There are actually two ways to reach the summit of Mount Timpanogos. Will be attempting again earlier in the morning to avoid the heat and summit." The Mount Timpanogos hike via Timpooneke is about 12.7 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of roughly 4,580 feet, and normally takes 4.5-5 hours to complete. Timpanogos Hike Quick Facts. — custerrcaitlyn • Jul 29, 2018 The trail provides spectacular views of the geology and beautiful scenery of the American Fork Canyon. We did the Timpooneke Trail: 14.8 miles roundtrip with 4,389 feet of elevation gain - that's 593 feet of elevation per mile - and it took us 7.5 hours. The trail is well maintained and has a good mixture of varrying terrain. Two trails are commonly used to reach the summit. Hiking this route, we saw may a total of 40 people on Sunday. Mount Timpanogos Trail from Aspen Grove is a 15.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Aspen Grove, Utah that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Hiking Mt. It's that good. The Aspen Grove trail is shorter but a bit steeper than the Timpanooke Trail. Unfortunately, the elevation gain caused me to become light headed at the last stretch before the summit section along the ridgeline. Mt. "This was my first attempt to summit Mount Timpanogos. Timpanogos Summit: 11,750 ft (3,581 m), GPS: N40.39118 W111.64600 Dry Canyon to Baldy Pass: 2.70 miles, 2,850' elevation gain Baldy Pass to top of Everest Ridge: 1.28 miles, 3,350' elevation gain ER Summit to Timp Summit: 0.37 miles, 100' elevation gain (also some elevation loss) One-way Distance: 4.35 miles (7 km) Mount Timpanogos, Timp according to the locals, is the second highest mountain in the Wasatch mountain range. We also hiked this on a Sunday, which if you live in Utah, you'll understand why it's way less crowded. The man-made Timpanogos Cave system joins three natural caves that contain at least 42 types of cave formations-an unusually large variety. Sunday, you see, was the day we climbed Mount Timpanogos which, at 11,749 feet at the summit, is the second highest peak in the Wasatch (second only to Mount Nebo at 11,928 feet). I think because of more elevation gain, this side is a less popular route for summiting. The trail is 14 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 5,140 feet. Elevation: 11,749 ft; Elevation Gain: 4,566 ft/5,492 ft; Mount Timpanogos is a very popular hike among Utah Valley locals--everyone has either hiked it, dreamed of hiking it, or listened to everyone they know talk endlessly about their experiences hiking it. Timp's elevation is 11,752' above sea level with 5,270' of topographic prominence. At 11,749 feet, it is the second-highest summit of the Wasatch Mountains (only Mt Nebo is higher). Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. Length: 14 miles; Elevation gain: 4,390 feet; Difficulty: Strenuous; Permit: No, $6 parking fee per car; Peaking at 11,752 feet, Mount Timpanogos is the second-highest peak in Salt Lake City’s Wasatch Range and is known for its vibrant wildflowers, resident mountain goats, and sweeping views. The 1-1/2 mile-long paved trail (1,160 feet elevation gain) to the cave is also a popular attraction. This usually means that fewer people take this route, and on an extremely popular mountain like Timpanogos, that’s a good thing. Mount Timpanogos is one of Utah’s most recognizable mountains, and perhaps Utah’s most popular mountain hiking destination. (The trail we took, Timpooneke had 4,652' of elevation gain). MOUNT TIMPANOGOS, WASATCH MOUNTAIN RANGE. Length (roundtrip): about 14.5 miles from the Timpooneke trailhead or about 13.5 miles from Aspen Grove trailhead Average Time: 6-10 hours (it took me 8) Elevation Gain: about 4,300 feet elevation gain if starting from the Timpooneke trailhead and about 4,800 feet elevation gain if starting from the Aspen Grove trailhead The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October.