Below, there is a detailed guide on how to transfer data from iPhone to Android using MobileTrans software: Step 1: First, you need to install the MobileTrans software on your computer. Step #1. [Only WiFi, no data connection required]. Transfer files from iOS to Android. Here is how to do it. How to install ShareIt on WIndows PC; How to install ShareIt on Mobile; How to Use shareit on PC to Transfer Files . Thankyou, Thankyou! It has the additional benefit of using … Method 2: Transfer Music from iPhone to Android via Shareit App without Computer . Here's a step-by-step guide to share files between iPhone and Android via SHAREit - First, open SHAREit app on both the smartphones. To begin transferring the files between one device to another, all you need is the SHAREit application installed on both the devices. How to Transfer Files From PC to Android with SHAREit Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Files from a PC to Android Device with SHAREit . SHAREit can be a big solution for you, if you want to know how to get videos from iPhone to Samsung. As we mentioned above there are a lot of similarities transferring all kinds of data using this app. Transfer Android Files to iPhone Using Move to iOS App. 4. How to Transfer files from Android to iOS using Shareit on WiFi network? However you may noticed that there are many other files types and documents have been left behind, such as SMS, WhatsApp chats, voice memos, music songs, PDF docs. Do you have itunes in your pc? Once you selected the files click on “Next” 3. 2. thank you so much, been trying for quite a while and this finally made it working lol. If you still have any other inquiries about data transfer or sharing between mobile phones, computers, tablets, leave us a message in the comment section below. If you are using iPhone, you can use this app because this amazing app is also available for iPhone and you can also easily transfer files from iPhone to iPhone and even iPhone to Android, PC or Windows Phone that means the inter-platform transfer is available with this great application. Transfer files from iOS to Android. The iOS device needs to manually join the hosted network in order to send and receive files, using the SHAREit app. Drag files to the receiver image in the window and … Some can directly transfer data from phone to phone without a mediator, but it is not cross-platform. Some video transfer tools require a computer as mediator to help sharing files. The SHAREit is another good iOS to Android transfer app. In the video below, I’ll show you how easy it is to move a file from my computer to an Android phone. This is a cross platform file sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows PC. Why You Should Become A NetApp Certified Support Engineer? Obviously You have itunes in your pc. For a guide on how to click use SHAREit on an iPhone – click here to go straight to the iPhone section. After you finalized the files tap on OK or Next to proceed. First, install the SHAREit application on each of the devices that you are planning to send data to or receive from. On the ‘Click the avatar to send’ screen, you should find your Android phone, tap on it to send the files from iPhone to Android. SHAREit it available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, this lets you share files from an Android device to an iPhone and vice versa. With SHAREit - Shared and Transfer you can easily send and recieve files between two devices, no matter what OS (operating system) they are using. You can also transfer files from your PC/Mac using Wi-Fi. SHAREit App for iOS is an amazing app that is designed to transfer files such as music, videos, movies, audio and other files between cross platforms such as iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.. As per SHAREit, there are more than 600 million users of SHAREit app all across the world. And best of all, it is free. It will show you your device.Click on your iphone. On Android, open SHAREit and tap on RECEIVE option. SHAREit File Transfer & Share App Download, How to Transfer & Share Files Between two android Phones, iphone, computers, laptops devices: Here is a step by step tutorial as to how you can use SHEREit to transfer files from smartphones and PCs to other devices. On Android device, launch SHAREit and tap on the “RECEIVE” option. On the iPhone, connect to the hotspot network from Android, run the wireless transfer app to receive contacts from Android. Really appreciate it. Q2. You can do the same steps vice-versa to transfer the files from PC to your smartphone. SHAREit is one of the fastest apps that can be used to send videos from iPhone to Samsung. Now the app will search for the nearby SHAREit device [nothing but your PC]. for example, photos will be saved to Downloads/photo, videos will be saved to Downloads/video, PDF and more other files may be saved to Downloads/file, etc. Start Shareit app on Android device, tap the Receive button at the home screen, the file transfer app will then automatically set up the mobile hotspot on your phone and put your phone into the data receiving mode.