Both the Blue tiger butterfly and the Caper white butterfly have been part of a mass migration north on the Sunshine Coast. On the Sunny Coast, we have been privileged to have skies full of them for weeks. Website under construction. They can form large migrations in spring and summer, which have been dubbed by some as ‘butterfly snow’. These factors led to flush of new foliage on their main larvae host plant, Corky Milk Vine (Secamone elliptica) and the ability for lots of caterpillars to successfully pupate. May 26, 2019. They are especially prevalent on the beaches at Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and Alexandria Headlands. They can be found breeding in coastal and monsoonal rainforests, where their caterpillars feed on certain species of vines. The best things to do these school holidays on the Sunshine Coast. June 29, 2017 by Matt Dobson. This morning, I discovered one of these lovely butterflies in the long milkweed behind our house at Speers Point, Lake Macquarie, NSW. Article and images by Michelle Gleeson, Entomologist, Director and Presenter, Bugs Ed. In autumn, the butterflies fly north in search of over-wintering sites, where they wait out the cooler months huddled together on trees and vines in dry gullies and creek banks. In the early summer the female of the European large blue butterfly (Maculinea arion) lays her eggs on wild thyme blossoms. But where are they now and what were they doing here? You may of noticed a huge influx of butterflies lately, well they are streaming through our property and getting stuck in one of our Gerbera sheds. The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognizable and well studied butterflies on the planet. My Google search led me to this article which explains their sudden presence and disappearance. It’s just that beautiful. The Blue tiger butterfly (Tirumala hamata) breeds in coastal and monsoonal rainforests, where their caterpillars feed on certain species of vines. A large number of Blue tiger butterflies (Tirumala hamata) are migrating north through the coast at the moment. There are currently loads of them around the Sunshine Coast! Sunshine Coast, QLD; Noosa Dog Cakes; Baked at Sunshine Beach, Noosa, spoiling your special fury friend. The stormy weather appeared to be encouraging them along a route leading to the east…. Blue tiger butterflies on red ash (Photo: David Anderson) Since then, the adult butterflies stopped off to “fuel up” for the remainder of their migration taking advantage of the prolific flowering of the red ash aka soap trees (Alphitonia excelsa). Published on Apr 8, 2015 We've just enjoyed a a 3 day visit from thousands of migrating Blue Tiger Butterflies. Sometimes enormous migrations of adults pass through the Greater Brisbane Area. The most iconic butterfly is the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) with its orange wings, black veins, and white markings. This is a blue tiger butterfly. ... of blue tiger butterflies in Brisbane have also soared. They are known to congregate in huge numbers over winter, clustering on stems and vines in sheltered gullies in central and north Queensland. Its orange wings are laced with black lines and bordered with white dots. Walk through the coastal forest, where, if you happen to be there sometime in the last week of July or first week of August, you are liable to see the astounding migration of the Blue Tiger butterfly. It was difficult to miss the Blue Tiger migration through SEQ earlier this year. It has been open since June 2017 and is open on Wednesdays and Sundays (including over the Christmas period) from 10am to 4pm. We estimate at least 60 per minute. Butterfly numbers are huge right now because the prolonged drought has been followed by recent rains, creating a breeding frenzy across South East Queensland. When cooler weather arrives, Blue Tigers will head back north passing through southern Queensland in April and May. 26th Oct 2005 8:00 AM By Sherine Conyers THE butterfly effect has hit the Sunshine Coast. They’ve been reported swarming in various colours, including white, orange, black, blue, red, and yellow. Blue tiger butterflies are large dark brown or black butterflies, with streaks of light blue markings dotted across their wings. Blueberry Sunshine Blue (Vaccinium corymbosum x ashei x darrowi) is a semi dwarf evergreen bush producing masses of large sweet sweet berries in late spring and summer.Self fertile, frost tolerant and will reliably produce fruit without a cold winter, this variety is well suited to all parts of Australia. Still in lockdown, but another beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast, taking the boards out & carving through a massive butterfly migration. Huge numbers, probably in the hundreds of thousands, were seen widely across SEQ from November 2014 through to March 2015, with the highest abundance in January. Remarkable. A combination of favourable weather conditions and an abundance of food can send the rates of breeding and egg–laying skyrocketing and before you know it, tens of thousands of insects descend upon our homes and gardens. Of course, we brought the camera and took a few snaps, including a photo of this Blue Tiger Butterfly sitting on a leaf. g82 12/22 p. 19 - Awake!—1982 ... “I was snorkeling on a reef near Caloundra on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, ... migration of painted lady butterfly: g 12/13 14. dx86-21 - … There were very large numbers of Blue Tiger butterflies around Burrum Heads over the last few weeks. Blue Tigers are mostly a tropical butterfly and can be seen nearly all year round in North Queensland. 30 March 2020, Blue Tigers are currently (3 April) flocking to Acronychia trees in Noosa National Park in large numbers. Two of the butterflies which migrate through the Coast are the caper white butterfly and the blue tiger butterfly. Plus a … The Richmond birdwing butterfly has been given a helping hand to re-establish itself on the Sunshine Coast thanks to a joint effort between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council. Recent rainfall was the trigger for the flight of the Blue Tiger Butterfly (Tirumala Hamata) that is currently migrating down the north-east coast of Australia from north Queensland. The blue tiger butterflies have been migrating north along the Dune bush land and even along the open beach in large numbers since 27th March this year. Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The wind was quite strong, and noticed some others flying back in. flower beetles clustered on washing, butterflies splattering on car windscreens or plague locusts blundering into our face and hair) it is a mild annoyance compared to the excitement of witnessing such a grand and extraordinary phenomenon. It’s the simple things that give me meaning. The Blue Tiger Butterfly from Queensland Sunshine Coast. There is still much to learn about butterfly migrations and invertebrate ecology in general, but the Blue Tiger migration is a welcomed spectacle of nature. This recent irruption of Blue Tigers was probably due to the high rainfall and hot temperatures in late 2014. A Truly amazing sight. Your email address will not be published. Hundreds of thousands of butterflies have been seen across the region as part of a migration from the southern states to the warmer climates of North Queensland. 11 likes. Other insects, such as some types of butterflies, migrate in large masses – flying long distances in a purposeful manner, ignoring food and potential spouses as they move towards their destination. B utterflies have been an important part of mythology for people around the world, from the Egyptians to the Native American Indians. The exact nature of these migrations is quite baffling and the direction of flight often depends on your locality. They maintain a rapid flight about 2 m - 3 m above the ground during the day, resting on shrubs and trees at night. Goodie or baddie? Some species are admired for the spectacular, others may cause damage to crops and gardens. Explore University of the Sunshine Coast's 388 photos on Flickr! Also the Philippines, Indonesia to Solomon Is., Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. A beautiful butterfly to watch flutter by. They arrived dramatically three days ago … They are migratory and fly south during spring and summer reaching southern Queensland, NSW and even Victoria. The end point may be a breeding site where there is an abundance of plants on which to lay their eggs, or it could be a place for over-wintering – a warm, sheltered location where adults cluster together to wait out the coldest months of winter. Sunshine and butterflies what a beautiful mix. The best things to do these school holidays on the Sunshine Coast. Love. These migrations are a beautiful sight, however a trip through the car wash may be needed. ... productions for visiting Butterfly Hill and giving us the opportunity to answer some questions about the migrating Blue Tiger butterfly. It made the news and went where few insect stories go, into social media and general public chit-chat. Kath Vail. Required fields are marked *. Celebration cakes, treats, pup cakes, pup pops and more. There are also chapters on butterfly trivia, life cycle, how butterflies got their name, butterfly words, where to find butterflies, and how to tell if it's a moth or a butterfly. ... Beautiful Blue Tiger Butterfly by Eva Kaufman. While these fluttering masses of insects may invade our personal space for a short time (e.g. Caper white butterflies are handsome white insects with yellow and black markings. At its peak, as many as 650 individuals have been witnessed passing through a 50 metre line of sight within the space of an hour. Sunshine. They fly with a gliding, sailing flight about one to two metres above the ground, especially on or near a beach. When the larvae eat Corky Milk Vine, the poisonous chemicals get passed on to the pupae and adult butterflies. Adults disperse as far south as Vic. I don’t know if they’re here in plague proportions but theres quite a few … Thank you. all that I witnessed seem to fly in the same direction. The Blue Tiger Butterfly has numerous pale blue streaks and elongated spots on its wings. From time to time they form huge migrations during spring, usually making their way southward. Unfortunately, at this height, many individuals become splattered on the windscreens of our cars. The book Discovering Australian Butterflies is a fantastic guide to help you identify your local butterflies. For the last two weeks, God has blessed Luther Heights with more butterflies than you can possibly imagine. ... aka Gregg's mist flower, is a spectacle to behold when it attracts a bounty of butterflies during monarch migration...and before. ordinarilyextraordinaryanna. Your email address will not be published. Huge numbers all heading north east over the last couple of days we are a 5 ks west of Noosa could they be heading for the coast turning left and following the coast line north? Here we compare movement, reef-fidelity, and ocean migration for tiger sharks, Galeocerdo cuvier, across the Coral Sea, … I … Just getting around Queensland and dropped into Noosa Heads for a bit of a swim and wander around. Such a beautiful site to see! The site is now badly infested with Asparagus fern . Goodie or baddie? Bush hands website to view past issues and subscribe. Enjoying cleaner atmosphere due to Covid 19!. According to the Queensland Museum website, the Blue Tiger, Caper White and Lemon Migrant butterflies are known to migrate through southeast Queensland in enormous numbers. Various habitats, but breeds in monsoonal and littoral rainforest. The butterflies move at a steady speed, around 2–3 metres off the ground. Kindness. Blue tiger butterflies are large dark brown or black butterflies, with streaks of light blue markings dotted across their wings. Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do Sunshine Coast Sienna Catholic College, 60 Sippy Downs Dr, Brisbane . Jun 8, 2012 - Sunshine Coast, Australia. The blue grey underneath of its wings, the spotted head and body and the black and blue pattern on the top of its wings was mesmerising. These large ‘plagues’ are often witnessed by the public and sometimes attract the attention of the media. They pose no threat to our flowers but we felt it was our duty of care to rescue and release them to travel on their way. A weedy plant … Blue Tiger Tirumala hamata. These toxins then work to protect adult Blue Tigers from being eaten by birds, as birds have learnt that they get sick from ingesting Blue Tigers. 14th November, 2020 Despite there being a general migratory path of south in summer and north and autumn, Blue Tigers are often seen flying non-directionally or out to sea. See more ideas about Sunshine coast, Kate kennedy, Coast. There are so many butterflies! The blue tiger butterflies began arriving in their thousands, crossing the beach on their way back north. Blue Tiger butterfly rescue mission. The migrations of the adults are almost certainly linked with the butterfly’s search for suitable plants for egg laying, as well as warm, mild temperatures for optimal survival.