The boards that make up the floor of the deck. But then I don't build temporary. x 96 in.) 2x4 or 2x6 for heavy duty or commercial applications. The difference was obvious between one that was studded 2x6 and those that were 2x4. Secondly you will have to have many, many deck blocks along the length of each 2x4. 2x6 is thicker and is stronger, but is also more expensive. Of course I realize that the 1x6 boards wont support the same amount of weight as the original boards, but I think the 2x6's might have been a bit overkill anyway. Layout Tips Good Design Most people think outstanding design is directly linked to beauty. Custom fitting a deck round a tree is an excellent procedure to integrate the deck further in the yard. If you want real wood at a fraction of the cost of composite decking, choose Culpeper Prodigy - The Ultimate Deck Board. In the last few years, I seem to replace some 2x6's every year. The maximum joist length would be 12"-0" Beyond selecting the type of wood or composite decking materials, you’ll also need to know how many boards -- and what size -- you’ll need to create the flooring for your deck. Two-by-Six construction is the main alternative. I wish I'd taken the time to visit a couple lumber yards to get better lumber for the money but it worked out fine. Decks can Differ from solid colors And patterns to graffiti-covered artwork. As mentioned above, a 2×4 SPF shed roof rafter can span 11’. Ipe wood decks are created from pine and are really durable and water resistant. If I did it today, I'd use the 5/4 deck boards for the floor. The floor is all 2x6 construction. The house was almost soundproof to the outside and my fuel usage went down. Even with 2x6, I would suggest placing joist 16" oc. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 7, 2010. my deck will be about 7x10', which size joists should i use ? I got a house that is built in the 1950 is has a roof made of 2X4s a few of the rafters are split I want to turn it into a rigs and valley roof, //