this forms the left end of the box. Draw a box plot for this information. 5. Example: The numbers of first cousins of the students in a ninth-grade class are . The median (second quartile) divides the data set into two halves. (Total for question 2 is 2 marks) Range Lower Quartile Median Upper Quartile Maximum Comparing Groups using Box Plots: When comparing two groups a box-and-whisker plot is used A Sample size of at least 30 is needed to generalize about a population How can we tell if the groups are different? ! Draw a box plot for this information. Draw a vertical line above the value of Q3, this forms the right end of the box. 11,12,12,13,14,14,14,16,18 The five numbers that make up a box-and-whisker plot are called the . Store A’s box and right whisker are longer than Store B’s. Create a box and whisker plot using this data: 77, 99, 112, 85, 117, 68, 63. (Total for question 1 is 2 marks) Minimum Lower Quartile Median Upper Quartile Maximum 11 28 37 42 51 2 The table shows some information about the weights, in grams, of some potatoes. Give a descriptive title to the graph. Store A’s median is about 43, and Store B’s is about 51. Quartiles divide the data set into four equal parts. "No overlap in spreads" or so there IS a difference between group 'A' & 'B' “B is greater than A” Page 2 of 6 Reference the picture below to see how a data set is separated into halves. (1) The median income for nuclear engineers is greater than the income of all musicians. Extend the “right whisker” to the maximum value. Extend the “left whisker” to the minimum value. 282 Chapter 7 Data Analysis and Displays 7.2 Lesson Lesson Tutorials Key Vocabulary box-and-whisker plot, p. 282 quartiles, p. 282 Box-and-Whisker Plot A box-and-whisker plot displays a data set along a number line using medians. Show all 4 steps and work neatly below. Example 2: Use data set from Example 1 to calculate the minimum, LQ, UQ, maximum, range, and IQR. Then, construct a box-and-whisker plot with an ACCURATE number line! Based on the box-and-whisker plots, which statement is true? The notches are constructed using the formula: Box plots are often used for comparing the distributions of several groups of data, since they summarize the center and spread of the data very nicely. The box plots show the distribution of the number of team wristbands sold daily by two different stores over the same time period. into a small project by having students collect data which interests them and then write a comparison of the data to turn in to the teacher or to present to the class. The box-and-whisker plots below show a class’ test scores for two tests.What conclusions can you make? The Box-and-Whisker Plots lesson from the LTF Middle Grades Guide will provide a good resource for preparing to teach this lesson. Box-and-Whisker Plots About this Lesson This is a foundational lesson for box-and-whisker plots (boxplots), a graphical tool used ... and compare dotplots (line plots., stemplots, bar graphs, histograms, and boxplots. a. Name _____ Date _____ Tons of Free Math Worksheets at: © Topic: Box and Whisker Plot- Worksheet 1 ANSWERS 1. shown at the right. 3. Compare the shapes of the box plots. A box-and-whisker plot is one way to represent the data visually. - The _____ are the same for both tests. 7. 6. These are the mimimum, Q1, Median, Q 3, and maximum values. Store A’s median five-number summary of the data set. When making comparisons among the locations (medians) of various batches, a modified box pl ot called the notched box plot is useful. 7) The accompanying box-and-whisker plots can be used to compare the annual incomes of three professions. Draw a vertical line above the value of the median and complete the box. 4. (200_07.GD_D.01) Create, interpret, and compare dotplots (line plots., Compare the centers of the box plots. (2) The median income for police officers and musicians is the same.