HN69GZ214, MFR: HN13HP009, MFR: Sort by . Dryer blower wheel comes with center clamp. Get Questions Answered Instantly. Stainless steel circular centrifugal inline duct fan/blower 1.The shell is made of polypropylene plastic, one-time disposable molded, with high anti-acid function 2.ABS blades ,designed by hydromechanics to reach the optimal air and pressure 3.Two-speed motor, imported ball bearing, it’s life expectancy up to 50,000 hours … See Features, Your browser is not supported. © 2020 Carrier Enterprise. Axial fans are actually named as such because of the direction of the airflow that the fan creates; fan blades rotate around an axis, forcing air out parallel to the axis. Shop blower fans and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Blowers are mostly larger than the fan. Download mobile apps for HVAC professionals. It has 3 blades and comes with all the required hardware. Bent or pitted fan blades affect system performance and can cause motor wear and unwanted noise. DDY08034, MFR: We care what an HVAC distributor helps you do. Soleaire Max Storm 1/2 HP Air Mover Carpet Dryer Floor Blower Fan, Orange $149.00 BlueDri BD-130P 225PPD High Performance Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier Blue 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. HK30WA320, MFR: HN13HK005, MFR: KR11AE214, MFR: More than 90 percent of the residential condensing units manufactured in the U.S. today contain a Revcor axial fan blade. HVAC blowers, HVAC fan blades, and HVAC components are each responsible in some way for blowing heated air through vents when the heating system is on, and for circulating cold air when using the air conditioning system. The vent VP 50 ft. 1/2 HP motor delivers a … 4. HN69GZ025, Item: The shaft, bearings and fan blade are the only rotating parts. Global Industrial™ Outdoor Rated Industrial Drum & Blower Fans. Do not use with a Jade (W7220) economizer, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HC98ZZ247 Armo Motor Mount, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA304 Motor Variable Frequency Drive 5 HP 208V, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK05ZG019 Electric Transducer, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK05YZ001 Transducer, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA012 Motor Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA005 - Motor Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA014 Motor Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK05YZ007 Pressure Transducer, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA013 - Variable Frequency Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA006 - Motor Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA015 Motor Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA011 Motor Drive, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA319 - VFD, 380-480V, 5HP, 8.8A, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HK30WA320 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN13HN008 - Starter Motor, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN13HM007 - Starter Motor, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN13HP009 - Starter,Motor, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN13HK005 - Motor Starter, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ010 Overload Relay, Factory Authorized Parts™ - Motormaster V 5 HP 575V, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ301 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ014 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ309 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ221 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ025 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ012 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ103 - Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HR46TN008  Controller, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ214 Overload Relay, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ306 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - HN69GZ032 Overload Protector, Factory Authorized Parts™ - KR11AE214 Motor Pulley, HVAC blowers, HVAC fan blades, and HVAC components. HVAC blowers, HVAC fan blades, and HVAC components are each responsible in some way for blowing heated air through vents when the heating system is on, and for circulating cold air when using the air conditioning system. $0 - $100 (614) $100 - $200 (48) $200 - $300 (13) $300 - $400 … Access My Account, Order History, Lists and more here. HN69GZ014, Item: 2. HK30WA006, MFR: 1-877-477-7278. Manufacturer of Ventilaire™ Fan and Air Moving Products. Purpose 1.1 Purpose. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. B-Air® is proud to offer a full range of products to several different industries. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Incorporated in the year 2008, we “A-One Enterprises”, are betrothed in trading a high quality assortment of Band Saw Blades, Metal Saw Blade, Air Blowers, Industrial Bearing, Wheel Bearing Grease, Pneumatic Tools, Radial Centrifugal Fan. X 3 3/8 Wide. Vie Air 1/8-HP Centrifugal Blower Fan. $426.95 - $744.00 HK30WA012, MFR: These common examples of axial fans pull air through the fan, parallel to the shaft the blades rotate on. open. HC98ZZ247, Item: OEMs typically spend 6 to 12 months qualifying a fan blade and/or blower wheel for their units/applications, which is why it’s best to use OEM-qualified air moving components for any repair. Q709A1005, MFR: Ryobi Recall: Fan Blade Pieces Can Break Off March 15th, 2017. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. 008034, Item: They are also often replaced when motors are replaced to ensure blades are balanced and functioning correctly. Q709A1005/U, Item: Electric Trading Co. - Manufacturer and Distributor of Blowers, Blower Wheels, Fans and Forced Air Heaters located in NYC since 1903. 7.5" Dia. HN69GZ025, MFR: Item #2145199. Blower Replacement Fan Blade … HN13HN008, MFR: fan cooled / mechanical duty. 008043, Item: