns or keeping it simple. A gorgeous long bathtub is mounted on wooden blocks that blend into the wooden floor and wooden framework holding up the marble countertop of the sinks. This photo greatly resembles the pattern of the angular semi-flush mount lighting which illuminates this Spanish bathroom with a warm yellow glow. Walls may feature glazing or stucco to add texture, and curtains and linens often feature intricate patterns. What is a Flush Mount Sink? A golden-hued faucet pairs with the glass doors of the shower area for a touch of elegance. But in order to do that you need to know the basics. The wooden cabinet contrasting the white walls serves to break the monotony. ... California Spanish Bathroom - mediterranean terra-cotta tile terra-cotta tile bathroom idea in Austin Hate blue but interesting window ideas … Fringe on furniture cushions, window curtains or shower curtains offer another opportunity to feature visually distinct texture. The light gray patterned tiles of the floor match with the walls and serve to accentuate the stark white cabinets flanking the two white sinks. the golden spherical lighting above the tub is also an eclectic addition and it matches the wall-mounted frame of the mirror. Across from it, a is a long vanity area with a white countertop and built-in alcove mirror. Wood elements add extra warmth to the “sterile” white, grey, and… Between them lays a sleek and white bathtub with a horizontal French window above it. The blue tiles of the walls and patterned tiles of the two vanity areas complement the terracotta floor quite nicely, completing the overall aesthetic of this Spanish-style bathroom. The rustic faucet and showerhead of this Spanish bathroom stand out amidst the mixture of white and light gray hues. The two sinks and the design of its wooden cabinets are carried over into the bathtub and its wooden alcove housing. When creating your Zen bathroom, choose colors that harmonize with nature. This is a minimalist and modern take on the Spanish-style bathroom with its pure white aesthetic and simple sleek lines. Despite its diverse influences, Spanish-style bathroom design does feature some elements that are fairly consistent, having survived centuries of design shifts because of their utility, attractiveness or versatility. Refresh your home with stylish products handpicked by HGTV editors. Against the whites and grays of this Spanish bathroom, the brass faucet, wall-mounted lamps, cabinet, and drawer handles stand out. Capping off the aesthetic is a small chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room. The eye-catching patterns of the wall tiles in the shower area dominates this white Spanish bathroom with a shed ceiling. Grey may have been one of the most popular styles in previous year bathroom remodeling projects, however, that’s all about to change.We’re moving on to bolder, darker … The unique purple tiles of the floor provide a colorful contrast to the whiteness of the bathtub, cabinets, and sink. Want an alternative to shiplap? The combination of gray and white are also mirrored on the floor tiles. A simple and comfortable Spanish-style bathroom that has light hues on the upper half of the walls and ceiling. wall-mounted modern lights and mirror seem to blend into the white sink and white walls that match the white toilet. Do you have a space in your home or business that needs some design help? The natural light coming from the square windows accentuates the subtle details of this Spanish bathroom. A peculiar seashell-like lighting is hanging from a wooden ceiling with exposed log beams. The beige walls complement the bathtub area’s tiles and frame it beautifully with an arched entryway illuminated by three French windows. This is further enhanced by the beige walls paired with brown tiles on the walls and patterned floor. It is seen on the framework of the wall-mounted mirror, accessories on the countertop of the sink, handles of the built-in cabinets and even on the terracotta floor. This bathroom has an elegant miniaturized chandelier hanging from the white ceiling that pairs well with the wall-mounted lamps on either side of the vanity area. This charming bathroom is inside a Spanish Colonial style home laden with terracotta floor tile, Talavera tile inside and out, and with copper sinks, hardware, and iron lighting. The terracotta floor is a nice complement to the colorful patterned tiles. Another smaller window is placed above the mirror and wall-mounted lamps of the sink area. 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Taking influences from many historical time periods and diverse cultures, Spanish-style bathrooms may feature design elements that originated in countries as disparate as Italy, Turkey and Greece. Scroll down for 10+ creative bathroom art ideas. The wooden magazine rack by the beige toilet gives this Spanish bathroom a sense of cozy warmth. The wall mounted modern lights above the mirror pairs well with the unique colors of the faucet. Bathroom ideas 2020. Gather ideas and options for bathroom design styles, and prepare to add an attractive and efficient bathroom design to your home. The modern oval sink is a contrast to the traditional wooden stool and exposed beam hanging over the built-in bathtub. Spanish-style style bathroom design takes its cues from casual, comfortable and welcoming design developed through many centuries in the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Tuscan-Style Bathrooms Explore your options for Tuscan-style bathrooms, and prepare to create a bath … This warm yellow light plays well on the marble walls and the beige tiles of the floor. Marble countertop of the two sinks complements the majestic bathtub and its marble housing. The simple and traditional white square tiles of the bathtub and shower area are a good contrast to the dark hue of the floor and sink cabinet. A brilliant crystal pendant lighting hangs over the bathtub and completes the aesthetic. The row of French windows beside the bathtub gives this Spanish bathroom an air of warmth and comfort. The light hues of the walls and tiles are enhanced by the natural light coming from the French windows. Design pros Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil show you how to create the pastoral escape of a Tuscan bathroom. The brass faucet, white walls, and tiles bring it back to its traditional roots. Nov 8, 2020 - Explore William Ortiz's board "Spanish Bathroom Ideas" on Pinterest. Look no further than this … It has a wooden frame that matches well with the countertop and cabinet of the sink and three lamps mounted on it. The glass door and wall-mounted mirror complement the white tiles while the dark wooden cabinet of the faucet blends with the dark-tiled floor. This is emphasized on the colorful patterned rug over a plain gray rug and even the patterned pillows on the plain white bed … The pair of French windows also contribute to this cozy effect. Mosaic-style backsplashes or full-wall murals may artfully display pastoral or seaside scenes as well as abstract patterns in vibrant colors. This kitchen got a modern update with neutral shades. Gather info and ideas for Spanish-style bathrooms, and get ready to add a sunny and lively design to your bathroom. When browsing small bathroom decorating ideas… Transform your living space with Mediterranean home decor colors and textures - Spanish Style! The long wall-mounted mirror above the sinks amplifies the chandelier’s lights and supplemented by the pin lights on the corners of the ceiling. The contrast between the white walls and grayish tiled floors extend to the shower area. The deep sea green floor tiles of this Spanish bathroom gives it an eclectic taste while the geometric angles accentuate the modernism of the wall-mounted lamps above the mirror. White tiles adorn the countertop of the sink that extends to a backsplash and matches with the tiles of the shower area. Her personality is eclectic which is reflected in her Spanish style bathroom ideas. The glass door of the shower area is a nice touch making the Spanish bathroom appear larger. Spanish-style bathrooms often feature warm earth tones in deep orange and rusty red alongside bright, sun-washed tones like bright whites and yellows, turquoises and sparkling blues. The stand-out detail of this Spanish bathroom is the light green wall tiles with a black outline that curves with the arched doorway of the shower area. The wooden muted brown hues of the built-in vanity alcoves serve as the centerpiece to this elegant Spanish bathroom. It matches well with the wall-mounted mirror with a small lamp above it and a French window beside it. We explore some of the latest products that are both beautiful and highly functional. I worked with this homeowner several years ago on her design. The wooden ceiling with exposed beams of this Spanish bathroom matches with the built-in cabinet of the sink and the frame of the wall-mounted mirror above it. Benefitting from this yellow light are the gray details of the tiled-floor and gray walls as well as the marble countertop of the sink. What is a Double Handle Faucet (Benefits? This is a Spanish bathroom with details and hues that balances between steampunk and elegance with the peculiar free-standing bathtub that matches the sink like a miniaturized version of it. Benefits? Read more: 27 Most Hilarious One Wall Kitchen Design Ideas. A small and modern Spanish bathroom with an elegant cabinet sink with a white countertop. The wooden ceiling with exposed beams of this Spanish bathroom matches with the built-in cabinet of the sink and the frame of the wall-mounted mirror above it. Walk-In Shower with Pebble Tile. Here’s an interesting collection of primary bathroom designs done in the Spanish style. Silver faucets that match the wall-mounted lamps and mirrors balance the two contrasts. The brown and blue tiles of the walls along with the patterned tiles form a distinctive look that is a perfect match to the exposed wooden ceiling beams and wall-mounted cabinet. The shower area is given wall and floor tiles with patches of light grey randomly mixed into the patterns. The long white countertop of the pair of sinks contrasts the colorful tiles and it mirrors the white upper half of the walls and white ceiling. It can be something romantic and artsy or just rectangular, but non-trivial items. The bathroom is illuminated by pin lights from the white ceiling and warm light from the wall-mounted lamps flanking the mirrors. Wood and White Rustic Charm Bathroom. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. Privacy Policy. A wall with a glass opening separates the shower area from the free-standing bathtub that goes well with the marble floors and white walls. The natural beauty of the Mediterranean region and the bright, vibrant colors of the sea, sky, sun and earth in this part of the world all inform the color palette for Spanish-style design. Spanish Home with Tile YardThe spacious tiled yard is a common element in a modern Spanish … It has a white tiled floor that extends to the walls of the shower area which is separated from the rest of the room by glass. Though hardware and faucet finishes are one … French antiques. It is a nice contrast to the dark floor tiles and white-tiled walls. See more ideas about spanish bathroom, bathrooms remodel, bathroom design. The cabinet drawers share the stark whiteness of the tub, ceiling and the upper half of the walls which are further brightened by the pin lights and french window above the bathtub. The dark iron fixtures of the bathroom match well with the modern chandelier hanging from a tray ceiling. The huge wall-mounted mirror has a silvery border that matches the patterns of the sink cabinet beneath it and the area rug by the white bathtub. This is a spacious Spanish bathroom that exudes comfort. Dark wooden cabinets add a touch of sophistication and tradition to this luxurious Spanish bathroom. Layer the colors of your Spanish Style … The marble countertop of the sink is an elegant addition and contrast to the wall tiles with marble patterns. Join the party! Subscribe to the HGTV Inspiration newsletter to get our best tips and ideas delivered weekly. These are all illuminated by ample light coming from the windows and pin lights on the white ceiling. The bathroom floor tiles harmonize well with the patterned wall tiles of the shower area, marble of the wall and countertop of the sink making the bathtub stand out. Black is back in a big way for 2020. A comfortable free-standing bathtub is given a nook at the corner by the French window. Bathroom cabinets design depends on whole room’s style. Above the toilet is a mounted shelf with a black and white framed photo. Such things bring stylish joyful accents in bathroom designs 2020. Nov 13, 2019 - Spanish style Bathroom. Explore Tuscan bathroom design ideas, and get ready to add a warm and welcoming bathroom design to your home. For example, try wooden one with multiple colors. Obsessed with all things French? A touch of tradition is provided by the hanging chandelier above the bathtub and a curtained window beside it. The groin vaulted ceiling of this Spanish bathroom is the perfect staging point for the peculiar patterned lighting that is reflected in the patterned rug on the terracotta floor. Cement Tiles: Unique & Fun Design Ideas Find the Right Cement Tiles. The wall tiles are arranged in a brick wall patterned and given dark outlines to accentuate the pattern. The monotony of the pure white walls is broken by two peculiar black lines that accentuate the patterned black tiles of the floor. The marble floor matches the marble countertop of the two vanity areas with built-in cabinets made of dark wooden material. Leaning toward Spanish, this bathroom sports aquamarine tile surfaces that play well with the vanity and tub's plastered surround, as well as the terra-cotta floor tiles and natural cabinet finishes. The dark brown bathtub by the arched French window is a perfect reflection of the wall-mounted lamps and the modern chandelier hanging from a groin-vaulted ceiling. Spanish-style interior designs are always very flavorful and vibrant and it’s no wonder we want to replicate the look in our homes. It’s … Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas Decorating Tips Mexican Decor 11 dazzling shower tile ideas for your renovation wayfair bathrooms in spanish mediterranean bathroom also archway 50 beautiful bathroom tile ideas small ensuite floor bathrooms in spanish mediterranean bathroom also archway between the tile floor old stone design and unique bath … As in southwestern design, iconic terracotta tile can often be found on floors, countertops and tabletops.
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