Would a Novak JM-PAF or JM-90 be too muddy in the bridge if I want a J Mascis fuzz tone? I’m certainly interested in this. Z-Fest. Jazzmaster Pickups, Lollar or Novak? Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Bought new barely used. Mar 5, 2009 #1 Hey guys, I picked up an AVRI Jazzmaster, I love everything about it but the pickups are WAY too bright and thin sounding. Curtis Novak's amazing JM180 pickup is built on his very popular JM-90 platform, but takes this great pickup to a whole new level. Current setup is a 62 AVRI w/ stock pickups into a '65 twin reverb reissue. The P90 is just beefier and absolutely kills when I use some dirt. Jazzmaster Pickup Height (Novak WRHB) Hey guys, need some help. I threw a Novak WRHB in the bridge pickup, kept the V-mod in the neck. 1 user review. Forums. Jazzmaster pickup height Post by 0xeneye » Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:50 pm I've have been struggling on my JM with trying to make the output of bridge and neck pickups the same strength (as much as possible). Curtis Novak's mission is to build high quality pickups to vintage specs. Curtis Novak Gold Foil Jazzmaster Bridge Pickup. I can't speak to the pickups from personal experience but Fralin and Novak seem to be the most highly regarded brands. This will be missed but downsizing all gear. Now you can take your Jazzmaster into the studio, sit in front of a computer or crank it up live on stage with distortion devices and enjoy great sounds from your Jazzmaster and never be bothered by main hum. Its a humbucker wired so it fits a jazzmaster. I am the kind of guy that finds the standard bridge pickup pretty much unuseable since the sound is so thin. Posted by 1 year ago. Heres a review of two Curtis Novak Jazzmaster replacement pickups: PAF: I had this in a -59 Jazzmaster in bridge cause the original one was missing when i bought the guitar. Sounded really good in my JM but I went back to the stock bridge pickup. I just checked out his Jazzmaster replacement P-90 online. I've been thinking about replacing the pickups in my Jazzmaster. Is my best bet to go for the replacement Novak/Lollar jazzmaster pickups? I like them a lot but they definitely have a beefier, less sparkly/open sound than regular JM pickups. Find it in the classifieds starting at $119 avg used price: $119. Curtis Novak WRHB for Jazzmaster bridge position. Curtis Novak Jazzmaster pickups High quality custom made vintage replicas. Will ship asap. -Novak Jazzmaster Pickups; Rothstein Guitars specializes in guitar and bass wiring. A Curtis Novak JM-FAT Fender Jazzmaster USA made boutique replacement pickup in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Wide range humbucker. User reviews . Gear used: Guitar = a stock 2003 AVRI Jazzmaster except the pickups Amp = Engl E660, Clean channel. I was hoping the PAF would account for the lack of mids in the twin, am I wrong?! Made in USA and a tribute to one of the most influential jazzmaster players, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. 00. Hey All. Messages 77. Laura Jan 9, 2018 #8. jvin248 Poster Extraordinaire. Jazzmaster Pickup Height (Novak WRHB) Close. It sounds like a combination … I have Duncan Antiquity 1’s in my CSJM and love them, but they have awfully low output and can be quite bright and twangy (I know that’s why some people love them) but I was thinking about changing it up. Being able to estimate realistic lead times seems to be a ongoing issue for many custom winders. Product presentation . Jazzmaster, Guitar Pickup from Curtis Novak. Code of conduct. $7.31 shipping. Only selling because I sold the guitar and buyer wanted to install custom humbucker in it. Condition is Used. Archived. Thanks Curtis for building my dream Precision pickup!" Re: Novak Hum-Cancelling Jazzmaster pickups Post by mbene085 » Sat May 13, 2017 12:11 am I have yet to hear a noiseless design that matches the single coil tone of a Jazzmaster, or any other Fender single coil. I'm looking for a jazzier (swing/western swing) neck pickup. Curtis Novak pickups. Fender Lee Ranaldo Signature Jazzmaster in excellent condition with original hardcase. Novak is one of the few exceptions, offering top-notch Jag replacements, Danelectro-style Lipsticks that drop right in, and even a top-mount version of a Jazzmaster pickup for those looking for a bit more oomph for their chromed-out shortscale. Novak makes exceptional pickups. Curtis Novak Gold Foil Jazzmaster Bridge Pickup. Will ship asap. Not only do our prewired assemblies come loaded with … $69.00 $ 69. I have a Novak JM-90 in the bridge pickup slot of my AVRI jazzmaster (have the vintage jm in the neck). Ranging from standard designs to innovative replacement pickups, Novak pickups are truly a great upgrade!Novak Jazzmaster PAF Humbucker Bridge Parchment PickupThe guts of a PAF Humbucker made … 2. They're hard to beat and not much over $100. See descriptions below: The JM-V is a traditional Jazzmaster neck pickup which is full and pleasant sounding - designed to be vintage correct but not shrill. According to pickup guru Curtis Novak, who offers many traditional and nontraditional replacement options, the Japanese and American Jazzmaster pickups sound nothing alike.