That’s not all; the Anker Soundcore 2 is also made for all seasons and all environments, including the yard, swimming pool, or the park. It delivers big loud sound for its relatively … We threw design into the mix of reasons why we picked this list, and so should you. So, if you are in search of some great stereo sound, you can pair two Soundcore devices together via a single gadget and play music from both at the same time. JBL Xtreme 2. If the Boom 3 is a bit small for you, check out UE’s larger Megaboom 3 instead. On to other grand features, the JBL Flip 4 also lets you connect up to two Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing you and a friend to take turns in playing music from the speaker. Some of them (none on our list) may opt for you to register the product now. No doubt, the sound control on the Anker Soundcore 2 is impeccable and it features absolutely zero distortion no matter the volume it’s on and the sound remains crisp and clear. As time goes on, the max volume fades. Who says you can’t multitask? The Gym - In case you didn’t know, we're big advocates for getting your own home gym equipment and making the perfect atmosphere to work out in. These are just a handful of the occasions and locations we’ve used these portable Bluetooth speakers, giving you a bit of inspiration, and a goal in mind for your purchase. Powerful sound that beats most speakers on the market, Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 for better wireless connection and range, Long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can last up to eight hours. Bose's new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth portable speaker is more compact and easier to carry around than the Sonos Move and costs a little less. Most of these speakers will do well for small-to-medium sized spaces — and frankly, that’s probably enough if you don’t want your neighbors to hate you. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Our handy guide to the best soundbars features more great products like this. If you’re going couples camping, it’s also the perfect way to set the mood to rekindle a missed connection. For starters, Clip 2 is one of the most inexpensive models on this list, and most of the entire exterior is tough as nails. Around 75% volume, it starts to get a bit wonky, but that shouldn’t be an issue since Charge 3  is one loud speaker. You should have your device within close proximity to avoid those issues, and after that, you’re ready to straight up and fly right with ION Audio. You want a speaker that can clearly reproduce your music with a balanced sound. Speaking of which, the easily portable Wonderboom 2 has made a name for itself as one of the best portable IP67-rated speakers in the market. FLoat the Black Volcano speaker on the water if you dare, because it’s rocking an IPX7 waterproof rating. Bowers & Wilkins is adjudged as one of the top-rated speaker brands in the world as it is determined to fulfill modern requirements with help of latest technological advances. The best portable Bluetooth speakers of 2020 are from JBL, Ultimate Ears, House of Marley, Anker and more. If you don’t need a clip-on but want something in a similar price range, Tribit’s regular Stormbox is fantastic, too. Mess around with the precision equalizer to keep your perfect sound for your preferred genre, all while enjoying the flashing LED five-color display to match along with the beat of your music. If you’re still not certain which portable Bluetooth speaker is right for you, we’ve got a comprehensive guide for you to consult below, pulling all of the details out into the light. Bose has been one of the key standards in sound technology for years, but they’ve really done it with their SoundLink. If you have a high audio quality, you’ll be able to boost the volume and still enjoy crisp, clear quality sound. Precision equalizer keeps sound and bass on-point, 360 degrees of sound works evenly on all sides, Inclusive app is sub-par, which messes with the Bluetooth connectivity a bit, Lower quality when fed through aux cable (hardware issue). Let’s get into it. Waterproofing - The best things in life are waterproofed. The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker 1 JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker When having a conversation about the best Bluetooth speakers out there, there is no way the JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker won’t worm its way into it. You get a battery life of nine hours, but it takes more than half that time to receive a full charge from the AC adapter. What’s more, it also has the unique JBL connect plus feature, which lets you hook up as many as a hundred JBL connect plus enabled speakers to amplify the sound; no doubt, this could be a game-changer for parties. As to where the Bose SoundLink shines the most, it would have to be the waterproof feature. One cookbook author's favorite stand mixer, The best bookshelf speakers for home audio, according to audio experts, read about water resistance ratings in our guide, Buying wireless earbuds? A: Everybody enjoys tunes; they keep the party alive, your mood mellow, and a comfortable environment at a party. Make sure you’re getting a good deal by shopping around. You’ll now match your Bluetooth device (which is searched) to the speaker (which is waiting to receive a signal). Next, you have to go into your device’s Bluetooth settings. The Bluetooth connection can be weak at times. Instructions may appear on-screen, depending on which brand you go with. The fate of the party used to rely on bulky speakers that you paid hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on. The rugged construction of this device means that even when it’s outside facing the elements; it still works just fine and doesn’t present any challenges. Durable; withstands knocking around hooked to a bag, Lanyard is strong, but plastic loop on device is not. Adventurous types looking for a clip-on speaker should check out Tribit’s Stormbox Micro. Speakers that can’t produce enough bass may sound tinny or shrill, while speakers that overdo the bass may sound muddy compared to more balanced options. Wireless Range - Your speaker has to move wherever the party does. Includes IPX7 waterproofing (also good against dust buildup), Twenty-four hour battery reserve keeps devices charged as well, Lightweight to carry easily, heavy enough to stay in place, Seriously high sound output with no bass buzz, Durable build; withstands a lot of damage (we may have dropped it). To air it out right away, Soundcore Flare works beautifully for streaming music, but not so much for aux connection. Bose. 1. Design - Two words dictate how we arrange and test products here on Gear Hungry: function, and flair. Just to be safe, look at the paper insert that comes with your new speaker, and find the unique identifier number to pinpoint where your speaker is in the dropdown list of options when you flick Bluetooth on. They went ahead with a micro model, and made one of the best miniature Bluetooth speakers we’ve ever used, while still boasting a ton of power. Your battery life matters immensely, but if you forget to charge the battery, having the ability to play while charging is an added benefit. The speaker is partially composed of bamboo, cotton and hemp. Ultimate Ears’ Boom 3 hits a similar sweet spot of size, sound quality and affordability. It can pair with other Boom speakers for synchronized music, and has other creature comforts like an in-app equalizer, a sold-separately wireless charging dock and more. First thing’s first; you have to make it discoverable. Electronics, and specifically audio equipment come with a slew of picadillos. Outfitted with a mammoth 5200mAh li-on battery, the Anker Soundcore can play up to 24-hours of music non-stop to the delight of the user. You get a little LED light to indicate if Bluetooth is connected, which doesn’t always register connections, but when it works it’s a great tool. Cambridge Soundworks understands that a higher volume at the cost of quality is not an option. Completely waterproof, the JBL Flip 4 is an amazing device that can be used at any time and in any location. Using Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, you’ll get an ultra fast connection to your device, but if you try to stream video from YouTube to hear the audio through the speaker, you’ll run into some buffer issues. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard or heading to a lesser-known beach for some socially-distanced relaxation, a few tunes usually make everything better. The battery life is less than desirable, only giving you six hours before needing another charge. There are different grades, measured in IPX ratings, as follows: This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II, Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Ultimate Ears UE Roll Black Volcano Speaker. This was designed for the pool, made apparent by the 65 foot range for mobile devices. Our selection of the best tailgate speakers offers more great products like this so check it out. There’s poor construction on the cord’s quality, and a thin exterior plastic shell. Audio quality doesn’t dip whether it’s connected by aux cable or Bluetooth, but it doesn’t get louder than 85db. Our silver medal-winning Bluetooth speaker comes from Cambridge Soundworks, bringing a slew of killer features, all on a super low budget. Whether you’re looking for a speaker to take on the go or a smart speaker to add to your home, here are our favorites. Music screaming services and internal files work fine, but it encounters a bit of drag when you hit this point. We took a look at just about every single feature imaginable and cross-referenced customer reviews, Gear Hungry reader reviews, and our own personal accounts. Some may have an equalizer that lets you adjust the bass and treble, while many allow you to pair multiple speakers from the same brand for synchronized music across ever larger spaces. Nothing comes without flaws; you don’t get the case that appears advertised on the sales page, and the controls on the speaker themselves are a bit touchy. So long as it’s kept in a safe spot, you’ll be able to benefit from the lightning-fast Bluetooth connectivity, and the ten-hour power reserve to keep the music flowing from dusk until dawn. The brand name is synonymous with innovation and experimentation. Audio Quality - This is measured in a signal to noise ratio, on a scale of one to one-hundred, measured in decibels. You have likely heard of JL Audio if you have ever done any research on car audio. Block Rocker goes quite loud, so it shouldn’t be an issue for the long haul, unless you’ll be using this for professional purposes. IPX5 waterproofing and a built-in microphone for answering phone calls add a little more oomph, making this one of the most viable and inexpensive options for a Bluetooth speaker. No matter which way you slice it, you’re going to save a hefty chunk of change by opting for a portable Bluetooth speaker over a large sound system. Bose has long been known for its innovative sound-related products, and when you mention the best brands, they are a name that always comes up. Just because something sounds good in your bedroom doesn’t mean it’ll sound good in the backyard. #1 – Bluedio BS5 Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker It is one of the most wanted speakers in Aliexpress with amazing features. Coming at you with another epic JBL product, only this time, with a bit more under the hood. Hiking Trip - As much as you want to, you can’t hike the whole time. Powerful 3000mAh Li-ion battery that can last up to 12 hours, JBL connect plus feature lets you connect with other JBL speakers for incredible sound. Looking for a wireless speaker to take on the road and don't want to spend too much? Our only grievance with the speaker itself, is the miniscule interface that’s sort of nestled under the top carry plastic handle. It can take two or three presses to register, which is frustrating when you’re dealing with the volume operations. Conclusion. With so many different brands and models on the current market, however, it may be hard to know which is the best one for you, your friend, or a loved one. Building on the success of the original model, JBL’s Xtreme 2 offers better sound with markedly better bass and a newer version of Bluetooth connectivity while retaining the rugged construction and long-lasting battery life that made the first-gen Xtreme a … Lightweight and portable; excellent for anywhere, Uses modern Bluetooth 4.2 ultra-fast connection quality to device, If you’re streaming a video (to hear the audio), you’ll encounter some buffer/lag. JBL has always dominated the portable Bluetooth speaker market, but Anker’s Soundcore brand has been gaining momentum. When it’s time to take a rest and put up the blow-up tent for the night, it’s also time to put on some calming music and just enjoy your stress-free day out in the wilderness. At just over $26, the APIE is the cheapest portable Bluetooth speaker we feature in this article while still holding its own against the under $30 competition. The best possible stereo sound quality still comes from a pair of speakers – no matter how good one-box wireless speakers might have become. These are some of the most expensive speakers … One of the leading battery and audio companies on the planet dropped the ultimate addition to your home. IPX4 waterproof rating (indoor use preferred), Pair up to two speakers up to 50 feet away, Bluetooth connection takes longer than it should. Combine that with tons of color options and the ability to pair with other JBL products for a multi-speaker setup, and it’s one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy — as long as you don’t need to pump the volume too high. Having a USB plug-in option to piggyback off of the main power supply, in order to keep your device running and the music flowing, is basically a necessity. If you download a speaker’s companion app, it may come with other goodies. Blessed with 12W of volume which is enhanced by some powerful bass and further improved by dual neodymium drivers, you can see why this is such an incredible speaker to own. The smaller the speaker, the easier it is to lug around in your backpack. The Get Together speaker is no small investment but might be a fit for anyone looking to go with a speaker boasting earth-friendly materials. Durable build resists common damage and frequent bumps, Clear, balanced use of bass and volume throughout every test, The built-in speakerphone for taking calls is poor quality. But for pool parties and backyard barbecues that require more sound, the JBL Boombox 2 sounds fantastic and can crank the volume much higher. As with most of these Bluetooth speakers, they’re quick to add-in a microphone option to answer calls, but few have actually made them decent enough quality to worth marketing, which stands for this model, too. You can use these in the bathroom while you’re bathing, or have it by the pool without worrying about splashes (keep in mind, they’re not built to go underwater). These also work perfectly to keep summertime cookout festivities going well into the night. With that in mind, you’ll still be able to enjoy the IPX7 waterproofing, as well as perfect weight balance. You can read about water resistance ratings in our guide, but most of the speakers on this list are rated IPX7, which means they’re designed to be submerged in water — though I wouldn’t dunk them just willy-nilly. If you’re getting a highly-functional device that’s well worth the money, you shouldn’t have to glare at an eyesore. Outside by the Pool - Lounging or doing Olympic laps, some rocking tunes can put the wind in your sails, or allow you to work on that tan. With the best portable Bluetooth speakers, it’s the last thing you’ll have to worry about. The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is another product from the Bose stable that once more shows their incredible knack for creating such innovative products. You could also use the Bose SimpleSync technology to connect with a member of the Bose smart home family and play your music in sync. Jordan Carter is Gear Hungry's resident Editor-in-Chief with a genuine love and passion for all things tech. Best Bluetooth speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi? These wireless speakers are available on Amazon. Most Bluetooth speakers have a fair range away from your device, but if you don’t want to sacrifice access to your phone to display your tunes (especially if you’re using a streaming service or YouTube, where you can’t exit the app and keep the music playing), you’ll need a higher range. We believe you get what you pay for. 's round-up of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy in 2020. Larger speakers will produce better sound at higher volumes. The built-in speakerphone system to take calls with also lacks any form of clarity, and we don’t recommend you purchase this with that in mind as a key feature for yourself. We have a fairly diverse selection of prices on our list, each with their own benefits. Bose slapped an excellent price on this model, given their quality and attention to detail. Your device has a Bluetooth receiver, and it takes power to operate. On top of that, the sound is also great for making and receiving calls. While the Boom 3 doesn’t sound quite as good as the JBL Flip 5, it does get noticeably louder, and its slightly more bass-heavy sound does well with hip-hop and electronic music. This is the more simplistic way to display the audio quality to consumers, because they actually measure it in sound control tests of wattage output, an SPL level, and capture the quality a meter away. And in terms of construction, few devices are as durable as the JBL Flip 4 as it can not only handle a few scrapes and bumps, but can even survive being submerged in water. IN THIS ARTICLE How to buy portable speakers | Best portable speakers. Remember those days when people used to brag about their sound systems sitting in the trunk? Buy from Philips if you want an affordable speaker from a top brand. The speaker brands in this buyer’s guide offer an excellent mixture of performance and variety. When having a conversation about the best Bluetooth speakers out there, there is no way the JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker won’t worm its way into it. This lovely speaker comes with several features that make it such a great product to buy for yourself. A: If your phone or tablet, or whatever you’re using, has a lock screen, just be sure to keep it locked while your tunes are playing. Cost fluctuates on Bluetooth speakers a lot, to the point where a certain color of a superior speaker may drop below the price of its normally-cheaper competitor. The best Bluetooth speakers are portable, waterproof, and connect easily. The Soundcore Motion+ is their flagship speaker, but they have plenty of other impressive additions to the family. Most portable Bluetooth speakers are going to be between one and two pounds, and rarely more than that. We also recommend Bluetooth speakers for creating a little more fun at the campsite; lower weight is better for everybody. In general, if you play music on a device through its own speaker, it’s going to take up a little less battery than if you’re using Bluetooth; that’s not exclusive to Bluetooth speakers. While the inclusive app isn’t anything to boast about, the sound quality that does escape this tower-style speaker is breathtaking. 's round-up of the best speakers you can buy in 2020. The most obvious feature is the sound that is very special and crystal clear making it ideal for listening to your favorite songs. The Best Wireless and Bluetooth Speaker Deals This Week* JBL Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker — $89.95 JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker — $139.95 (List Price $179.95) Harman … Everyone loves music, and the focus on advanced audio technology has given us the unique opportunity to give you the low-down on the best portable audio equipment to keep you in full rhythm. Trying to bulk-up the party on a low budget? You even get a customizable bass setting and visual equalizer, so you can play your tunes, your way. If the Bluetooth setting on your device is on, it’ll use a little more battery, period. For a very low initial cost, they offer a great blend of features that just about anyone can get behind. JBL Link Portable. That’s enough time to party from dawn to dusk, and keep your phone charged off the battery. If you’re going to host the party, a higher volume limit is definitely in order. If you’re looking for an affordable rugged portable Bluetooth speaker with military looking design features, then the APIE Portable Bluetooth Speaker is going to be your best option. Add up to three smart devices to keep the music flowing, Offers excellent bass at all volume levels, Thin exterior ABS plastic makes this an indoor-only Bluetooth speaker. Previously, he was the editor-in-chief of Lifehacker and How-To Geek. Dual voice-coil subwoofer for improved sound operation, Nine hours of battery life or AC adapter power source, Customizable bass and graphic equalizer settings, Can link up two to the same sound source + smooth listening (no buzz), Larger, bulkier model than standard Bluetooth speakers. No doubt, the sound quality is incredible and there are no echoes when using the JBL Flip 4 which makes all the calls you make or the music you listen to, of the highest quality. Last but not least, for this level of quality through a name brand, they’re practically giving it away at their standard price. That being said, SoundLink Micro does come with an IPX7 waterproof rating, and a reasonable wireless range of up to thirty feet from the streaming source. This mini portable speaker rests at a fair price, offering an even balance of bass and volume, no matter what setting. The Bose SoundLink has a soft silicone exterior which feels great to the touch but also has the added advantage of being easy to carry about with you wherever you go. When it comes to outdoor, portable Bluetooth speakers, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. By the pool, campsite, or anywhere else you can think of, you’ll have access to crisp, clear audio. The bass and volume are in perfect sync, so you get to avoid that droning buzz that lower-quality speakers always flood the air with. It has a hands-free system in it which makes it easy to use everyday item. You endure a couple of issues, which we always like to get out of the way first. The Best Smart Speakers With Alexa, Google Assistant, ... Best Portable Speaker. You can’t stay away from JBL when you’re talking about sound quality. Add to that the USB charging capabilities, and you have a product that is incredibly easy to fall in love with. Anker’s Soundcore Motion+ keeps it simple: great sound at an affordable price. Battery Life - Nobody’s ever heard of a good party only lasting for two hours. Bluetooth speakers have always been a great addition to any music lover's box of tricks, but they've never … JBL runs into a few issues with the bass. England, Japan, and USA are the main companies where the best speakers brands were founded. Putting on some inspirational, motivational music can help keep your mind in the moment when you’re trying to rock it for that perfect six-pack. It’s going to use the same amount of battery as if you were attached to a Bluetooth headset. The build is great, but the venting around the 360 degree speaker is easy to scratch the paint off of, and a little too fragile for our liking. All in all, those issues are minor in comparison to the excellent bass and volume functions of the SoundLink, giving you a chance to either amp up the party, or make use of your day off with some loud tunes flooding the house. You also get a one-year warranty from Aiwa, but based on the quality and attention to detail, users are reporting years of use without any issues. Philips speakers offer good value since they are reasonably priced. Latest review: Moki Speaker Bassbarrel Black The Moki BassBarrel is a portable Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music and take phone calls completely hands free. Moving on to the features that truly make it shine, the Bose SoundLink is outfitted with Bluetooth 4.2 which gives it vast range, and it also has an auxiliary port that lets you plug in a jack for various applications. Bowers & Wilkins is a British origin company that was founded in the year 1966 by its founder John Bowers. ION Audio brings us a truly portable Bluetooth speaker, equipped with rollaway wheels, and a telescoping handle for easy movement. TREBLAB HD77 - Ultra Premium Bluetooth Speaker - Loud 360° HD Surround Sound, Wireless Dual Pairing, Best 25W Stereo, Loudest Bass, 20H Battery, IPX6 Waterproof, Sports Outdoor, Portable Blue Tooth 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,073 Top 10 Best Loudest Portable Speakers The one thing every user needs in a speaker is the high quality performance, loud yet crispy sound. Powerful bass enhancer which improves sound, Splashproof and rainproof which makes it usable in any situation, Stylish and portable design that enables it to be carried anywhere, Incredible wireless range and swift Bluetooth connection, Sales page advertises case, only to tell you it’s sold separately, Pause/play/volume controls can take 2-3 touches for a single action. Turn up the volume, and dance like Ferris Bueller down the hall. A: Technically, you’ll be pairing the speaker with your device. This power reserve lasts up to fifty hours at a full charge, and allows for charging of your devices. Tribit's XSound Go speaker is a solid budget option. With all this awesomeness, you’re going to see it reflect in the price tag. Their XSound Go speaker may not fill your entire backyard with sound, but for nearby listening, it’ll sound great at a very affordable price. A speaker’s wattage rating can help you determine the max volume it can handle, though not all companies list watts on their spec pages. Best budget Bluetooth speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi? Of all the options out there, the JBL Flip 5 sounds the best for its size and price, with decently strong bass and a clear midrange that’s perfect for bringing out guitars and vocals. This is a perfect gift for music lovers. Here are good options at different prices, The best workout headphones and earbuds, according to fitness pros, House of Marley Get Together Portable Audio System, OtterBox releases over 100 charging products, Best outdoor projectors and projector screens, Best outdoor projectors and projector screens of 2020, Why I usually don't buy brand new video games — and the ones I did, How to buy face masks, according to medical experts, The best AC unit for your space this summer, according to experts, Face masks for kids and how to buy them, according to experts. Best Performance: JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series. Most; the loop that holds the included lanyard isn’t as strong, and some users have reported it cracking or breaking off entirely, rendering the carry option useless. Finding the best Bluetooth speaker for your particular needs can be a tricky task. Top-performing wireless speakers have high-quality sound, won't take up too much space and have useful features like the ability to charge your phone. Based on the following criteria, we came to a conclusion on the list. We weren’t sure what to expect upon opening the Bose Home 300 for testing, but we were pleasantly surprised on almost every level. Volume Capability - Better volume doesn’t always mean better sound; it’s all about the audio quality corresponding to the volume level in a proper way. It may not fill your entire backyard with sound, but it will sound great and cost you significantly less than the competition. We’re also fans of hooking this up to replace a PC or TV soundbar, because it operates while plugged into the AC adapter. Incredible sound that doesn’t distort even at the highest volume, Powerful 5200mAh li-on battery that can last for 24 hours, Features Bluetooth 5 for excellent connection and greater wireless range. For over 60 years, the JBL brand has been churning out quality products with incredible consistency, and with the JBL Flip 4, they have once again created a product that is worthy of praise. Learn more about Shop TODAY. I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 1JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 2OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 3Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II, 4Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 9Tribit XSound Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 10ION Audio Block Rocker Portable Speaker, 15Ultimate Ears UE Roll Black Volcano Speaker, Battery life during personal use vs. what the manufacturer said, Aesthetics and overall practicality of the design. The SoundLink is incredibly waterproof and can be used in the rain, shower, and any other body of water without any hassle. Read Also: 11 Best Passive Speakers for Great Sound in 2020 . You get to connect two speakers together at a considerable distance, but the Bluetooth connectivity to your device does take a little bit longer than we would like. That is the purpose of our review today, to bring our customers with just the best and loudest portable speakers. The price, IPX7 waterproofing, and extra long twenty-four hour battery bring a lot to the table, giving you more than enough to work with and enjoy about this portable, powerful XSound Bluetooth speaker. Size - These days, it’s not about the size of the audio equipment, it’s about the capabilities.