134 square … Basic labor to install underlayment with favorable site conditions. luan used to be what everyone used under sheet vinyl or 12" selfstick. Pergo laminate and locking engineered planks simply click together. The easiest way to figure out if you need underlayment for your new vinyl plank flooring is to look at your current floor. Inconsistencies in levelness and flatness of the floor surface could create stress points for locking joints and that will cause problems later on. Laying Laminate Over Luan Subfloor : Instructions and Video Many Times people have asked me how best to install luan plywood under vinyl Floor as a subflooring material. The flooring must be installed crossing the floor joists (at a 90 degree angle). That’s a fairly common type of a floor noise. Keeps your Flooring Warm But what you can’t see – the floor’s underlayment – is just as important and deserves just as much attention. x 96 in.) Do this by multiplying the room’s length by its width. It’s that the luan is not stuck to the subfloor underneath. Find flooring underlayment at Lowe's today. No glue, no nails, no mess! Underlayment isn’t a necessity, but you might consider it to add noise reducing qualities or additional softness to the product. Its also too thin and wimpy to properly hold a nail or staple and have any hope of lasting for any length of time. Nails and staples like to pop back out and make bumps in your new floor. Layout, fabricate and secure underlayment. Not sure of the thickness of the floor underneath. Laminate flooring has to have underlayment in order to float the flooring. An underlayment is a necessity for any wood floor installation even on a plywood subfloor. For the last 30 years, SurePly ® plywood underlayment has proven to be the clear industry leader in performance, value, and quality for premium plywood underlayment. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.; Actual: 0.196 in. And you get this very crisp popping sound. Remove debris from floor. Laminate: Not recommended under floating floors. I am installing 1/4" luan underlayment over 3/4" wood planks before I install a laminate wood flooring. x 30 ft. x 2 mm 5-in-1 Underlayment with Microban for Laminate and Engineered Wood Floors ROBERTS AirGuard 5-in-1 Premium Underlayment ROBERTS AirGuard 5-in-1 Premium Underlayment is ideal for use under laminate and engineered, click-lock wood flooring. This is because they absorb excess vibrations while walking on the floors. Wall Gap: Leave an expansion gap between laminate flooring and walls, as specified by the laminate manufacturer, to allowing for seasonal movement in the floor. 4 Answers. If You’re Set On Having Insulation Under Your Floor… If you are set on having the warmth and insulation under your flooring, we would suggest switching to laminate flooring. CDX Plywood. Staples generally don't need to be patched, but you do need to make sure they are flush with the surface - … :0) Answer Save. They are great for those installations that are sensitive to noise like libraries. Why You Should Put Underlayment Under Your Laminate Floor We can admire the beauty, the texture, the luster and the faithful reproduction of natural wood or stone because we can see it. A laminate floor is a "floating floor," meaning it is not fastened directly to the subfloor. We used this underlayment for a new floor in our foyer. There are three possible standards of Luan, which are If the floor is wet big issue. It's the only underlayment manufactured with both Microban and Air Flow Technology to inhibit mold growth. Your first task is preparing the surface that the hardwood will lie on, which means deciding whether you need to use felt paper under the hardwood. Luan should be installed directly on top of the subfloor (This is due to the face that, luan itself is not strong enough to to be the concrete subfloor) ... insure to clean the floor surface before applying the flooring vinyl flooring. Like the Standard Underlayment, this material will fill minor imperfections in the sub-floor, giving your laminate floor a smooth, even surface on which to float. Favorite Answer. For example, if you're installing a laminate floor over a slab of concrete, you should look for a laminate underlayment that has a vapor barrier layer . Existing floor has 1/4" Masonite+1/8" vinyl tile on top of that I will add 1/4" laun plywood + 1/8" vinyl tiles. The room is over an unheated basement although the basement does not get extremely cold as … The key to installing luxury vinyl over concrete is to ensure the floor is level and clean. rob s. Lv 7. luan or particleboard has no place under ceramic tile. Laminate Flooring - Thinner laminate type flooring can be installed over OSB subfloor (over the recommended foam pad). Should I Use Luan Under Laminate Floor Should I use adhesive for my luan flooring projects? Check out these quick tips on how to maintain laminate floors and keep them looking new. Most people with laminate floors usually complain about the noise. 2in1 Vapor Barrier Underlayment 3 … AirGuard 100 sq. If it has any imperfections, I would keep (or replace) the luan. It's 1/4" OSB foam luan and cross stapled at the seams. TOM: OK, that’s – what’s happening there is it’s probably not that the floor is not stuck to the luan. Whether you can remove the luan depends on the quality of your subfloor. 2 mm, & 2.5 mm Cork Underlayment – generally are used for under glue down and floating Engineered Hardwood, Laminate, & Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank. With a floating floor, you don't have to worry about the dents a hammer head makes, but they can be filled easily with patching compound for other types of flooring (like vinyl, etc.). ft. 40 in. Acoustical laminate underlayment prices: $0.50 to $0.75 per square foot for cork; $0.75 to $1.25 for felt. For a hardwood floor, the main reason to have luan is shore up the floor and reduce any pitting or other slope issues. 1 decade ago. It can be rolled out and trimmed with a knife or scissors. Here is a quick rundown of steps you can follow for best results: Step 1. x 48 in. If the laminate flooring is installed parallel to the direction of the floor joists the Laminate flooring could develop distortion later. While manufacturers have made hardwood floors easy to install, you do need to take a few steps to prepare the room to make installation easier. We replaced some pretty hefty tile with laminate flooring, thus needing a new solid/flat floor to attach it to. TIA!! The 1/4" plywood is likely luan. Shop flooring underlayment and a variety of flooring products online at Lowes.com. If the concrete is uneven, you will have to level it out. The underlayment comes in to reduce the noise. Sure, it may be tempting to grab just any old nail in your shop and start pounding away, but in the case the wages of sin are high: nails popping up through carpeting and even laminate floor; floor squeaking; and general homeowner misery. Rockwood floor isn't Luan foam luan. Laminate Kitchen Floor. It is lightweight, but … I'd love to save this $3,500 for other areas of the remodel if it … The only way to tell for sure is to get under the floor and check the condition of the joists and beams beneath. Basic Instructions on Using Luan as an Underlayment for Laminate or Vinyl Flooring. The underlayment provides many benefits, including moisture protection, sound and thermal insulation and a cushion to make the floor more comfortable to walk on. Backed By Our Lifetime Warranty¹ for residential and non-rated commercial installations. Sometimes you get some space in between the luan and the subfloor. Usually on the 4 foot edge, on the 4x8 sheet. This makes it a safe choice for installing your laminate floor over concrete sub-floors. Before you install your plywood subfloor, first calculate the room’s square footage to find out how much flooring you’ll need to buy. Get answers on whether old vinyl flooring can be left in place under new laminate. You're spending a lot of money on the new floor, at least give it a decent subfloor. Just as long as the luan is down secure w/ no movement. And choosing the right underlayment for your laminate flooring will ensure the highest degree of comfort and the longest lifespan for your new floor. Never easy repairing laminated floor as it's a huge job to replace and any other repair tends to be a patch job. Luan has oils in it that migrate up through and discolor the floor. Relevance. Easy to install under all types of flooring products Cork Underlayments come in a variety of thicknesses depending on the floor covering application. Acoustical underlayment installation: Felt laminate underlay is produced in rolls. 1. Installing laminate flooring is a snap literally. The warranty may require it. Some questions: 1.) The Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring. There are lots of different underlayments to choose from for your specific needs. We just pulled up laminate wood flooring that did not have 1/4" luan under it and didn't have any issues. Subfloor under laminate flooring: Underlayment: Put down laminate underlayment material on the subfloor before laying laminate flooring. Then all you ll need is the foam underlayment. I get that question a lot and I guess there is no correct answer but in terms of getting the most secure fit and hold, I would recommend doing a combination of the two, adhesive and nailing or screwing the luan … Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. Do I need a vapor barrier between the wood planks and luan. It's used to level the floor, often for a vinyl floor. There are two types of Luan: Luan Type 1 with an exterior glue, is the more resistant to delamination, and should be installed under very durable flooring Luan Type 2 with a water-resistant glue. If you're laying the LVP over an existing cushion-backed vinyl floor or a below-grade tile floor, then you won't need to use an underlayment. It can be installed over any other tightly bonded flooring, making it … if they decide on ceramic tile then the particleboard should be removed and replaced with 5/8 or 3/4 plywood, then 1/4 cementboard over … Some Pergo laminate products feature attached underlayment; Pergo laminate and engineered flooring can be installed on any level of your home. Hardwood flooring can increase your home's value. I understand your not a fan of luan plywood but that's what I have to work with. Underlayment (Common: 7/32 in. You may reuse the underlayment for your new floor… The key to a beautiful, long-lasting hardwood or laminate floor is a well-prepared subfloor. The type is normally indicated on the panal edge. Update: thank you very much to all who responded.. you have helped me a ton!! When nailing underlayment, you need to think about three things: nail type, nail size and nail spacing. Has anyone had any issues with luan when using glue under the laminate? How to Keep Laminate Floors Clean and Shiny. Instead, take up all of the old laminate flooring. Pergo floors can be walked on as soon as they're installed It is possible that extra crossmember could be added underneath for support depending on tank placement etc. Pergo hardwood must be installed above grade.