It is a popular form of delicacy in Japan and Philippines, termed as the next best thing in the sea food industry. Grows to a hight of 20 cm and can quickly outgrow the available nutrients in a tank. My fuge is actually 25% of my standard 75g. The original question was about Grape Caulerpa which is a macro algae(good algae) compare to the Bubble aglae which is a nuisance aglae due to poor water conditions in the tank. Password: Register: 07-01-2003, 03:13 PM #1: Megan. Caulerpa is a great algae to grow in a sump or refugium for nutrient removal as it will quickly remove nitrates and phosphates from the water out competing many other forms of algae for these same nutrients. You might have heard about Caulerpa species going sexual, which means that when the algae die off, which is very often just caused because of too fast changes of the water parameters, like different salinity, temperature, PH or Alkalinity. All look nice and can add to any aquarium that has sufficient lighting to keep them alive. Caulerpa grape macro Algae solution. Joined Sep 10, 2013 Messages 27 Reaction score 17 Location York Pa. Pulling it off the rocks doesn't help because it just grows right back. it is growing out of control. I have it in my fuge,not by choice though, but I have a thorn back cowfish that will eat every shred of it that makes it into my display. Adding this to your tank or refugium is an inexspensive way to add living organisms to your tank. General Reef Aquarium Discussion: Dec 25, 2013: Grape Caulerpa should it stay or should it go? After dedicating many years of gentle care and training to its development, a grapevine becomes an old friend in the home garden. Spreads much faster. Caulerpa racemosa. i was in the same boat as you a while back. It would be gone very quickly mine is a hog. I've heard that they can occasionally be hit or miss, but I have little spots of a very attractive red iridescent bubble algae in my tank and my emerald loves it. What will be a good bet for helping eradicate it? Caulerpa racemosa. For a long time in the hobby, Caulerpa cupressoides var. I control that by hand. Caulerpa Racemosa, Grape Caulerpa. The tank is a 4x2x2 120G. Caulerpa. I am a bit confused as how it got there, but hey, plenty of surprising things seem to happen in this hobby I thought that it looked nice and I could just prune it to keep it under control. Fast grower. I do feed my fish the macros. ). what eats grape caulerpa? That said, I would imagine most of the zebrasoma tangs would be best at it -- they seem to be the most dedicated vegetarians. Oh. I occasionally feed mine nori seaweed. Took me weeks to get it all out, even with reduced photoperiod and increased water changes. i dont see how you can clear the grape caulerpa off your rocks with just chaeto, skimming and hand removal. I don't think that I want to eat macro out of my fuge but I have seen people on here eat tank grown macro. the tang loves those stuff. I control that by hand. My emerald is very happy in my 29 gallon. Here is an amazing story of caulerpa going sexual. I read that the caulerpa taxifolio is poison and this is one of the numerous specie forbidden in California. Removing it by hand with the aid of a bamboo skewer aided a lot in clearing it up. Again up to you, if it's growing then that means it is sucking something up (can't remember if they "eat" phosphates or nitrates.) Reef Tank Suitable, Fish-Only Tank Suitable. Does anything eat this junk? They can also be used as food for fish and inverts. Grape Caulerpa is a great addition to any refugium. and hi i am back :) Marine Algae & Plants: Jul 2, 2014: Grape caulerpa algae? This popping of the seagrapes is one of the biggest factors for their popularity and in Japanese, the sensation is described as “ Puchi Puchi “, an onomatopoeia mimicking the sound of the pops. Some tangs will eat it others won't. Caulerpa comes in a variety of flavors. A couple of weeks later the volume of the plant had decreased to less than half its original size. my rocks were getting owned by red macro algae and the grape caulerpa. A six inch bag of Grape caulerpa, that's a big handfull. I baby sat a sailfin that ate both grape and cheato but I have one now that doesn't eat the grape...nori only. Join Date: Apr 2002. i left it in my display for a few days until my sump was ready. fit in a 100 g tank and is reef safe?? However the … 0 0 0. See if you can get one from your LFS if they will trade it back in for a different one if it does not eat it. It would be too big for the OP but I have had several one spot foxfaces over the years and they will rid a tank of caulerpa racemosa ( grape caulerpa). Caulerpa, like other types of algae, can also help maintain good water quality, as it extracts a number of unwanted nutrients from the water and assimilates them into its tissues as it grows. Actually some kinds of grape caulerpa can easily reach plague conditions depending on the water quality. I had one grow to the point where his carapace was silver dollar sized -- and strangely I had almost no snails left when I finally caught him. I don't have hardly any microalgae, and I have two trochus snails, but they don't eat macro.