Each artifact becomes, in effect, a meaningful memorial, a testimony to the reality of the lives of those who sailed aboard the City of Vera Cruz. The hookah hose had caught under a crossing dredge hose and I wasn’t aware of it until I was almost back to the surface. However, I believe that they could have recovered far more if the areas to dig had been selected through more traditional reasoning (based on science and archeology) rather than the method used. List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1779 Ship Country Description Ancona Paquet Great Britain The ship foundered in the Mediterranean Sea off Cape Cane, near Tunis.She was on a voyage from Smyrna, Ottoman Empire to London. It took a lot of effort, but I finally put together a project with the backing of a, then brand new, salvage company, I had helped to start, but which I did not own or control. ... Concha y De La Cruz, Manuel Concha Cruz*, Ramón Concha y de la Cruz, Francisco de Paula Concha y de la Cruz, José Manuel Concha y De La ... Gertrudis Concha Y De La Cruz (nacida Bravo De Naveda Y Garcés), Mercedes Rodríguez Riberos (nacida Concha Y Bravo De Naveda), Ambrosio Concha Bravo De Navea O Naveda?, Agustin Concha Bravo De Navea, Circa 1778 - Santiago, Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile, Gertrudis Concha Y De La Cruz (nacida Bravo De Naveda), Mercedes Concha Y Bravo De Nevada, Ambrosio Concha Bravo De Naveda, Dionisio Concha Bravo De Nevada, Agustin Concha Bravo De Nevada, Gertrudis Concha De La Cruz (nacida Bravo De Navera Y Garces), Manuel De La Concha Y Pérez De Velarde, Micaela De La Concha Y Pérez De Velarde (nacida De La Cruz Y Álvarez De Bahamonde). ...oncha, José Miguel Concha, Manuel Concha, Francisco De Paula Concha, Ramón Concha, Carmen Concha, Catalina Concha, Tránsito Concha, Merce... Dionisio Concha, Mercedes Concha, Agustín Concha, Ambrosio Concha, Manuel De La Concha Y Pérez Velarde, Micaela De La Concha Y Pérez Velarde (nacida De La Cruz Y Alvarez De Bahamonde), Ambrosio Concha Bravo De Naveda, Agustín Concha Bravo De Naveda, Mercedes Concha Bravo De Naveda, Dionisio Concha Bravo De Naveda, Manuel De La Concha Y Pérez Velarde +, Micaela De La Concha Y Pérez Velarde + (nacida De La Cruz Y Alvarez De Bahamonde +). Depending on what remains, the antique or collector’s value of the, On August 28, 1880, a terrible hurricane struck the, Men and Women were in the cabin praying and shrieking, and screaming. Too rapid an ascent could have blown out our lungs and caused an air embolism or a spontaneous pneumothorax. At one point Bill, against my advice, arranged for two men (both eye doctors) to come and check out the wreck site with a special device that they claimed would locate any precious metals hidden on the wreck. Imagine it is a sweet dive. ... Asunción Sánchez Marintain (nacida Concha De La Cruz), José Miguel Concha De La Cruz, Ramón Concha De La Cruz, María Del Carmen Labra Ga... Gertrudis Concha De La Cruz (nacida Bravo De Naveda Garcés), Manuel De La Concha Y Perez Velarde, Micaela De La Concha Y Perez De Velarde (nacida De La Cruz Y Alvarez Bahamonde). Needless to say, Shipwrecks Inc. is hoping (or should I say dreaming) that the safes weren’t salvaged and are merely be buried in the shifting sands on the site. The following comments were cloned from Facebook, where they had originally been posted in response to this article. I didn’t even want to check out the new spots. In 1757 he was appointed to Célèbre and participated in a supply expedition to the fort of … The center of the wreck is dominated by the ship’s boilers and engines. It is believed that she was partially insured by the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Companies of New York. Sie ist damit das älteste Gotteshaus in Puerto de la Cruz. The artifacts that are recovered, and the stories that go with them, are the most fitting memorials to the souls of the City of Vera Cruz’s dead. All we know about the jewelry is that it was owned by two very successful international jewelers, who perished in the wreck. A mother, tightly clasping her daughter to her chest, was sighted shortly after the ship went down. Landline number (559) 924-1778 Mobile number (559) 978-1498 Email. Relatives. Shipwreck with over 150 years discovered off the coast of Tenerife A few weeks ago, near the coast of Güímar and Fasnia, in Tenerife, a diver discovered what is thought to be the remains of a ship that sank in 1862, the Tinerfe, whose location on the seabed was, up until now, unknown. Electrolysis, erosion, marine flora and fauna, and the force of the waves daily eat at the wreck, destroying and scattering parts of it. Except when individually noted, all other trademarks shown in the content of this site are the individual property of their registered owners. The men were two of the nicest guys I ever met, and definitely were both sincere and honest. Dr. E. Lee Spence with brass gauge he found on the SS City of Vera Cruz.Photo by Kevin Rooney, © 1987 by E. Lee Spence. It is not known how much additional specie (coinage) was carried and lost by the other passengers, but, no doubt, it was a substantial amount. However, Bill, in a state of panic, swam upwards as fast as he could, while I struggled to slow us down. Deborah Yankovic was hired for her emergency medical skills, but was also a good and dependable diver. Dr. E. Lee Spence stands on the dive ladder of the RV Slo Motion,while Captain Steve Howard examines glass tumbler found on the wreck.Photo by Kevin Rooney, © 1987 by E Lee Spence. The story of the valiant struggle of those who lived and those who died, causes the casual observer to regard the wreck as a watery mausoleum. The “readings” were completely inconsistent with those made the previous expedition. All of a sudden there was a snapping sound as of many timbers giving way. Shipwrecks Inc., recognizes the public’s interest in the beauty and history of this wreck, and has made no attempt to curtail sport divers’ or fishermen’s access to the site. I had assumed that Bill knew how to make a controlled emergency ascent to the surface. The company’s initial operations on the wreck were directed by myself, as underwater archeologist and project director. Twenty six hours later the, by then, nude, battered and exhausted survivors struggled ashore about fifteen to twenty miles south of Daytona. 3 likes. Although some salvage was probably conducted in the late 1800’s, it is no way that the salvors got all of what she carried, and no one knows what treasures may still be hidden on the wreck. Jack and his entire team were professional divers who had worked extensively in the oil fields of the Gulf and the North Sea. I felt their lack of consistency was sufficient proof not to waste any more time. As always, Captain Steve Howard’s easy going manner and sound judgement helped pull everyone together as a team. With the passage of a full century, her location, contents, and name became secrets known only to the the fish and the souls of the people who perished on her. Son of Manuel De la Concha y Pérez Velarde and Micaela De la Cruz y Álvarez de Bahamonde Edición digital a partir del documento del Archivo General de la Nación, Caracas. If they weren't completely removed after the war, I think the four steamers sunk to block the mouth of the Yazoo River during... © 2013 by Shipwrecks, Inc. Notice is hereby given that, except as otherwise noticed or assigned, copyright for the entire website is claimed under both United States and International Copyright Laws for both composition and compilation by Shipwrecks, Inc. I had completely vented my lungs and was starting to black out as my head broke the surface. Some of them were struck by this stuff, and so much stunned that they went down again, never to come up. He comes from an Albigensian family whose nobility dates back to 1558. Because we were old friends, and he trusted me from past ventures, Randy called me for help. One of the survivors lost five thousand dollars (face value) in gold coin on the wreck. Brother of Fernando Manuel Concha De la Cruz; María Asunción Concha De la Cruz; José Miguel Manuel Concha De la Cruz; Ramón Concha De la Cruz; María del Carmen de la Ascención Concha De la Cruz and 4 others; Catalina Concha De la Cruz; Francisco de Paula Concha De la Cruz; Tránsito Concha De la Cruz and Mercedes Concha De la Cruz « less Y así, habla de noticia amorosa7, advertencia amorosa8 y atención amo-6 Cf. The divers, who remove artifacts, are not desecrating the wreck they are saving it. Within an hour, based solely on the information Randy was able to provide over the phone, I was able to correctly identify the steamer from data I already had in my private archives. Exhaling all of the way up, I didn’t get my regulator back, or another breath, until we were on the surface. Depths to the sand vary from seventy-two feet to seventy-six feet, but there are holes and washouts, and the dive should be planned as an eighty foot dive for safety. For written permissions contact: Dr. E. Lee Spence, Shipwrecks, Inc., PO Box 4058, Irmo, South Carolina 29483 USA (email [email protected] or phone 843 532-8222). Santa Cruz de Nuca (ou Nuca), est la première colonie espagnole et européenne en Colombie-Britannique.Elle est établie en 1789 et abandonnée en 1795, à la suite de la crise de Nootka qui conduisit le Royaume-Uni et l'Espagne au bord de la guerre. Datos de la pieza: Nominal: 2 Maravedís Año: 1778 Ceca: Segovia (“Acueducto” en el lado izquierdo / detrás del busto; en anverso) Diámetro: 20 milímetros Peso: 2,45 gr (aprox.) She was intended, and used exclusively, for the lucrative passenger and freight trade between New York City and Vera Cruz, Mexico. But the decision was still made to go ahead and dig where the doctors said. The large iron wheels from the narrow gage railroad cars are now piled in a jumbled mass in the bow section of the wreck. The first effort was made out of Shipwrecks Inc.’s thirty-one foot dive boat, the Cut Out. Then one person and another came to the top, grasping wildly for something to support them. That project consisted primarily of measuring and mapping the wreck site. [Rocío Gamiño Ochoa; Alexandro de la Santa Cruz Talabán] -- A study of the manuscript EE, T-3, 26 in the Colección Antigua of the Archivo Histórico de la Biblioteca Nacional de Antropología e Historia, the fourth and only … Teide Divers, Puerto de la Cruz Picture: Ellie at the shipwreck - Check out Tripadvisor members' 47,045 candid photos and videos of Teide Divers Half brother of María Teresa Concha Darrigrande; Ramón Concha Quiroz and Mercedes Concha Quiroz. The divers did recover quite a few pieces of the steamer’s cargo which got everyone excited.