Usually, a product marketing manager will: Build on product messaging that sets new products apart from others in the market to give them a unique selling point. Write white papers, case studies, website copy, ad copy, webinar scripts and blog posts. Product marketing managers usually work for several years in lower-level marketing positions to refine their critical thinking skills and understand their industries. Certified Innovation Leader: This AIPMM certification is for innovative professionals who want to gain and maintain their competitive advantage. The product marketing manager uses the product strategy (along with the established overall marketing strategy) to create the go-to-market strategy. The average US salary for a PMM is $114,000 as of 2020, and may go up as high as $181,000 for bigger tech companies. Product marketing managers serve as liaisons between the product and audiences, including sales, marketing, customers, and prospects. Strategic planning: A successful product marketing manager uses this skill to extract information to ensure a product’s success through all of its development stages. This certification course focuses on core concepts such as skills, strategies, tactics and terminology related to the product life cycle. Product Marketing, much like digital and traditional marketing, involves getting the product to market and making sure it reaches the right customers. You might have a different favorite brand of coffee, or be working for a completely different company! Marketing tells the story of a product, and helps communicate what the brand stands for. Product Management vs Product Marketing Management, What is the Job Like (And How to Get One! This skill also includes recognizing patterns and potential problems, especially issues that could influence product growth long-term. What does a marketing manager do? You can start by watching this great talk by a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft: If you prefer diving into a great Product Marketing book, we recommend Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout. When we hear the word ‘marketing’, it’s usually followed by things like ‘social media’, ’email campaigns’, and ‘blogging’, but Product Marketing is so much more than that! They’ll also analyse the types of customer … A marketing manager is someone who manages the marketing of a business or product. Earning professional certifications in marketing, leadership, SEO or team-building can prepare you for the wide range of product marketing manager responsibilities. A Product Marketing Manager is very similar to a Product Manager in terms of salary and scope. Product Marketing is difficult to define because it varies from company to company, and it can even vary between different products! Their work is about understanding what makes a group of people tick, and then making the connection between those people and the product by way of messaging. For example, Product Marketing for Google’s Pixel phones and GSuite may be completely different in the way they operate. What Does a Product Marketing Manager Do. The purpose of this role is to position our products in the marketplace with strong messaging that will allow customers to clearly understand the value proposition and story of our product. In concert with these traits, they need to be highly focused, detail-oriented, and very conscientious of meeting budget restraints and timelines. A product marketing manager is responsible for communicating the product’s value to the market. After completing your formal education, earning certifications and gaining experience, review the current job listings for your desired industry and location. Which channels would you choose to market the launch of X? Your work history should include the name of the company or organization, the dates you were employed and a summary of your responsibilities, contributions and achievements. These individuals must have a detailed eye, able to read through marketing research data to implement new strategies for marketing their product. The product marketing manager uses SEO tactics such as customer discussions and competitive research to develop the right marketing tactics for their products. What does a product marketing manager do? For the interview, you should prepare the answers to some typical Product Marketing interview questions. Research and analytics: Product marketing managers familiarize themselves with web research and analytics tools to interpret data and use it to drive their efforts. Co-host of the Product Podcast, she’s passionate about helping more women into tech and spends her free time trying (and failing) to learn how to code. They may prepare estimates and budgets to run a marketing campaign and submit them for client approval. Gain relevant work experience. A product marketing manager is an expert on their organization’s products, and must promote knowledge and sales of these products to their existing customer base and the general public. Sales: A product marketing manager should know how to ask effective questions to discover their customers’ requirements. Product marketing managers usually work for several years in lower-level marketing positions, honing their critical thinking skills. Product marketing manager works at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing. Product marketing, as a job function within a firm, also differs from other marketing jobs such as A product marketing manager ’s primary responsibility is to communicate the product’s value to the market. When it comes to launch they ask themselves very different questions. They’ll work more directly with engineers, own the roadmap, and make decisions about what features get made and who will be the ones making them. In a field as vast and diverse as Product Management, there are so many different types of Product Manager. Product Marketing is also a brilliant stepping stone for marketing professionals to break into Product, as you’d be working closely with the Product team. A marketing manager leads an organization's entire marketing or sales team. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Specific topics covered in this workshop include strategic alignment, project planning, product launch and more. At launch, they’ll work with sales to create the launch plan. They can work with the sales team on best practices to sell the product to customers, They work with other employees within the marketing department to create promotional materials about product features and build campaigns to attract attention from a new audience. ), Branding for Builders by Fmr Netflix VP of Product, I Make $200K as a Product Marketing Manager: The Salary Series, The Differences: Product Marketing vs Product Manager, 7 Traits of Digital Marketing Managers – And What PMs Can Learn From Them, A Curated List of Tools and Software for Product Managers in 2020, Social media, newsletters, blogs, copywriting, Events, CTAs, lead scoring, special offers/campaigns, Tell me about some memorable marketing campaigns which you admire. The product manager will often work with the project manager, as well as the customer and sales team. What does a product marketing manager do? Have you had any previous experiences working closely with a marketing team? Marketing works to nurture customers throughout their journey with a product in order to keep churn rates down. Product marketing manager work environment, How to become a product marketing manager, Product marketing manager job description example, Learn About Being a Product Marketing Manager. Things like working on a go-to-market and launch strategy will put you in a great position to make the move, compared to other marketers who haven’t. Continuing education is typically beneficial in maintaining expertise in current marketing trends and media platforms. A Product Marketing Manager owns the positioning, messaging, and branding of a product. For example, product management deals with the basics of product development within a firm, whereas product marketing deals with marketing the product to prospects, customers, and others. You might consider starting your career in an entry-level position, such as a marketing assistant, to gain relevant experience. Depending on the industry and the type of product they market, these professionals normally work in an office setting with the following attributes: Work interdepartmentally across the company, coordinating development, marketing and sales activities between departments to ensure strategic consistency and execution, Extensive domestic and international travel to attend industry or association meetings with clients. But without marketing, you wouldn’t have found your way onto this article! Develop other forms of marketing collateral as needed. Find out about the typical day-to-day role, key skills required and career opportunities. Job Description of a Marketing Manager Marketing manager’s primary tasks are to manage staff and plan programs to market and generate interest in products or services. READ MORE, What are the essential tools and software for product managers in 2020? As a product marketing manager, you are responsible for making your products “fly-off the shelf.” This role is not about doing demos or presenting product features (although these may sometimes occur). A PM asks themselves “does the product solve the problem?” but a PMM asks “how will we tell people it solves the problem?“. Rather, this role is the glue that binds our product strategy to the tactics we need to drive success in sales and marketing and to achieve results. A Product Marketing Manager will constantly be working on different tasks for customers at these three levels of the funnel. You might be wondering why it’s so important. Product marketing is a process of promoting and selling a product to a customer. So you want to learn how to be a better Product Marketing Manager? Research: Conduct market research; identify key trends and market drivers for products and services; research trade shows, events and new marketing channels to broaden brand awareness and generate demand. What Does a Product Marketing Manager Do? By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position. Such as: You might also be interested in: I Make $200K as a Product Marketing Manager: The Salary Series. By sharing your email, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All. One of the most common, aside from a regular PM is a Product Marketing Manager. Any place with tech will have PMM jobs, with the highest concentration in tech centres like San Francisco, London, Berlin, and Bangalore. They use various product marketing techniques (such as ads, email campaigns, webinars, presentations, etc.,) and they work … READ MORE, The definitive guide to Product Management, with everything you need to navigate all of our resources and become an… For some positions, you may be required to complete on-the-job training before the employer will consider you for a managerial position. My preference is to change “manager” to “expert” and see if the title makes sense. This may include creating demos, social media content, email announcements, landing pages…anything that helps get the word out! Typically marketing managers are employed to attract more customers to buy from the company and to raise brand awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns. You might also be interested in: Branding for Builders by Fmr Netflix VP of Product. Product Marketing sits at the intersection between Product, Marketing, and Sales. Leave a friend's email below and we'll send them their own 'The Product Book' straight away! His/her responsibilities may include training the sales force on how to sell and promote the product, creating marketing materials that communicate product features, and building marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Essentially they work on moving customers through a funnel that converts them from a general audience, into loyal fans. Interdepartmental collaboration: Work closely with product development and marketing departments to establish and present a product strategy and create clear messaging for GTM campaigns, coordinate with sales teams to create content for sales tools and generate lead growth. That’s a lot of good words, but on a day-to-day basis, what does a Product Marketing Manager actually do? This skill also involves prioritizing tasks and developing effective messaging that will facilitate your product’s long-term success. Search engine optimization: This skill is essential to determine which keywords your customers use to find your products as well as your competitors’ products. Do you think there are any untapped marketing resources out there. Writing: Create powerful, effective content to communicate product performance and generate brand awareness across all market segments. Some employers prefer or require a master’s degree in business administration. To save, book today! What Does a Product Marketing Manager Do? READ MORE. Apply to positions you are qualified for based on education and experience. When applying for a role, try to highlight any experiences you’ve had which correlate with PMM responsibilities. Modern MedCare is seeking an experienced, driven individual to fill the role of product marketing manager in our growing company. You might have chosen a completely different phone to the one you have now. Update your gear with this tailored guide and… The CIL credential provides participants with the knowledge and tools to successfully produce goods and services that provide maximum return on investment to their organizations. Titles are a mess! Product marketing managers are the ones doing the heavy lifting to connect the dots from features to benefits to behavior to personas, and that same chain in reverse. Marketing Manager Marketing managers have different responsibilities in regards to presenting a product. A PM will use these to inform how the product should be made and how it can best solve user problems, whereas a PMM will use them to work out how to best reach the users. Include your highest level of education, relevant certifications, awards and experience on a resume. The product manager is responsible for defining the release process and coordinating all of the activities required to bring the product to market. If you’ve been job hunting for a while, you’ve probably seen this title pop up time and time again. So a product marketing manager becomes an expert in marketing products. articles just like this: Find out the main differences between prototypes and MVPs in product development. They will also gather and process customer feedback, and manage some aspects of customer relations after launch. It doensn’t matter how great the product is if nobody knows it exists! Their role is to regularly check where does their company stand on the product-market fit axis. Also, product marketing is defined as being the intermediary function between product development and increasing product awareness. Beyond the responsibilities laid out above, the product manager can also lead the marketing for the product, … We discovered that a lot of resumes listed analytical skills, creativity and communication skills. If a product manager’s job is to create and define new products and features, it’s a product marketer’s job is to bring those things to market. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the role, how it differs to a PM, and how Product Marketing fits into development. Basically, the product manager is an organizational role. Communicate the vision and value of new products to the sales team and develop sales tools that facilitate the selling process. Schedule a Call with Our Admissions Team Who Will Answer Your Questions and Help You Move Forward, Fill the form and submit your application. It’s like someone in HR has a wheel they spin to come up with titles. Other useful skills include: Public speaking: The product marketing manager is tasked with developing and delivering training presentations for sales and support teams. Analysis: Develop and track product KPIs, market analysis, data reporting, SEO and other market drivers. Many larger companies organize rotational shadowing schemes which would allow you some exposure to the role. Persuasion is a related beneficial skill which could help you convince groups of professionals to support your position and ideas. The online course includes 21 learning modules with materials to help you pass the 120-question CPMM exam with the required score of at least 74%. However, it doesn’t end with just the launching of the product or the initial phases of the product in the market, but through all the time it remains in the market and customers keep using it. Write a cover letter that highlights the reasons you are a good fit for that specific role and company. Pursue the roles you’re qualified for. They will also gather and process customer feedback, and manage some aspects of customer relations after launch. A product marketing manager's role is to identify the best way to showcase a product's value to the company's target audience. Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Product Marketing Manager What does a Product Marketing Manager do? He or she estimates demand for products and services, using data from marketing research studies. Here are two of the most common certifications for this profession: Certified Product Marketing Manager: This credential from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management is recognized worldwide among product marketing professionals and demonstrates your understanding of the strategic and tactical functions of product marketing. Most product marketers earn at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, with many others also earning a master’s degree. This lays out the work that needs to be done in order to deliver something new — launch a product, introduce a feature, or expand into a new market. Product marketing managers are responsible for developing effective marketing strategies and plans to communicate the features and benefits of new products to customers. Ellen Merryweather is the resident Brit and self-appointed Blog Queen at Product School. Additionally, you’ll need these skills to keep aware of your competitors’ actions and how they might affect your product positioning. Product marketing managers must have exceptional communication and time management skills, and they must be creative, flexible and goal-oriented with strong leadership and motivational skills. There’s no point trying to engage with your core audience on TikTok if they’re 70+ years old! Product marketing is simply defined as the procedure of deploying your product into the market. Both have to have a deep understanding of the customer, so analysing and sharing information together keeps them on the same page. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. If you have a competitor who has a remarkably similar product to yours, it’s your storytelling – your Why – which will set you apart and help you find your customers. What does a product marketing manager do? Prepare your resume. One must identify prospective markets and set prices with an eye toward maximizing profits, increasing market share and keeping customers satisfied. However there’s no point attracted new customers if you can’t keep them! HEADS UP: Our Product Manager Certificate will cost $1,000 more next year. Follow these common steps to become a product marketing manager: Pursue education. A common misconception of Product Marketing is that it focuses mainly on acquisition. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, Conducting competitor analysis and market research, Translating valuable product features and benefits into customer-facing messaging, Collaborating with other departments to optimize sales and marketing approaches, Creating marketing campaigns to generate new sales leads, Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or related field (master’s degree is preferred), Inherent sales skills with a proven history of success in meeting sales goals (5+ years). These individuals may work as product marketing specialists and move up to management, senior management or director-level management of product marketing or strategy. For more reading, we’ve got more great (if we say so ourselves!) Other responsibilities include: Salaries for full-time product marketing managers can vary depending on the level of education, relevant experience and an employer’s industry, company size and location.