I love this mount because it is super lightweight, ridiculously versatile, and it is a helmet mount, which is easily the most stable way to mount your GoPro camera for the best possible shots. Details about Hope / GoPro Helmet Torch Mountain Bike Cycling Adapter Mount Light. Lumens per ounce, this is the lightest helmet light on the market. Filter By . Wouldn’t you know it, that is where a mount for your GoPro camera comes in handy. But I enjoy using this for recording trains with buddies. The result is astonishing footage that circles while your riding, making for some great moments. Im guessing the GoPro strap mount cant be. Action cameras are becoming more and more popular as technology gets more affordable, and just overall better. Finding the best GoPro mount for mountain biking isn’t as simple as find the mount with the best reviews and buy that one. 1. Having the GoPro bike stand mount will give you more freedom to capture your activity whilst living in the moment. Check out this article detailing how to make your videos the highest quality possible. This is a simple vest-like product that mounts your GoPro directly on your chest. This will give a bit of a lower perspective than your helmet mount, providing another different view than mounting it on the handlebars. Always prioritize build quality first, as a cheap mount will likely break at one point or another. Mountain biking is easily one of the most exhilarating sports you take part in (so much so that it is set to start rivaling other high school sports), but sometimes you want to share your experience (from your vantage point) with some of your friends. Let’s find out which one’s best for you. I’d wager that more than 9 out of 10 people reading this have a high definition camera in their pockets or within arms reach right now. A gimbal can change the entire feel of your video. © 2011-2020 anysoftwaretools.com | As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Choosing the right Mountain Bike Helmet to match your riding style is important. Because of that, they typically make riding uncomfortable. While picking out a single GoPro bike mount is not always simple, we’ve outlined the four best on the market. If you can’t tell by now, I love the shots that include my face!! The mounting mechanism and clamp diameter both depend on what type of bike you have and where you like to ride. When you first start out recording your rides, there are several mistakes that people tend to make. Or even looking up directly at you. Price: N/A More Info: Official GoPro® Store. These are few GoPro Helmet Mounting Tips that will enable you to nab some decent footage when you go for an adventurous mountain bike ride. There are a ton of cheaply made ones out there. Good value.  +  Finding a good mount for a bike can be a difficult proposition. The biggest is not having their cameras angled properly. The GoPro Helmet Front Mount positions your GoPro camera on the front of your helmet for a low-profile posture-just like a headlamp! Mounting Location: Chin. Seat rail mounts are awesome for viewing what is behind you. The GoPro Pro Seat Rail Mount is extremely light and even more durable and compatible with pretty much any bike (maximum allowable width is 5 cm). This will give a bit of a lower perspective than your helmet mount, providing another different vie… Do you want a higher angle? A chest harness is an excellent way to catch some high-level action footage. This low-profile mount is compatible with any Giant helmets featuring a Go-Pro compatible mount surface. 1. 10-17-2015 #3. You don’t want to show an angle that is too low or too high. You spend about a half-hour and you…, So you want to get into cycling, and you just realized, you are way too tall for a typical mountain…, If you are looking for the best women’s mountain bike saddle, then you should check out the . Would recommend. While many photographers use lens filters to enhance their photos, few people realise there … Great for capturing fellow riders behind you on a train. But put this on your helmet for a few minutes at a time, and you’ll come home with some epic action footage. Item information. EDITORIAL & NEWS ; INDEX; 29ER; 27.5; 26ER; ALL MOUNTAIN ... the built in mount uses a couple bits of velcro to secure the mount's base to the helmet, and they allow the MIPS layer to move freely inside the helmet. GoPro Mount Compatible - Attach our lightweight light to your motorcycle helmet or number plate with the included GoPro style mounts. 4.0 average based on 6 product ratings. And in the case of mountain biking – impossible. Pushys have a selection of camera bike mounts in a variety of durable, compact designs for recording with ease. So once you start recording, make sure you look at the angle that your camera is pointed to, and adjust it accordingly. But holding those cameras while you are trying to capture action-packed shots from a first-person view is downright annoying. This mount has a fantastic design that beats out similar models thanks to its construction and rigidity. The PWR Helmet/GoPro Mount is amde for holding the charger and modular lights on top of helmet (Excludes PWR Mountain). While the new mounts are great for all activities, they are especially useful for people who like to cycle or mountain bike. On the very first spot of our list is this amazing Giro Fixture … It may sound silly, but one of my favorite views to get footage of is the rear suspension. Another mounting option is the chest mount harness. $169.95. Since everyone is so different,…, I have had my fair share of flat tires on my mountain bike. Aluminum Lightweight Construction - weighing only 2.1oz. But of course, the GoPro is only one of the necessities you’ll need to achieve that, and you’ll also need something to mount the camera too. Bar mounts are perfect for these types of shots. Condition: Brand New. It rotates 360° for catching footage in any direction you choose. These mounts are pretty typical. Everything works well together, but it can be difficult to remove due to the tight screws. Gimbals can be quite expensive. Giro Fixture Bike Helmet with MIPS. Front mount also extends out in front of your helmet so the camera can be turned back on yourself for for self-portrait videos and photos. Then share them with family and friends anytime! Where do you plan on mounting your camera on your bike? You want to produce the smoothest, most professional content possible. Reduce Damage To Your Expensive Gear This handy adaptor allows the low-set helmet mounting of lights or GoPro cameras to reduce the risk of hooking tree branches or … Home. And half of you are probably reading this on that same HD camera. You have to decide which mounting mechanism will work the best for your bicycle, as they all work well in different situations. Much like a bicycle, you can mount these right onto the handlebars and record footage of your next ride. This product has a GoPro mount right on top of it, allowing you to capture the entire bicycle ride from your perspective instead of low on the front of the bike. I love this mount because it is super lightweight, ridiculously versatile, and it is a helmet mount, which is easily the most stable way to mount your GoPro camera for the best possible shots. Alright, we’ve got plenty of different angles and types of mounts you can use for the best videos possible. There are a number of factors and solutions that…, Besides the seat, handlebars are one of the most important ergonomic components of any bicycle. These are great for casual and more serious bikers alike. Whether downhill riding or trail riding, this is a camera angle that comes out great when everything is put together properly. Do you want chest cam angles? Like… literally everywhere. Other … The problem with that is, gimbals are not an inexpensive product, certainly not if you want one that works well. This is a simple vest-like product that mounts your GoPro directly on your chest. Helicopter mounts are helmet mounts that offer some incredible footage. Rays Bikes Preston - Preston. Chest harnesses can be extremely uncomfortable, especially on hot days – you WILL sweat profusely with these. Cleanly capture Blendr is the ultimate system for clean and easy integrated installation of lights, computers, and other accessories. If you are a GoPro user, the built-in helmet mount makes this a definite must. The Forevercam Handlebar Mount is an extremely durable full metal piece. Just note that the clamping power is low. This is probably the most stable place to mount your cameras, and therefore the most popular way. And the herky-jerky nature of mountain biking is not conducive to that. I love these mounts for their simplicity, and the price is pretty much unbeatable. Cameras are a great thing – DUH! Now let’s look at specific mounts that we think are best. This isn’t going to be a mount that everybody will use. 4. Even riding tubeless has some issues, whether…, Your email address will not be published. It features an off-center camera mount with a 360 degree rotatable head. Procter > /dev/null 2&>1 Reputation: Join Date Feb 2012 Posts 3,823. Attach your GoPro to any vented bike, ski, kayak or similar sports helmet. The designers…, Many people complain of numb hands while riding their mountain bikes. However, if you are looking for a way to get some interesting new camera angles for videos, this is going to be an excellent pick-up for you. This helps support the work we do for our readers. 7 Choose either STACKED (blue one in pics) or OUTFRONT (black one pictured). So now that you have your mount you might need some extras like speed and cadence sensors so that you can get more detailed data on your ride. Because your head acts as a gimbal (a tool that keeps your shots smooth, rather than choppy and bumpy) so your shots are insanely more watchable.