Love this thing. This blower is perfectly maneuverable. Old-fashioned trusted technology used to achieve high-tech results. At high amps, more heat is generated. Think about your warranty and use it to your advantage. As part of the 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT® battery system of high-powered products, the 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT Brushless Handheld Axial Blower powers through your task with up to 600 CFM of air volume and 125 MPH. Yet, there is one more unique characteristic that gives the DeWalt 20V/60V MAX battery the edge over all other batteries. Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2018. The problem I have with the gassys is they are costly to maintain and require tune ups when they become hard to start. I wasn’t sure if DeWalt was going to design the 40V battery to charge on the system as the 20V Max line. 400CFM power and up to 90 mph air speeds. This blower is designed for everyday heavy-duty use. Even though it is pretty basic. The new DeWalt 60V blower bears the model DCBL772 and runs on their FlexVolt platform. The reset process clears the microchip's memory and gives the chip the "all clear" to charge normally. Now pay attention to this. High water pressure will force more water through the pipe. 125 MPH 600 CFM FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Axial Blower with (1) 3.0Ah Battery and Charger Included As part of the 60V MAX FLEXVOLT battery system of high-powered products, the 60V MAX FLEXVOLT Brushless Handheld Axial Blower powers through your task with up to 600 CFM of air volume and 125 MPH. If you look at the top of the FlexVolt battery, you’ll see a small yellow triangular switch. If we’re looking at the other side of things, the battery, we need to remember that the same basic principle applies. Using a 6AH battery at 30A: 6/30 = 0.2 hours working time. Impedance (I): Electrical impedance or current is measured in amperes (A). Please try your search again later. A FlexVolt battery that uses 15 X 3AH cells will have a different rated storage capacity, depending how the cells are configured. I’ve also read many other so-called experts. Its variable-speed … Toro thought so. It weighs 9.8 lbs and measures 15 x 18 x 10 inches. DeWalt (DCS367B) VS Milwaukee (2720-20) ǀ Which is the best reciprocating saw. This article should settle the DeWalt 20V vs 60V MAX debate for good. I got the DEWALT 60V blower because I wanted a high-quality blower, but I got a low-quality blower with a DEWALT having Horrible customer service. The only problem is the battery that came with it is only good for 10 minutes. A battery that lasts longer is obviously more convenient. There is a much more important effect of increased amperage that we haven’t looked at yet. It’s been a part of my daily life for several decades. This unit allows you to powers through debris at up to 423 CFM of air volume at 129 MPH. DeWalt battery packs are quick to charge and long-lasting, and contain a microchip that shuts the battery pack off if it overheats. This blower has nearly the same blowing power with no mess or smell. You can simply take the battery from one tool and use it in another. Mostly, people are impressed by sound free leaf blowers and this is one of them. If the tool requires 30A current to supply the power needed, we can calculate the expected working time as follows. i cant find a replacement drive belt. The battery charge test indicator shows only one green square. View and Download DeWalt DCBL720 instruction manual online. It starts with the battery installation point. The 60V FlexVolt battery has been around for a few years, yet many cordless tool buyers are still asking which is better, DeWalt 20V or 60V? If we take an additional six cells, connect them in series to obtain 12V, then connect these two groups of 12V cells in parallel, we end up 6AH. It works on the same principle as any other battery. This means 3 groups of 5 cells create 3 X 20V battery groups. I've become a Dewalt garden powered tool aficionado. ... 60v max lithium handheld blower (37 pages) Blower DeWalt DCE100 Instruction Manual. DEWALT 129 MPH 423 CFM 60V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless FLEXVOLT Handheld Leaf Blower with (1) 3.0Ah Battery and Charger Included This keeps the switch in the open position. Cordless tools have come some way since the 1990s. The first thing we notice is that the 30A extension cord is twice as thick as the 15A cord. We’re starting to see a pattern here. After listening to Fine Home building Podcast (top notch!) Once the battery pack shuts off, you have to reset it. (21) 21 product ratings - DeWalt DCBL770X1 60V MAX 3.0 Ah Cordless Handheld Li-Ion XR Brushless Blower New Tap item to see current price See Price Was: $329.99 I’m going to set the record straight from the very start. It’s more about power efficiency, getting the best working time from your battery. Increased temperature means increased Amps. No other cordless tool manufacturer has accomplished this. It is the relationship between potential difference (V), the current (A or I), and the power P, usually expressed in watts. That’s pretty evident as the FlexVolt Blower looks like it’s the twin to the 40V Max Blower. Search within model. When the manufacturer upgrades to a new battery platform, changing the voltage, you cannot use the new battery in your older tools. FlexVolt technology is an incredible feat of engineering. This is a great blower that eliminates dealing with the hassle of long electric power cords. Plus way less effort, more mobility and so on. Startability seems like a feature one would want from their snowblower. This nozzle helps concentrate air flow and provides a more direct stream where you need it. When we connect all the cells in series, the AH remains unchanged, at 3AH. You can get more water from a narrow pipe by increasing the pressure. Battery life is excellent, blower power is unbelievably strong and the trigger makes it easy to adjust the blow strength. While manufacturers tend to lean more towards battery powered devices rather than the gas/electricity operated ones, a point of concern by the consumers is whether these battery- powered tools will be worth a try. I’ve noticed a lot of confusion around the AH rating for FlexVolt batteries. The 60V FlexVolt battery has been around for a few years, yet many cordless tool buyers are still asking which is better, DeWalt 20V or 60V? Is there some way I can get Dewalt to make it good? A perfect place to start with this explanation. Though the DeWalt 60V battery is more than just a higher voltage battery. Okay, when we look at the price difference between 20V MAX tools and batteries, compared to 60V MAX, it hardly makes much sense to pay so much more just because the tool has a slightly better power to weight ratio. Sign In. It is with this insight, that I’m going to be comparing the DeWalt 20V and 60V battery systems. Improve the performance of your Dewalt 60v Handheld blower with this nozzle. The kit comes with five different plastic tubes of varying heights, which save you the hassle of trying to … Battery lifespan and working time has been the greatest challenge for cordless tool manufacturers. Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2017, i love dewalt tools but what i noticed on this tool is between the motor and blower wheel is that they use a little rubber drive belt only used it 3 times and it started chewing the belt up. I like the the protective frame on the base of the unit … This is a dual voltage battery, the only one of its kind in the world. DeWalt 20V Max Blower First Impressions. These three groups are connected in parallel to increase the AH. In other words, a 20V battery can provide the same amount of power as a 60V battery. Put the battery back on the charger for a day, same result. This thing is amazing. One of the reasons why I really like DeWalt, is that they continue manufacturing the older batteries and tools when the new models come along. Wow! You’ll need separate chargers for your DeWalt 40V Max line and your 20V Max tools. The most common Dewalt charger problems that you might be experiencing right now: Click Here. by Colin Manley | Jun 20, 2020 | Cordless Tools, General | 0 comments. It is The benefit of increasing the voltage is to reduce the amperage. After five minutes of use the timing belt was shredded! All the top power tool manufactures have been increasing the battery voltage for their cordless tools. It has variable trigger for velocity control and also a trigger locking control that can be engaged at any desired velocity. I’ll explain this with some simple 7th grade science. Heat affects battery efficiency and the performance of an electric motor. Fantastic blower! Every tool, whether powered by gas, an electric cord, or battery has a power rating. The reason why conductor size is increased in accordance to the amperage is because of the heat generated. This is a compatible part and not OEM. In May of 2019, DeWalt unveiled a new 60V FlexVolt blower kit, DCBL772X1, which includes the blower, 3Ah battery, and charger.